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RUSH: Yes siree, Bob, greetings to you music lovers, thrill-seekers — we’ve got a mix minus problem here. Let me see if I can persevere. There we go. Greetings to you, music lovers, thrill-seekers, and music lovers all across the bountiful fruited plain. El Rushbo back at it after a couple of weeks away. Great to have you with us, as always. Just want to tell you at the outset, folks, there is no way that I’m gonna be able to get to everything I want to do today. There’s no way. The sound bite roster alone, if I played every sound bite, which I’m not gonna do, if I played every sound bite, it would take up the whole program.

I mean, they’ve been collecting this stuff while I’ve been gone and there is just gobs and gobs of news. There’s just no way to get it all in today, which probably is the case pretty much every day, which is the reason why you need to be here every day so that you don’t miss it. We’re gonna give it a good attack here today. We’re gonna give it a good stab at getting to a lot of this stuff. It’s amazing how much stuff hasn’t changed since I was last here. I guess the Russians still hacked the election. There’s no evidence!

There’s literally no evidence that they hacked the election. They might have hacked Podesta, and they might have revealed the truth about the Democrats. They didn’t hack the election. I can’t believe after two weeks it is still a meme out there. But it is. And we will deal with it. Also, the confirmation hearings begin soon for Trump nominees. I have a point to make about these people that have been nominated, and I think it’s crucial. Well, it’s not crucial, but the point I want to make is I think salient and important about these people ’cause the usual stuff is happening.

They’re being derided because they’re successful, and they’re being attacked and vilified because they are wealthy. And of course we’ve got the Golden Globes and Meryl Streep and the special kind of stupid that — you know, I think this is all good, folks. Everybody’s now seeing these people for who they are, and they are able to look at this and digest it now with a totally different mind-set and circumstance. These are the losers now that are saying all this, not the winners, not the people who’ve been dominating. They are the losers, and it’s just striking.

I mean, Meryl Streep actually thinks that Donald Trump’s gonna deport Hollywood. She must literally think that to say what she said. And then this business that Trump mocked and made fun of a special needs or — not special needs, handicapped — he didn’t do that. I have my own personal experience with this, I know exactly how the left does this kind of stuff. So we’ll deal with that.

I listen to people like Meryl Streep and I listen to people like Hugh Laurie, who, I just wish would shut up. I don’t want to watch their work anymore. You know, Hugh Laurie is great. He was great in House, he was great in, what is it, The Night Manager. He was the great in a Hulu exclusive called Chance. But I don’t want to watch the guy anymore after this because they’re stupid.


RUSH: The Russian hacking. I see as I get back — and for the past two weeks, folks, I was off the grid. Not for the whole time, but part of getting away is literally getting away, and it’s really hard for me because I love this stuff so much. It’s hard to put it aside. I’ve always said that this really isn’t work and that if you enjoy your work it isn’t work, and it’s got much more meaning to you in that regard and you do better at it when it’s not considered arduous or something that you have to do. You get up and can’t wait to do it.

Well, I get up, and I would purposely not go… I didn’t turn on the TV, and I spent very little time on the computer. But not the whole two weeks. So last the last few days I started thinking, “It’s about time to get back up to speed, back in gear,” and started reviewing things that had happened in the past two weeks. I look at this Russian hacking business, and I see that people are still writing about it. The Drive-By Media is still talking about it, and they’re still trying to create the impression that the only reason Hillary lost is because the Russians hacked the election.

It’s fake news. It isn’t true.

It is amazing the lifespan of this. When you do it every day, you look at it every day, of course it’s obvious. But when you take some time out, time goes by and you come back, and you find out that the left and the media are still as intense in pushing a false narrative as they ever were, it has an even greater impact. So we’ve got this intelligence report that came out, all of the highly vaunted intel services, and it promptly leaked. And I find the juxtaposition of things here fascinating. During the Bush administration, George W. Bush, the Democrats despised the intelligence community.

In fact, Frank Church, a Democrat senator back in the 1970s, hated the CIA. He did all kinds of things as a senator to handcuff and to penalize the CIA and to restrict them. It was incredible. They just despised, along with the military, the CIA. Now all of a sudden the intelligence agencies are infallible. The intelligence agencies are valued. The intelligence agencies are some of the best friends the left and the Democrats have ever had. It’s like when I was growing up, the left loved the Soviet Union. The Democrat Party was in bed with the Soviet Union.

The Democrats saw nothing wrong with the Soviet Union — I mean, on balance. If it came down to a question of a Republican president versus the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union would always win. The Soviet Union would always be given more respect. And now, that’s reversed. Now all of a sudden the Democrat Party despises Russia, hates Russia, doesn’t trust Putin. And it just illustrates the pure political nature of everything these people do. They politicize everything, and, as such, it’s very difficult to trust anything that you hear or read or see anymore in the Drive-By Media because it all has a political objective.

