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RUSH: Wait a second. Does it bother anybody that John Lewis is not gonna go to the inauguration? You know, he didn’t go to Bush’s inauguration, and he claimed that George W. Bush was illegitimate. Does it matter whether he goes or not? Why is it a big deal? Why do we need these guys there? Why do we need any Democrats there? Is anybody under the illusion the Democrats are gonna be eager to work with Trump here? If they show up at the inauguration, it’s only marketing. If they show up, it’s to be able to say later that they showed up with the spirit of cooperation.

“But Trump is so outrageous, there’s no way we can chime in and help on this.” Why do we need ’em? They just got schlonged. They just got beat. Why do we need ’em? “Mr. Limbaugh! Mr. Limbaugh! What about national unity?” Yeah, what about “national unity”? You know, national unity, national schmunity. We haven’t had national unity since the days of the founding. What we’ve had is political warfare. It’s common. It’s what’s built into our way of life, part of a democracy, our representative republic.

The objective is to beat these people, which is what we just did. Why feel guilty about it? “Yes, we just schlonged you. Now you need to join us.” It’s a great way to do it. Fine, if you want to approach ’em that way. But then when they don’t, it’s no reason to think, “Oh, this is horrible!” This is not horrible. These people have been decimated. The Democrats have been decimated at the state level. How many times…? I’m gonna point this out as many times as it takes. They’ve lost 1200 seats!

In fact, I made this point yesterday at RushLimbaugh.com in the “Just in From Rush,” little thing. It’s my version of tweeting except it’s exclusive to you at RushLimbaugh.com. I made the point that they’ve lost 1200 seats nationally, locally, state level since 2010, the midterms. They’ve only got four states where they have the governorship and the state legislature. They’ve literally been wiped out. Obama has presided over the repudiation of the Democrat Party. Why do we need these clowns?

We have just three days ago to go to the inauguration, and I’m told that today’s the last official White House briefing. It’s not the last official the White House anything. You think just because there’s not an official White House briefing that the Obama crowd’s gonna start shutting up after today? Ha! No way. Our inauguration plans… You should know, ladies and gentlemen, I have been begged by many to start the program early on Friday and to carry the inauguration live as the program begins.

Normally we start at six minutes after each hour, but the inaugural festivities are gonna begin earlier than that. So the plan here is for the EIB Network to hit the air around 11:54 a.m., six minutes early and, yes, I’m getting overtime for this. And at my rate, it’s significant. Six minutes of overtime, it’s huge. I demanded it; I got it. I demanded it because I can, and so we’re starting at 11:54, and we will be covering the inaugural festivities, and there will be ongoing commentary added by me, live, as it happens. That will happen nowhere else but here.

I mean, all the other networks and shows are gonna carry the inauguration but I doubt any of them are gonna be having ongoing commentary. Well, the TV news networks might have some people that provide commentary while it’s happening. You know, the various color, like pointing out the protesters. That’s what ABC, CBS, NBC will do. “Oh, look, a pocket of protesters there four blocks away! What’s this? The Washington police are moving in? How can this happen?”

Then they’ll look for the next little pocket of five or six protesters, never pointing out that they’ve all been paid $1500 to $2500 to be there, just like every other Democrat protest riot is bought and paid for as will these on Friday be. I mean, all these protesters at Trump rallies during the campaign were bought and paid for by the Hillary campaign. It was documented in secret video taken of Robert Creamer, who actually organized it all. And it’s gonna be the same thing here on Friday.

So the major networks are gonna be focusing on the protesters and the people that trying to make it look like the country opposes this and doesn’t like this and thinks the country made a mistake. That’s gonna be the focus of coverage everywhere. Not here. In fact, have you seen the…? (interruption) Mr. Snerdley, have you seen the opinion polls, the Trump approval numbers during the transition? He’s at “a record low,” folks. You should know, there’s been never been a more unpopular president-elect than Donald Trump, and we have it in two polls.

We have it in a CNN poll. (Yeah, we believe that.) We have it in an ABC News/Washington Post poll. (Yeah, we believe that.) He’s at 40%. The numbers are these. “President-Elect Donald Trump’s approval rating is down to 40%, according to a new CNN poll. Trump’s approval rating has drops six points since Election Day, making it lower than that of the last three presidents.” I mean, it’s predictable. They got the preelection polling wrong. Why should we believe any of this?

