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RUSH: No, I do want to cross the aisle and get along with these people. Like I’ve always said: I want them defeated. I want payback. I want these people to have to eat it, folks! They have been doing what they have been doing for 25 or 30 years and longer, and they’re now being called out on it. And that’s good. Now, of course they’re gonna react like stuck pigs to all of it. But, I mean, it’s… This was never gonna be pretty. I tried to warn everybody I could all during the campaign — election week and the election aftermath, and during the transition — that this is serious.

Trump means it. When he says that we’ve had stupid people leading doing stupid things within he means it. Now, Trump’s not ideological like I am. You know, Trump doesn’t take the time… It’s not that he doesn’t take the time. It’s just that liberalism as the source and root of the problem, that’s not it. He thinks it’s stupidity. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me that Trump’s not a doctrinaire conservative like I am as long as the objectives remain the same, that’s good enough for me ’cause that’s what we’ve got.

It is, I think, showing amazing success. The Democrat Party’s been decimated! The Democrat Party doesn’t have the numbers to stop Trump whatever he wants to do. This is not the time to start acting like we’re sorry for winning! Which is what we always have done. This is not the time for power sharing. This is not the time for feeling bad for people because they lost and maybe reaching across the aisle. It’s not the time for the way John McCain does things, which is a whole ‘nother story.


RUSH: Bill as in Ewing, New Jersey. Great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. How you doing, sir?

CALLER: I’m doing well. Yourself?

RUSH: I’m fine. Thanks very much.

CALLER: Second time through. My first time was when you were still local in ABC.

RUSH: Wow. That’s been like 29 years.

CALLER: Yeah, it’s been a long time.

RUSH: Many moons ago. A little Indian lingo there.

CALLER: Yes. So, anyway, I’m just calling to express my displeasure at my congresswoman, Bonnie Watson Coleman here in NJ-12. While I wasn’t a big fan of Trump before the election, I was Never Hillary. But the statements that the Democrats were making — especially by her threatening health care, kicking workers to the curb, pursuing education as privatized, that’s #unamerican. I don’t understand these people. You know, they’re driving me more and more to be a bigger fan for Mr. Trump, our president-elect.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s what’s happening, but that’s not what they’re shooting for, obviously. Again, look, have you heard…? There’s another story out there. All of these Democrats that are not gonna go to the inauguration. There’s like 20 of them now. And then there’s all these supposed A-list performers who aren’t gonna perform. Andrea Bocelli, noted tenor, has even performed concerts down here at Mar-a-Lago. I, El Rushbo, attended one, with dinner beforehand. He’s a friend of Trump’s.

He got death threats! So he pulled out. And then Jennifer Holliday. She was gonna sing something, National Anthem or some such thing, and then she started hearing from angry gays and lesbians. I don’t know why, but she did, and she said, “You know what? In honor of the LGBT community,” and she said it in tears, “I am withdrawing from performing at the inauguration of Donald Trump.” I mean, we’re looking at pure bullying going on here. The Democrat Party is bullying people into staying away from the Trump inauguration.

And I say, fine and dandy. If that’s how they want to play the hand that they’ve been dealt, by God, let it happen. The last thing in the world that needs to happen is for Republicans to start begging ’em to show up. And there’s only one reason why, and that’s that Republicans — some of them — still think that there’s a lot of credit to be had by appearing to be tolerant, understanding, and desirous of working together with the defeated Democrats. And they’re once again trying to curry favor with the media, which never, ever gonna work.

It isn’t ever, ever gonna happen. It’s amazing to me the lesson hasn’t been learned yet. Yeah, Jennifer Holliday said, “My only choice must now to be stand with the LGBT community and to state unequivocally that I will not perform for the welcome concert or any of the inauguration festivities.” I don’t know what the LGBT community has to do with this. Unless there’s a bathroom controversy involving the Port-A-Potties on the parade route, I can’t imagine what it would be. Paul Anka, who wrote the song, “My Way,” he’s pulled out.

He has cited a scheduling conflict. (laughing) Yeah, on Inauguration Day. There is one brave and courageous performer. There may be more. But the one that I know is Toby Keith. Toby Keith is hanging in there and saying, “I don’t care what anybody says. He’s asked me to perform, and I’m gonna perform. This is my country. I’m gonna perform at the inauguration. I’m happy to do it. I’m honored to do it.” But the left is trying to bully as many people as possible. I say, the more the merrier. This is why they lost the election.

It’s exactly this kind of behavior that a majority of Americans said they’re sick and tired of being governed by. And make no mistake, that is how people looked at it. We’re being governed by these locoweeds on protest marches. We’re being governed by all of these Occupy Wall Street protesters and malcontents, and they’re fed up with it! And Trump wins, and so far Trump hasn’t done anything to distance himself from his supporters.

I got a note from a friend over the weekend who said he was getting tired of people saying that Trump’s gone too far now and it’s time to dial it back and start trying to put some of this acrimony back together. I wrote him back, “Who in the world is taking that? I haven’t heard anybody say Trump’s gone too far.” And he said, “Well, you know, it’s the Republican leadership.” I hadn’t heard… Have you heard, Snerdley, any Republican leadership say that? Don’t give me names.

Have you heard any of them say Trump’s gone too far; this is going too far now? (interruption) You have? What, McCain? (interruption) Who? I’m not gonna repeat it, just tell me who. (interruption) You can’t think of it? (interruption) Oh, well. No, that’s not current leadership. Michael Steele, that’s… Dream on. (interruption) Well, he’s not in the leadership so I can say his name. By leadership, I’ll tell you what this guy thought was Ryan and McConnell, and they’ve not said that.

McCain is actively working with the Democrats, the intel community to undermine Trump. There’s no question about that. (interruption) No, I haven’t forgotten the points I want to make on this inspector general investigation of the FBI and this ongoing attempt to engrave on this election the idea that the whole thing was illegitimate and the result of Russian treachery, and they’re not stopping on that. They’re not gonna give up on this. They got nothing else.

Let me take a time-out here. When we come back, Obama blaming me and then Obama blaming talk radio (which is me), and then Obama blaming Fox News for the fact that Republicans just wouldn’t cooperate with him. And the reason Republicans wouldn’t is because they were afraid of what I would say about them if they cooperated with Obama. The last I looked, they did cooperate. If Obama wanted a new budget, he got it, didn’t he? Now, they didn’t cooperate on Obamacare ’cause they couldn’t stop it anyway.

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