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You probably heard about the fight over a painting in the Capitol Building. It depicts policemen as pigs killing black people. Well, last week some Republicans took it down and gave it back to the Democrat congressman who hung it. Only to see it re-hung. The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucasians threatened to “whip somebody’s ass” to ensure the insulting, offensive painting remains on display.

Well, now another controversy is brewing over a different painting. Republican Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri — who chairs the Inaugural Ceremonies committee — asked the St. Louis Art Museum to loan one of its most famous paintings for Donald Trump’s inaugural luncheon.

The 1855 painting by Missouri artist George Caleb Bingham is titled “The Verdict of the People.” Well, the left is coming unglued over that. Thousands have signed a whiny little petition in protest, which says (sniveling liberal impression): “We reject the use of the painting to suggest that Donald Trump’s election was truly the ‘verdict of the people.’”

For now, the museum director is steering clear of the fight. He says, “The museum takes no position on candidates for public office.” But the week isn’t over yet. Let’s see if the museum’s position survives the usual liberal viciousness and threats.

You disgruntled liberals, the Democrat lost! Isn’t it time for you to grow up, get a life, and maybe just “move on”? Ever heard of that? That’s “the verdict” of the normal people. Just move on, get out of the way and shut up!

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