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A guy named Paul Feiner is the Town Supervisor of Greenburgh, New York, a Westchester County suburb. He says he has an idea to boost tourism and honor one of Westchester’s most famous residents.

Feiner wants to create the “Almost Presidential Museum Library” to recognize the contributions of Hillary Clinton. The library would also highlight four other presidential candidates who lost the Electoral vote – while winning the popular vote.

Now, even though Feiner’s a Democrat, he says he isn’t looking for a government handout. He wants the Almost Presidential Museum Library to be privately funded. He’s asking for a different kind of donation: “Perhaps, Secretary Hillary Clinton and Vice President Al Gore and relatives of the other almost presidents will donate their presidential campaign and public service papers to the college for future generations to study?”

Hey, don’t stop there, Mr. Feiner. If you want to attract tourists, ask Anthony Weiner to donate some selfies and some text messages that prompted the FBI to reopen their investigation weeks before the election. And give Putin a call! See if Russia has anything to contribute from their Hillary file. Like that stupid “reset” button. Oh, and you can devote an entire wing to Hillary’s email servers from nearby Chappaqua. Show her wiping them down “with a cloth.”

The Almost Presidential Museum Library. For losers. Clinton and Gore. What a stroke of genius! I might even give ’em a dime.



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