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Some of the topics we're loaded with today: Gingrich to Win Cain Endorsement? || Iran War Heats Up || Biden Insults Greeks

Everyone Dumps on Trump Debate

RUSH: Why must these debates be moderated by the Wolf Blitzers and the MSNBC's of the world for them to have any credibility? Why must these Republican debates be moderated by people who have one objective, and that's to see that whoever wins this nomination loses?

Can Newt Bury His Past?

RUSH: A lot of people supporting Newt think that he's salvageable, that once you embarrass him on this stuff, he'll walk it back. The problem is he still comes up with it. The problem with Newt is that he has a gazillion thoughts every day and he verbalizes every one of them.  It's a discipline thing.  But on the other side of this is Obama. 

Obama Casts Himself as TR

RUSH: Obama is now calling himself the new Teddy Roosevelt.  So how many past presidents does that make that he's pretended to be like?  FDR, Truman, Reagan, JFK -- of course, Lincoln.  Now he's adding Teddy Roosevelt!  He's even going to Osawatomie, Kansas, to replicate a speech made there by Teddy Roosevelt in 1912.


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