You can if you want. I mean, you might want to come up with reasons to justify it. I just think it’s funny. I think these efforts are just pathetic, that the Drive-Bys and the Washington establishment had making to discredit and to disqualify Trump to attempt to turn the nation against him even before he has been sworn in. The ABC News/Washington Post — it’s amazin — found the same exact number: 40%. Forty percent approve of Trump’s performance as president-elect. “A majority, 54%, have an unfavorable opinion of the incoming president, according to the Washington Post/ABC News poll.”

So what we are to believe here — and this is, by the way, you can make book on this happening. This always happens every time Republicans win. What we’re to believe here is that Donald Trump wins in nearly an Electoral College landslide, and the country is just excited. Every poll on public attitudes about the future are way up. Small business, individuals, you name it. Everybody’s excited about the future. People’s attitudes have shifted to the much more positive, and yet in the midst of all of this, we get two polls attempting to tell us that there’s now massive regret on the part of people that voted for Trump.

Yeah, all these people stayed loyal to Trump for a year and a half. He makes his announcement in June of 2015, and then the campaign goes through the end of that year and all through 2016, and Donald Trump smokes it. Donald Trump schlongs everybody, just goes out there and takes on all comers. His popularity ratchets up. His popularity increases. His rallies are populated by increasingly large numbers of people. People drive for four hours to attend a Trump rally. People stand in line outside. Trump gets elected.

And in just eight weeks, those same people now wish they hadn’t done any of that. In just eight weeks, Trump has had a massive defection of support. That’s what we are being led to believe. What do you bet these polls were taken in New York and California? The Democrat sample is New York and California and the Republican sample is Alabama, and that’s what they think is their great cross-section of America. I don’t know. I didn’t take the time to look at the samples or any of that, ’cause I think it’s funny.

Here’s a Drive-By Media montage. The breathless reporting of how poorly Trump is doing and how much support that he has lost. It’s just uncanny. The American people… See the story, the narrative, is the American people are slowly beginning to realize they made a big mistake. Now, as far as the Drive-Bys concerned, this is key, folks, because you lay that foundation: The American people, Trump voters, are beginning to realize they might have made a mistake. That tees up or sets up all of the stories on the Democrats, who knew from the get-go Trump would be a bad move; Trump would be a mistake.

It’s intended here to establish credibility, foresight, and precious on the part of Democrats and the establishment tried to warn everybody about Trump. “They tried, they tried, but you didn’t listen! But now you’ve seen it. Now you realize they’re right.” That’s the narrative they’re setting up, to automatically bestow credit on the people that lost, the people that got snookered big time and the people who have been repudiated and decimated.

The objective here is to make it look like the American people wish they had won, wish the Russians hadn’t hacked the election, wish the Russians hadn’t cheated for Trump, and wish that Hillary had won. That’s gonna be what this all leads up to. Here is the media montage. Oop! Oop. I had the wrong one in front. This is the media montage of Drive-Bys saying Trump will be inaugurated lowest approval rating ever…

MICHAELA PEREIRA: (music) “The President-elect has the lowest approval rating of any incoming President.”

CHRIS CUOMO: (music) “Donald Trump with an historic low approval rating heading into the White House.”

KRISTEN WELKER: (outdoor noise) “Mr. Trump could be sworn in with historically low approval ratings.”

SUSAN PAGE: “Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated with the lowest approval ratings of any President.”

DAVID CHALIAN: “It’s a historic low.”

MIGUEL MARQUEZ: “Donald Trump now has the lowest approval rating of any incoming President-elect in the history of Gallup polling.”

ALISYN CAMEROTA: “How do you explain these historically low approval numbers for an incoming President?”

RUSH: That’s Alisyn Camerota at CNN. Hey, I’ll explain it to you, Alisyn. Fake news! Fake polls! Simple. Fake news. Fake polls. Don’t doubt me on this, folks. Lowest approval rating after a year and a half when the nation loved Donald Trump, people just couldn’t get enough of him, and they elected him president. And in less than eight weeks, massive regret, massive buyer’s remorse? People that voted for Trump are now saying, “Oh, man, if we’d a known that we’ve seen the last eight weeks, there’s no way we would have voted Trump!”

Even though what they’re seeing the last eight weeks is exactly what they loved for a year and a half. Trump is Trump every day. It doesn’t matter before the election, after the election, they loved Trump. But now they don’t. Now they’re scared. Now they’re worried. And this sets up the media to portray the Democrats as once again the adults and the smart people in the room. It’s so predictable. It is classic. It’s all they know. It is exactly how they behave. Of course you have some Never Trumpers out there even on our side who are gonna eat all this up and act like they believe it and act like it’s true.

