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A Manhattan Millennial Conservative

CALLER: So I wanted to talk a little bit about my experiences being a born-and-raised New Yorker and not necessarily having the same political beliefs as a lot of my peers.

Payback Time at Obama’s DOJ

RUSH: You may have heard about this today that the Department of Justice inspector general has announced that they're gonna investigate what went on at that Hillary Clinton email investigation. Now, before you go, "Yeah, yeah, it's about time!" No, no, no. The investigation is of Comey. This is the Obama DOJ, and the inspector general works for Obama, works for Loretta Lynch.

A Liberal Awakened by EIB in 1989

CALLER: My husband would take me on business trips with him. He started listening to you in 1989, and he would play you on the radio. All I wanted to do was listen to my maggot-infested FM radio stations, and he wouldn't play 'em. I would lay my head on the car window pouting like a big baby. He never gave in. Intelligent man that he is, he never gave in to my little fits. And slowly but surely, Rush, my head came off that window, and I started listening to you, and you changed my life.

Should We Believe Obama’s Approval Rating?

RUSH: My theory is that, if everything's legit, that result is come by because people refuse to tell a pollster they disapprove of Obama because of the racial component.

Hillary Campaign in Utter Denial

RUSH: The Hillary campaign is in utter denial. You know, folks, I keep hearkening back to things (not to be redundant, not to drive you crazy, but to drill home things I think are important), and one of the relatively new profundities that I have developed and provided you is one of the key elements to understanding liberalism. And it is this: They don't believe in reality.

Caller to Host: Should I Go to the Inaugural?

RUSH: I really wouldn't let the fear of protesters stand in the way of you doing what it sounds like you'd like to do. Maybe there's a little bit of thinking you should do.

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