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RUSH: If you watched the news over the weekend, you know what? You might not even remember that we had a presidential inauguration on Friday. If you watched the news on the weekend the only thing you saw was that a bunch of people are mad at Donald Trump. Well, a bunch of women, a bunch of deranged, lunatic, leftist women bought and paid for by George Soros.

You know Hillary Clinton’s pulling her hair out. Where were these babes during the election? Where were these babes during my campaign? Why didn’t these babes show up at any of my rallies? Now all of a sudden they show up when it doesn’t do any good.

But you might think that we don’t have a new president. Well, you might not be aware of it because all you’re seeing is laudatory coverage — and this is important — laudatory coverage of American liberal feminist women making abject fools of themselves. This behavior is being reported as normal, as common, it’s being supported by the media. All of this, all of it I predicted to you back in November on the 22nd.

Greetings, folks. Great to have you. El Rushbo behind the Golden EIB Microphone back at it, three straight hours here today. Phone number, 800-282-2882.

Let’s listen. This will take about a minute-and-a-half, but I want you to listen to what I warned everybody about. This is exactly what happened the first day of the Trump presidency, and I predicted it and warned everybody back on November 22nd.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I feel duty-bound to warn you and to give you a heads-up about what we’re gonna face. Donald Trump’s gonna have perhaps the most embattled presidency in — well, certainly in our lifetimes, and I dare say maybe in modern American history. They’re not going to quit, and they are a new kind of stupid. They are not logical. They make no sense whatsoever. But they are going to have the media on their side, and that’s the danger.

The media is going to make them look normal. The media is going to make these people look like they are the majority. The media is going to try to convince you that somehow something went wrong and that you are the real minority in this country and you didn’t deserve to have this election win on your side. It’s all an outrage. This is all they know in terms of how to behave and how to position things.

And the fight is really just beginning. However evil and intense the election was, I just want to make sure that you are all prepared for what’s coming down the road, because it isn’t gonna be pretty. And it’s gonna be really important for Trump to have people just like him surrounding him, and that is fighters, people who are fearless, who will not be daunted by this onslaught that’s coming. And I think he does, in many respects.

RUSH: There you have it, folks, back on November 22nd. Did I not call it? I’m not bragging. I’m telling you that this is not hard to understand. This is exactly what they have been telegraphing that they were gonna do. You know what I was thinking about over the weekend? Whatever happened to that old belief that independents, moderates, the precious the moderates and independents, they don’t like all this bickering. Remember that? They don’t like partisanship. They don’t like the arguing. It makes them really, really nervous, we were told.

Yeah, we were told that the independents and most people want the parties to work together, and with the Republican criticism of Obama, every time the Republicans refuse to go along, if they argue, if they raise their voice, then these independents are gonna be running right back to the Democrat Party because they don’t like all the bickering and the rioting and the failure to get along. Whatever happened to that belief? That was a trick that the Republicans fell for I don’t know how many years. The media would tell people that and the Republicans wouldn’t argue, they wouldn’t disagree, they wouldn’t try to stop Obama on the belief that it would anger independents.

And now this. And there’s not one word from the media that this kind of behavior is going to cause people to abandon the Democrat Party even more. But it is. It most certainly is. What you cannot take away from this, what you can’t avoid is, Donald Trump is the president, Donald Trump won the election, and Donald Trump is implementing his agenda starting over the weekend and continuing into today.

And these children, these mindless twits can continue to run around and act their age or act how crazy and insane and unhinged and deranged they are. And it’s not gonna put the Democrat Party back together. The Democrat Party has been decimated. The Democrat Party, as you all know, is falling apart. The Democrat Party is losing seats, seats, seats in every election, and this kind of behavior is just one of the many reasons why. And it’s going to continue to diminish the power and the strength of the Democrat Party because this is not normal.

And yet the media — this is key. I was warning you about this last Friday. This is exactly what happened in Indiana with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that Governor Pence then signed. This same kind of behavior took place, and back then we thought, “Oh, my gosh, we’ve lost the country. These people are now the majority, we’re the minority. What happened?” Because the media treated that as though everybody agrees with this, everybody thinks this Indiana religious liberty bill is dumb. Everybody thinks it’s bigotry. Everybody thinks it’s discriminatory.

It turns out to be just the opposite. So the media’s doing the same thing here. They can’t even tell us why these women protested. They can’t even tell us. What are they protesting? Are they really protesting that a guy was caught on videotape saying he wanted to grab women by the …? Really? Is that what got? Is that how delicate? Is that how sensitive? Is that how fragile these women are, really, after years and years of feminism?

Meanwhile, we’ve actually had a sitting Democrat president accused of rape. We’ve had a Democrat president who engaged in an extramarital affair or I don’t know how many of them with interns and the like, and these same women embraced it. The same women had no problem with the allegation of rape on the part of Bill Clinton.