So you just sit back and watch it. It’s while all this is happening that this inaugural ceremony on Friday will be covered here live by the EIB Network with ongoing commentary offered by me.


RUSH: You remember the Brexit vote, U.K. voting to leave the European Union? Immediately after that vote… There’s lots of parallels to that vote in the Trump election. The preelection polls in the U.K. all had the Brexit effort failing big time. There was no way the people of the United Kingdom were gonna vote to leave the European Union. There was no way the great people in the U.K. were gonna reject socialism and the elites and the best and the brightest and leave the European Union, and yet they did. And there wasn’t a single poll, I don’t think, that got it right.

And it was a huge defeat. It wasn’t even really close. And the news following the Brexit vote was devoted to, “How could we have gotten it so wrong? What did we do when our polling failed? What did we miss?” And they didn’t do anything wrong; they just lied. It was fake news. It was fake polling. Well, what happened, it didn’t take long. You know, a couple weeks, maybe three weeks went by, and U.K. news stories began to appear suggesting that people were regretting their vote.

Yes, after three weeks of sober contemplation and after realizing that they had just had a temper tantrum, they had now all of a sudden three weeks after the vote they had grown up and realized what a mistake they made, leaving the European Union. And that’s what the news was devoted to. It was almost identical to what we’re getting now with Trump. I mean, they can’t even conceive of anybody with a different opinion. They don’t have a template for “we lost.” It doesn’t exist.

So they claim to have poll after poll after poll showing how everybody who voted to leave the European Union regretted doing so. And then they used that polling to suggest that maybe the people really didn’t mean it and maybe we need to rethink this. And there were stories that began to appear about how, “Yeah, we really shouldn’t actually do this.” The vote’s one thing but the people got it out of their system and we got the message. We really shouldn’t leave, and then the people spoke up and told everybody to shut up.

“We meant it. We intended to do what we did.” It’s the same thing here. They’re trying to manufacture the same set of circumstances here, that the people who elected Trump really didn’t mean to do it, they just wanted to show everybody how mad they were. And of course the Democrats are saying, “Okay, we got the message.” Media: “We hear you. We got the message. But we know you really didn’t mean to elect Trump. The exit polls prove it!” They’re relying on again the exit polls, the preelection polls.

In the liberal worldview, those are what’s real and the actual vote is not real. Remember, folks, the simplest way — the most crucially important aspect to understanding liberalism is that they do not accept reality. They don’t believe in it. They think reality is a “social construct” created to exclude them, and it isn’t real. They are truly far gone. So it’s the same thinking. The same thought processes are starting to repeat themselves here. Meanwhile… Oh, and just to give you another idea. I mentioned this during the campaign toward the tail end of the campaign after the election.

I’ve been very clear. I told all of you in this audience that their objective, therefore, from then on was going to be to destroy Trump. And the first stage was going to be to do whatever they could to deny him actually being sworn in. And there are still some unhinged people harboring delusions that they can make that happen this week. Beyond that, people are suggesting that they have ways to make sure his presidency is short-lived and irrelevant by disqualifying it, and discrediting it and him in people’s minds.

I told you that it isn’t gonna be long before they try to impeach Donald Trump. They don’t have the votes to make it happen unless there are some Republicans who move across the aisle and agree with Democrats to do it. But they can’t stop Trump no matter what. They don’t have the votes to stop him. They don’t have the votes because they goofed up the filibuster. They can’t stop his Supreme Court nominees. They can’t stop his cabinet appointees. They can’t stop any legislation. They can’t stop anything.

That’s how decimated they’ve been, unless they have Republicans like McCain and others join them. That’s the only way. So last night on PMSNBC, lo and behold, here comes Maxine Waters. Great spokesman for the American people, right? Maxine Waters is certifiable. She’s a member of Congress from California. She’s from… Actually, she’s I think the Watts area. And she was on with Chris Matthews on PMSNBC last night, and Matthews teed it up and egged her on with the possibility of impeaching Trump.

Four days out from him taking the office, and the left is already scheming for his impeachment on PMSNBC. And they’re doing it on the basis of the conspiracy theories of collusion with the Russians, that it’s not just that Putin, by the way. This is a new addition. Not just that Putin hacked the election. It’s that he did it in consort with Trump, that Trump and Putin were working together to sabotage the Democrats’ computers! Trump and Putin were working together to sabotage the election and to hack it.

