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Congress is back in session. Confirmation hearings are ongoing. Scores of political fights are underway. One fight is especially awful. Naturally, Democrats are behind it.

The fight is over a painting — by an 18-year-old Missouri student. Supposedly, it represents police and community relations in Ferguson. In the painting, police are depicted as pigs — who are shooting black people.

The student is a constituent of Congressman William Lacy Clay – Democrat, Missouri, who had the painting hung in a public hallway in the Capitol building. Just steps away from on-duty cops protecting the building.

Over the last few days, various Republican Congressmen have taken the painting down. Brian Babin of Texas, Dana Rohrabacher and Duncan Hunter of California, and Doug Lamborn of Colorado took it off the wall and returned it to Congressman Clay. Each time, it’s been rehung.

The Congressional Black Caucasians got involved. When Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond was asked if a security detail was needed for the painting, he said: “We might just have to kick somebody’s ass – and stop them.“

Congressman Clay says he “doesn’t disagree or agree” with the message in the anti-police painting. He says he supports law enforcement. He says he’s just fighting for the student to be able to express himself.

Sorry. Doesn’t pass the smell test. Democrats are looking for a fight. This is a deliberate provocation — and a vile insult to every law enforcement officer in the country!

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