Donald Trump has done anything but utter a bunch of words and win an election and these women simply can’t take it, from Madonna to Ashley Judd. I mean, it’s embarrassing. But, folks, it’s not gonna rebuild the Democrat Party. And they can’t even tell you what they’re doing it for. They’re just having a little temper tantrum.

Remember after the ’94 congressional elections when the Republicans took control of the House back after 40 years? Peter Jennings at ABC News was running around saying the voters had a temper tantrum. No, no. This is a temper tantrum. But this is liberalism. This is what it is, and this is who they are, and the media is doing… Did you hear what Chuck Schumer? Chuck Schumer, when he got up during the inauguration and made his remarks about the different Americas that are out there, the transgenders, the LGBTQs — you know, all these different quirky little individual tiny little groups — there are some people that booed.

I didn’t hear it during the actual ceremony, but it was reported people booed, and Senator Schumer is very upset about it. That’s right. “Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday harshly criticized President Donald Trump’s supporters who booed his comments about inclusiveness moments before Trump was inaugurated. ‘The fact that saying these things which are usually accepted by every American met the displeasure of the crowd doesn’t speak too kindly of that crowd,'” Schumer said.

He hasn’t said a word about the felonious behavior of anti-Trump protesters. He hasn’t said a word about whatever these screwball women were doing. Little Chuck gets booed and all of a sudden civility has somehow been violated. By the way, can somebody explain something to me? It’s a bit of a rhetorical question. But what in the world is liberal about transgender? What is the connection? Well, the transgender population of America cannot be even one-tenth of 1%, and yet it has become a major, major, major focus of the American left and the Democrat Party.

What is it about transgenderism that automatically makes it liberal? I mean, there’s an answer to the question. I’m asking it rhetorically to make a point. It’s just funny as it can be. Folks, I know it unnerves you, too, because I’m sure that many of you were hoping that these temper tantrums would end, and once the inauguration took place, I mean, that’s reality: Donald Trump’s the president. We still have… You’re upset at all this, and I know why, and I understand it. You think this stuff’s gonna prevail.

You think somehow — you don’t know how, you don’t know what it means, how it’s gonna manifest, but you think — this is gonna work. You think this mindless, childish behavior (which is embarrassing) is gonna work. It’s gonna end up damaging Trump, it’s gonna penalize Trump, it’s gonna lead to Trump’s removal. I’m sure many of you have the fear, and that’s the trick in the coverage of this kind of stuff by the Drive-By Media, because the Drive-By Media purposely makes this stuff look like it’s perfectly normal.

They’re covering these comments from Ashley Judd and Madonna as though it’s just common and ordinary and everyday and completely understandable, and the odd thing going on is Trump. The weird, inexplicable thing is Trump actually being inaugurated. And what’s normal is a bunch of women wearing hats on their heads that are made to look like a poo-sai. It’s normal, and it’s normal for Ashley Judd to come out and make a total fool of herself and normal for Madonna to do the same thing, and it’s normal for all these women to show up all over the world and (crying) cry and whine and moan.

It’s entirely normal, and that’s how the media makes it look like you who elected Trump are the minority. It’s how the media tries to make it look like these people, the anti-Trumps — no matter where you find them, be it the women’s march, the Democrat Party, wherever — that’s the majority of the country, and somehow some weird aberration is happened here. And it traces back, of course, to the Russians hacking the election and somehow stealing it from Hillary, who had the election in the bag even though she never did.

The media’s now writing pieces about, “How dare Trump send Sean Spicer out to criticize us on Saturday! How dare he dispute what we said about crowd size? How dare Trump dispute what we say! How dare Trump.” That’s their attitude. Whatever they say goes. And whoever they say about it is supposed to shut up and just accept it and maybe reach out and try to build bridges. But the Trump philosophy is to hit back, to fight back, and to call ’em liars and to call ’em fake news, and they don’t know what to do.

“How dare Trump! How dare Trump send his spokesman out? How dare Trump! Alternative facts?” Yeah. On, Meet the Press, Kellyanne Conway is up there and they’re talking about crowd size. Do you realize how irrelevant the crowd size angle is? The crowd size angle is just another media ploy to try to make it look like this whole Trump thing is unreal, that it didn’t legitimately win, that it does not represent a majority of Americans. So they’ll look at anything they can. They’ll doctor photos of crowds taken at the inauguration of Obama and photos taken at the inauguration of Trump.

They’ll take some pictures of the Trump inauguration three hours before the inauguration — they will include areas of white closed off to the public for security, but they won’t mention that — and they’ll put side by side photos of Obama’s election at the moment he gave his speech in 2009 and try to say, “See? Nobody’s there! Nobody cares about Trump. This is all baloney. This is all phony. This didn’t really shoulda happen. Look, we owned it when Obama was there, and there’s nothing to see with Trump. So Trump calls back on ’em and says, “Your guys are making it up. Here’s the facts, here’s the TV ratings, he’s the truth about it.