It’s on that basis that Maxine Waters was suggesting that we’re gonna impeach Trump because he’s not legitimate like John Lewis says, and he shouldn’t have been president because the vote was tampered with. Whatever it is, she’s off the rails. They’re all off the rails. You know, I really hope everybody notices this. I hope people see it for themselves. These people are truly unhinged.


RUSH: This is Bob in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Bob, I’m really glad you called.  Thank you for waiting.  How are you doing?

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I’m a longtime listener and first-time caller.  I’m actually calling in regard to the Democratic Party, and actually I was a supporter of them.  I actually — and I’m ashamed to admit this now. I actually eight years ago voted for Obama.  I’ve always listened to you, took all your word and info to heart, and I did not vote for Hillary this time.  I actually voted for Trump.  Now it stands reason, if you can look at what Trump has… This John Lewis really got to me and the comment he made that Donald Trump attacked him and that Donald Trump cost Hillary her presidency.  Are you serious?  This party is falling apart.  They’ve donated $150 billion to terrorism, and all this stuff that goes on, and everybody is attacking Trump with no… I’m just appalled and embarrassed.

RUSH:  I’m glad you’re seeing it.  See, this is exactly what I want to happen.  He admitted he’s listening, and there’s no doubt I have been an influence, a positive influence for anybody, but still he came to this conclusion on his own.  This idea that Trump “attacked” John Lewis? Trump was minding his own business doing nothing related to John Lewis.  John Lewis attacked Trump just like he attacked George W. Bush.

John Lewis threw this grenade!  Trump reacted to it.  But the media says, “Donald Trump made a seething, scathing attack on civil rights icon John Lewis who was beat upside the head 50 years ago!”  Big whoop! The guy’s been living off that for 50 years and he’s become a party hack is what he is.  I’m glad you noticed this stuff, Bob. Plus all the money the Democrats spend on terrorism and the Hillary candidacy.


RUSH:  Folks, do you remember in the opening segment of the program today we talked about these opinion polls that are out that show only 40% of the American people approve of the Donald Trump transition? I guess it’s a 40% approval rating right now.  And I made the point, “Isn’t it interesting, we had an Electoral College near landslide, all of these people for a year and a half couldn’t get enough Donald Trump at sold-out rallies.  Of course, they were free to admit, but I mean just overflowing, satellite locations, people driving for hours, lining up for hours to get into Trump rallies large and small towns all over America.

“The enthusiasm was off the charts.  Everybody noticed it.  But now before Trump’s even sworn in, we are being led to believe that the very people that elected Trump have already soured on him and they’re already disappointed, and they’re already having regrets and buyer’s remorse,” and we’ve got two polls.  We have a CNN poll and we have an ABC News/Washington Post poll.  So people have been digging into these polls today because they’re fake news.  They’re fake polls.

They’re put together by people who have been responsible for all kinds of fake news about Trump throughout this campaign.  And here is the tale of the tape.  People have studied the internals and have looked at the sample. In the CNN poll, you know what percentage of the sample was Republican? It’s 24%.  In the ABC poll, the percentage of the sample that was Republican was 23%.  Now, let me ask you a question.  How is it that since 2010 the Democrats have lost over 1,000 electoral seats in Washington all across the states, state capitals, mayors, city counsel, you name it?

When you go that low, it’s up over 1500 seats.  How in the world has that happened?  How in the world have the Democrats practically been eliminated as a national party? How do they control everything now if they’re only 24% of the population in an opinion poll? There was a poll last week about ideological preferences in this country.  Thirty-six percent of the American people identified as conservative, 24% liberal, and that isn’t new!  Conservatives — self-identified conservatives — have outnumbered self-identified liberals for 20 years.

It’s different from Republican-Democrat.  But it doesn’t matter.  No matter, because there is no way that a poll that has 24% of it sample Republican means anything.  It is rigged.  It’s fake.  The Democrats lost the presidency.  They lost it 306 electoral votes to 230-some-odd electoral votes.  The Democrats lost the Senate.  The Democrats only control four governorships and state legislatures in the same state, only four out of 50.  Barack Obama and his agenda have been repudiated since 2010.  One exception was when he was on the ballot in 2012, and that’s an aberration, but even in that election in the House and Senate, Republicans won. They won the House in 2010.  This is journalistic malpractice.  This is flat-out fakery: 24% Republican sample CNN, 23% Republican sample ABC.  And yet the Republicans are winning everything.

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