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Simon & Schuster Interview with Rush

RUSH: I hope that what is taken away from this is that it's almost like a little bit of family fun time that's away from the television set or away from the computer or what have you. Because I think there are a lot of people in America right now really worried about what their kids are learning and really worried about what this country is going to be when their kids get older, and we're just trying to tap into people and let them know that the country’s still great.

Carve-Out: Union Plans Grandfathered

RUSH: If your plan is the result of collective bargaining, no subsequent changes by anybody -- insurance companies, Obamacare -- can force your grandfathered policy to change.  Collective bargaining is unions.  It was a carve-out.  So, in other words, union insurers can amend their coverage.  Your insurance company can't.

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