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RUSH: Dana in Charlotte… It says here “South Carolina.” South Carolina? Charlotte, South Carolina? How are you?

CALLER: Oh, hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Great.

CALLER: No, it’s actually Tega Cay, South Carolina. I’m about 15 miles south of Charlotte.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Very top of South Carolina. I’m a longtime listener. So is my family. And I had worked for the Giuliani administration for many years, so I know a little bit about politics. I actually worked for Guy Molinari, who was a congressman several years ago.

RUSH: Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER: The reason for my call is because I think that that the people who live in the districts where these elected officials are boycotting the inauguration — which is highly disrespectful. If they’re calling themselves American citizens and opportunity uniting behind the new commander-in-chief, irregardless (sic) of his race or color, then they should do the same. I’m sure that if I lived in a district where the person I voted for to represent me on Capitol Hill was going to boycott the inauguration, I would call their office and I would tell them that, unless they changed their mind and publicly go to the inauguration and support the new commander-in-chief —

RUSH: Mmmm, yeah.

CALLER: — that you will not be voted in again your next term.

RUSH: Yeah, but —

CALLER: No way, no how.

RUSH: You’re not a liberal. And I guarantee you, based on who… There’s now 60 of them, I think. Sixty Democrats are publicly bragging about the fact they’re not showing up. Oh, guess who else has said they’re not going? The haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, wants to spend the last second in office negotiating something somewhere with somebody. He wants to get every ounce out of being a diplomat he can, I guess. He says he’s not going. But here’s the thing, Dana. The people — say Barbara Lee in Oakland, California, or Maxine Waters or John Lewis. They’re applauding them for doing this! They’re not mad that their congressmen are boycotting this. They’re all for it! That’s the difference.

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