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RUSH: Cookie just sent me a sound bite. I haven’t heard this. I’m told it’s embarrassing. The White House press briefing just, well, started and ended, I guess. It may still be going on. (interruption) It’s over? (interruption) Okay, so it was basically a functional thing today, ceremonial. It was not really of any substance, the final official White House press briefing of the Obama Regime. Now, his press secretary’s a guy named Josh Earnest. So Earnest — and this is traditional, by the way.

An outgoing president always visits the pressroom and the press secretary during the final briefing and tells everybody what a great guy the press secretary has been, and Obama followed through on the tradition. And it just happened. And Cookie sent me a sound bite of it, and she said that it is embarrassing what happens when Obama enters the room. It is the 22nd sound bite. Let’s see… I know what she says is embarrassing about it. I haven’t heard it. I want to see if what happened is actually detectable in this sound bite. So, if you would, please, in three … two … one … Hit it.

JOSH EARNEST: Let me say for the, uh — the last time standing up here, Josh, you want to get us started with questions?

JOSH LEDERMAN: Sure. Thanks, Josh.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: (wild camera clicks)

PRESS CORPS: Ohhhh! Oooo! Ahhh! (gasps) (applause)


PRESS CORPS: (applause)


PRESS CORPS: (applause)

BARACK OBAMA: I’m not interrupting because he was saying nice things about you guys.

PRESS CORPS: (snickering)

BARACK OBAMA: Uh, because I largely concur.

RUSH: Okay. So what happened was Earnest is doing the last briefing and Obama sneaks in there and the press… I guess if you see this, it’s even more impactful because they start (gasping). “Ho! Ho-ho-ho! Hooooo!” It’s like the king has deigned to visit the plebes! “Ah, ah, ah! Be still my beating heart! Ah, ah!” It’s like the women in the press corps when Clinton would enter the room. “Please choose me! Please.” And then they started applauding and so forth. It’s embarrassing to the media, but they don’t care anymore.

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