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You might not remember the name Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. But many of you will remember what he reportedly did.

Mr. Sanchez was deported from the U.S. Not once, or twice, but on five different occasions. He is also a seven-time felon.

In July, 2015, he shot 32-year-old Kate Steinle in the back. He killed her as she was enjoying herself at a family outing in San Francisco. She died in her Dad’s arms.

Her family filed a wrongful death suit against the city of San Francisco and the former sheriff. The family argued that Sanchez —  repeat felon and illegal immigrant who had been deported five times — would not have been able to kill her if San Francisco had notified the federal government when Sanchez was last released from jail.

In 1989, San Francisco had passed a law prohibiting city employees from helping federal immigration enforcement, except by court order.

Well, last week, the Steinle family got more bad news. Their wrongful death suit was dismissed. The reason? San Francisco is a “sanctuary city.” So the sheriff isn’t required to cooperate with the federal government. So nobody can be held accountable!

These “sanctuary cities” brazenly defy federal immigration laws, and when Americans like Kate Steinle are killed as a result, sanctuary cities escape all accountability. One thing the incoming Trump administration must do is put a stop to this madness. It’s illegal!


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