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RUSH: Here’s Lou Ann in Siren, Wisconsin. Hi, Lou Ann. Nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. So nice to talk to you. This really is one of the greatest honors for me.

RUSH: I appreciate that. I really do.

CALLER: I consider myself your number one fan. My husband considers me the number one monster that he’s created.

RUSH: You are more than welcome. I am honored that you would consider yourself the number one fan.

CALLER: Well, I was literally a flaming liberal. I believed all the liberal beliefs, the abortion, everything should be fair. My husband would take me on business trips with him. He started listening to you in 1989, and he would play you on the radio. All I wanted to do was listen to my maggot-infested FM radio stations, and he wouldn’t play ’em. I would lay my head on the car window pouting like a big baby. He never gave in. Intelligent man that he is, he never gave in to my little fits. And slowly but surely, Rush, my head came off that window, and I started listening to you, and you changed my life.

RUSH: So this started happening in 1989 —


RUSH: — you were a classic cookie-cutter liberal then, you just —

CALLER: Oh, yes, horribly.

RUSH: — believed it all without question, you just believed it.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, I just believed everything that I was fed, you know, spoon-fed. In fact, I would argue with my husband. He told me that the media was biased, and I said, “You can’t take an entire organization and they’re not gonna all be biased.” Well, holy moly, yes, you can.

RUSH: This started in ’89. How long did it take for the full awakening to occur?

CALLER: I would say probably ’91 or ’92 and since then I’ve been trying to call your program, and I didn’t know how people got through ’cause I was so used to the busy signal. When it rang today, I about fell over.

RUSH: (laughing) I am so happy to hear stories like yours.

CALLER: Oh, and our daughter, we raised our kids as Rush Babies and she’s raising her kids as Rush Babies. In fact, one of the number one things on our grandson’s lists are your books and every year we give him one of your books, so —

RUSH: One of the Rush Revere books?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Do you have them all?

CALLER: Yep, each one of the hardcover books.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: He loves them and we’re so thrilled that you are such a big part of our lives.

RUSH: By the way, am I pronouncing it right, Siren, Wisconsin?


RUSH: Where is that?

CALLER: It’s northwestern Wisconsin. It’s close to the border of Minnesota.

RUSH: Ah, okay, cool. Yeah. Well, I’m blown away here. I’m always fascinated when I find out who listens and the stories that they tell about being transformed like this. It’s one of the many reasons that makes this all worth it. Literally, I can’t thank you enough.

CALLER: Well, I can’t thank you enough. So thank you very much.

RUSH: Well, obviously it’s made your life, you’re happier, I’ll bet you, and I’ll bet you —

CALLER: Gosh, it’s a total change. My brain is even better. I don’t have negative thoughts like I used to.

RUSH: You’re not mad all the time and you’re not ticked off at people all the time.

CALLER: No, I am not. I love my life, I have an incredible husband, thank God he listened to you so, yeah, it’s a great life.

RUSH: Okay. Everybody today gets the offer of a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Would you like one?

CALLER: Oh, my gosh, that would be wonderful. Yes.

RUSH: Which one, 7 or 7 Plus?

CALLER: Which one has the better camera? I’m a cat paparazzi.

RUSH: The 7 Plus has the dual camera so some would say it’s better. It is.


RUSH: What’s your carrier?


RUSH: AT&T. You have a color preference?

CALLER: No. It doesn’t matter.

RUSH: All right. In addition, I’m gonna send you — I should tell people what these are, these AirPods. They’re impossible to get. They were announced in September, originally available in October, but they weren’t. They just became available. It’s a six-week back order on them. They are wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, primarily Bluetooth AirPods. I’m out of time for this segment, but I’ll spend some time before the program ends explaining these to you, ’cause the innovation in these is just great, you’re going to love them.

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