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Morning Update: It Blows

Till now, many of you believed we couldn’t secure our borders. We may not be able to stop thousands of “unaccompanied minors.” We may not be able to stop adults, including criminal illegals, from slipping over our borders. But we can damn well stop illegal bagpipes! Shut them down!

Drive-Bys Bury Record-Low Obama Approval Ratings in Their Own Polls, Furiously Spin to Excuse Obama and Promote Democrats

RUSH: CBS News, AP both have polls showing Obama at record lows, as did NBC and the Wall Street Journal yesterday.  And they shape the reporting of the poll to tell their readers and viewers just how much people hate Congress and just how low the Republicans are.  And in fact AP says, "We may be looking at a replay of 2006 when the Democrats took control of the House."  There's nobody predicting that!

Obama IS the Nuclear Bomb, Mr. Fournier

RUSH: Don't misunderstand.  I'm happy to welcome Mr. Fournier to the camp of right.  And this is right.  But, remember, my friends, it was I who told you on January 16th, 2009, that all this was gonna happen and I didn't want it to.  I told you it wasn't gonna be the end of racism. I told you this unity and postracial, none of that was gonna happen.  I told you it was gonna get worse and I gave you the reasons why it was gonna get worse. And that's why I said I hope he doesn't succeed at it... The nuclear bomb has already detonated.  The nuclear bomb is Obama, not an executive order on immigration.  For crying out loud, simple as pie.

Vice President Bite Me Thinks We're Stealing the Future of Central America

RUSH: When I make jokes about the left, as you well know, they end up coming true.  And we kept hearing during the -- I guess a month ago or so, when the intense attention was being paid to all the illegal immigrant children pouring across the border, so many Democrats, President Obama, all of those who supported them coming, and Obama actually, I think used these words, ran around and was talking about how these kids were "the future of America"...Well, God bless him, the vice president, Joe Bite Me, has come along to explain.  


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