And very low down on the priority list is actually informing people. And so the effort has been — and even at the intelligence agencies themselves. I mean, these are agencies populated by people that are leftists in some cases, and they’re sympathetic to Obama, and they’re doing everything they can to protect Obama’s legacy and destroy Trump’s. They’re trying to destroy Trump before he’s even inaugurated. That hasn’t changed, either. So, I want to go through some of the details here that. It’s astounding to me how this still has a life.

Despite everything that’s known about this report or the composite report from all the intel agencies, the idea that the Russians tampered with this election is still out there, and the left is still try to push it, and they’re still trying to convince people of it, when there’s not a shred of evidence. It didn’t happen. That’s not to say the Russians do not try. It’s not to say the Russians did not involve themselves, and it could well be that the Russians did get into the Democrat National Committee computer and did get into John Podesta’s email and did release what they found.

But that didn’t spread disinformation. Everything they told us — everything we learned about what was in Podesta’s email account — happened to be true! The Russians didn’t run a disinformation campaign. They didn’t tamper with voting machines. They had nothing to do with the two things (when you’re dealing with an election) that matter. You got votes. You cast them and you count them. And the Russians had nothing to do — and they couldn’t have had anything to do — with either side of that.


RUSH: Look, I’m gonna get into this stuff in detail tomorrow. This has turned out to be just a get reacquainted day, just to set the table. There’s so much going on out there. The Meryl Streep thing basically hijacked the program. So the Russian hack business, Obamacare, that stuff all wait ’til tomorrow for detail. But I just want to share you some headlines on this hack business. “U.S. Intelligence Report Does Not Say Whether Russian Hacking Helped Elect Trump,” and it doesn’t.

Now, the Drive-Bys are out there trying to tell you that these intel reports prove that Putin hacked the Democrats so that Trump could win. The truth is the intel report says that the Russians thought Hillary was gonna win. But there’s nowhere in this report where it is confirmed that whatever the Russians did helped Trump. Even one of my left-wing Millennial/communist tech blogs has the headline: “White House Failed to Make Case That Russian Hackers Tampered with Election.”

Boy, and it pains ’em. They admit that they hate having to write this. “White House Failed to Make Case That Russian Hackers Tampered with Election.” But you know there’s an upside to this. I mentioned this at the top of the program. All my life from the time I was a young kid starting to become aware of these kinds of things, up through the 19 — well, hell, even through the 1990s — Soviet communism was something that the Democrat Party and the American left always downplayed. And I can remember…

I can’t tell you the number of times that people would talk about how the Soviets had a plan to infiltrate the American education system or infiltrate American churches — the Soviets had a plan to infiltrate this or that — and the left and the Democrats would pooh-pooh it, and they’d make fun of people, and they would accuse you of seeing a communist behind every rock. And basically anybody who came… Even if they had the evidence that the Russians were propagandizing education, they would just mock you and laugh at you — and now they’ve admitted it! They’re so out of sorts by the loss in this election that they have lost their perspective and they have forgotten their own history.

And the FBI and the CIA and the NSA, which are all now populated by political liberals (undeniably so), they are now on record as admitting that the Soviets (’cause they document this) and the Russians have carried out propaganda and a bunch of similar type of campaigns for decades trying to influence American politics. Stop and think of the momentousness of this, all because they’re so discombobulated by this election result, so intent are they in altering reality and the re… They couldn’t have lost. No, no, no. They didn’t really lose. They were cheated.

This reality is a construct, and what happened is the Russians came in and the Russians used propaganda and the Russians damaged Hillary and the Russians hacked Hillary and the Russians released Podesta’s emails and it led to Trump winning. And in the process, they have ended up admitting what all of us were saying all through the seventies, all through the eighties, that the Soviets were infiltrating American institutions and propagandizing American kids in school and changes. And now they admitted it. For decades they denied it!

For decades they mocked us. For decades they made fun of us whenever we would come forth and throw this out as something that we had to guard against. “Oh, there you go! The Russians, the communists, propagandizing.” Well, Students for a Democratic Society, whatever leftist organization, that was communist-inspired, communist-funded, we would point it out, and they would laugh at it. Now they have admitted it in their report about how the Russians and Putin screwed Hillary (speaking figuratively here) out of winning and how the Russians helped Trump. They have unwittingly undermined decades of their own insistence that the Russians don’t do this and that the Soviets didn’t do this.

It’s one of the great results of all this, actually, ’cause you know me, folks: I’m always looking for the upside, I’m always looking for the optimistic, and they have stepped in it big time here in their attempt to convince themselves that Hillary didn’t lose, that she was cheated, ’cause they can’t deal with reality. Never forget that. But as I say, more details on the actual elements of this, and some of it’s quite fascinating.

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