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On September 12, 2001, I Warned America Not to Trade Freedom for Security

RUSH: Within the first two days after 9/11, I specifically said or warned or asked or begged that whatever we do, we do not do anything that takes away our rights or encroaches on them or freedom. I remember making that point, "Whatever we do..." So I'm taking a stand: I did not wish for what's happening now, is the point. I was worried that what's happening now was gonna happen precisely because of 9/11.

Obama Gets Lost Without Speech

RUSH: The reason everything is scripted is to make sure Obama doesn't become Obama, is to make sure Obama stays inside of himself, to make sure that Obama doesn't default to Saul Alinsky up on that pedestal.  That's why if it isn't written down, he's not gonna say it. They're not gonna take that chance.  So that's what happens when it's not there.  He's totally lost. 

My Apple Predictions

RUSH: Jony Ive is the guy who designs all the hardware, the iPhones, the iPads, the MacBooks, the MacBook Pros and so forth, and everybody is really excited to see what he does with the operating system for the iPhone and the iPad.  I am, too. 


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