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RUSH: “Walmart to Create 10,000 U.S. Jobs in Nod to Trump.” Now, there’s more to this than meets the eye, too. I can share with you as I’ve done before. I have always been frustrated. I grew up believing certain things. One of the things I grew up believing, I thought was commonsense, is that people who conduct business in the United States economy would naturally want as little government involved in their business as possible. And they would want as low a corporate tax rate or small business tax the raw as they could get.

And I have been repeatedly stunned to find out how many businesses can’t wait to get in business with government. And I slowly learned that it’s actually easier to get business with government than to beat your competitors in the market. If you can have a crony relationship with the president, a crony relationship with power brokers in the House and Senate, it may help you do battle with your competitors. And, then as liberalism invaded and its tentacles spread even deeper into our society, I began to wonder why it was.

As deficits mounted up and as incomes stagnated, why didn’t people instinctively know that getting government out and letting the free market work with as few regulations as necessary…? Why isn’t that an automatic? Why isn’t that something that everybody goes to? But look at what’s going on here. “Walmart Creating 10,000 U.S. Jobs in Nod to Trump.” Is it really Trump? Is it? I guess what I’m asking is: Did Walmart never on their own think that taking action to build up the U.S. economy would benefit them?

Is it just that Trump is doing all these things, making — I don’t know — threats, promises, however you want to look at it? I’ve always thought that Big Business ended up being afraid of people like Obama and afraid of the Democrats ’cause the Democrats would threaten to use government against them and so that’s why they caved and went along with ’em. Now, Trump’s coming along and is… Well, it’s not just Walmart.

“General Motors Making $1 Billion Fresh U.S. Investment and Creation of More Than 1,000 New Jobs.” My question is, why does it take Trump getting elected to do this? I know the knee-jerk reaction, “Well, Trump’s promising this if they take their business to Mexico.” I know all of that. But, you know, Trump spent the last year and a half talking to Americans about a different vision on growing the economy and bringing jobs back to America, and his agenda… Trump’s talks on the economy were clear, they were simple ideas expressed by somebody who sounded very confident that he could do it, that he could rebuild America’s manufacturing base; he could rebuild and reignite the U.S. economy.

Twelve to 18 months, day after day after day, simple message. And look what that year and a half is reaping now. A Trump win, obviously. And apparently known did voters listen to the message, so did business executives. I mean, it’s all good. Don’t misunderstand. But why is…? I guess what I’m asking: Why is what Trump is saying about the economy revolutionary? Why was it so, “My God, I can’t believe he’s saying that!” Why was it of that nature? And the answer is, “That’s how deeply we have descended who you government-first, socialism-type economics.”

We had descended so deeply and so far into government being the center of the universe and government being the final arbiter, government picking winners and losers, that the idea that that wasn’t going to happen was shocking. When it ought to be everybody’s instinctive opinion. Get government out of things! If you really want them to grow, if you really want prosperity, if you really want liberty, if you really want freedom, get government and all these mindless regulations out of it. I don’t care what! Health care, automobiles, energy, get them out of it. Why is that so revolutionary? And the answer to that is, that’s how deeply we had plunged into left-wing socialism in this country at all levels.

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