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Morning Update: Curses!

Obama’s NLRB has now sided with an employee who curses out his managers, threatens his managers, and shows up to protest the rules of employment, all in front of customers. The NLRB claims all this behavior is protected, because he is motivated by union activity.

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Fireworks at IRS Hearing on Capitol Hill

RUSH: They had the IRS commissioner up there by the name of John Koskinen, and this guy was arrogant and brazen and, "Screw you!" Both with his tone and his facial expressions...  When you look at Koskinen, you have to see who's really sitting there and that's Obama.  It's the way Obama would behave.  How dare you ask me this?  How dare you not believe my lies?  How dare you challenge my lies?  How dare you?  Who do you think you are?  And that is the arrogance and condescension of the modern-day government liberal.  And it's all over the place. 

The Disgusting Scott Walker Smear

RUSH: There never was anything to these allegations in the first place.  This is just an out and out lie.  This is the depths to which the left has sunk and is sinking.  Even with that, when you learn this and are able to tell people and spell out exactly how the left is lying, smearing, or making things up, destroying conservatives -- literally on the warpath to destroy -- even when you can tell people, it doesn't provide any satisfaction.  


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