“Here’s the social media tune-in factor. We had maybe the second most watched presidential inauguration in history,” and the media doesn’t like Trump hitting back. When Trump hits back, that means Trump’s bad. That means Trump’s unpresidential. That means Trump is not playing by the rules. That means Trump is not acquiescing and understanding who really runs that place. That is Trump not getting who the real power in Washington is. It’s the media! In fact, here’s the New York Times and a media analysis piece by Sydney Ember and Michael Grynbaum.

News Media, Target of Trump’s Declaration of War, Expresses Alarm.” (Gasp!) No! The media is “alarmed” folks. “For wary Washington journalists, it seemed only a matter of time before Donald J. Trump’s presidency would lead to a high-tension standoff between his administration and the news media. But on Day 1? The news media world found itself in a state of shock on Sunday, a day after Mr. Trump declared himself in ‘a running war with the media’ and the president’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, used his first appearance on the White House podium to deliver a fiery jeremiad against the press.

“Worse, many journalists said, were the falsehoods that sprang from the lips of both Mr. Trump and Mr. Spicer on Saturday.” This is rich. The architects of fake news accusing Trump and Spicer of lying. You’ve heard by now that TIME magazine had a reporter that tweeted that Trump had gotten rid of the bust of Martin Luther King in the Oval Office. Did you see that? Well, he didn’t. The guy somehow either was looking at a picture of the Oval Office or was in there or something and didn’t see, at first glance, the Martin Luther King bust and assumed that Trump had thrown it in the trash because the bust of Winston Churchill was back.

Obama had thrown that one out.

The Winston Churchill bust was back but the TIME magazine guy couldn’t see the Martin Luther King bust, so he wrote that Trump had gotten rid of it. But he hadn’t. It was there, and it had not been moved. And the media insists in all this, “Well, they’re entitled! That’s what media is. You know, media, they’re allowed to lie. They’re allowed to make mistakes because they’re the fourth estate.” They can do it, but Trump can’t. Anyway, and day one… They’re right: It’s only gonna intensify, folks. We’re not gonna have peace. We’re not gonna have peaceful coexistence. It isn’t gonna be the case, and I’ve known this. It’s why I’ve said for I don’t know how many years: The left is not to be gotten along with. The left is to be defeated and defeated and defeated, on their playing field and on ours.


RUSH: By the way, when you looked at that women’s march, I mean, you saw it, right? You spent some time watching. You couldn’t avoid it. That was the only thing that was news over the weekend, right? It wasn’t even a march! There were so damn many of them packed in there they couldn’t march, it was like Sardine City. Can you imagine the aroma. Anyway, when I watched it — and I didn’t spend much time, folks.

I really didn’t. All I could think of was Undeniable Truth of Life number 24. Do you remember what that one is? “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to mainstream society.” If it was ever proved (and it’s been proved countless times), it was proved again over the weekend with this so-called Women’s March which we have learned was largely bought and paid for by George Soros. I don’t know how much that means to people, but basically Hillary Clinton’s people were involved in arranging for this, is what it boils down to.


RUSH: Something else that President Trump did, he renewed the federal policy, renewed it, that forbids international nonprofit groups from receiving federal money from providing abortion services. The ban dates back to the Reagan presidency, was rescinded by Clinton, then restored by Bush, then rescinded again by Obama. And so Trump has now renewed the policy that forbids international nonprofit groups from receiving any federal money for providing abortion services.

It doesn’t seem to me like Trump is listening to those women protesters. And that’s just going to infuriate them even more. Really. Do they not understand that kind of behavior is one of the many factors that led to Trump’s victory? The more they do this — look, I understand, folks, it’s tough, because you don’t want to see this. I mean, we want the country to be united, but that’s a myth. I’m not pessimistic here in this regard; I’m realistic.

The country united as people commonly wish it were so never has been. There has always been arguments in the country over politics, which is how we govern ourselves and govern our affairs. There are always arguments about the best ways to do it. Of course those arguments have now descended into full warfare. We’re in the midst of a full-fledged, 24/7 political war. That’s why I mentioned it at the top of the program.

Remember all those times in the past where we were warned not to criticize Obama. It’s gonna send the independents running right back to the Democrat Party. Really, is this kind of behavior a magnet for anybody other than the already deranged and unhinged? How would you like it if what you saw over the weekend was the base of your party?

How would you like it if that kind of behavior is what your allies try to convince everybody else is normal? That you are the oddball, you’re the weirdo, you voted for Trump, you voted for Trump for specific reasons and you’re the problem, you’re the screwball, you’re insane. What we saw all weekend on TV, the women’s march, that’s normal. How would you like to be on that side?

You know, for all this talk of Democrat obstruction and the media trying to do everything they can to help the Democrats, can you imagine the job? If there is a mainstream Democrat left — and I’m not sure there is, in the Senate or the House, I think they’re all left-wing radical wackos like this. Can you imagine trying to placate this base? I mean, if these mainstream Democrats exist, they’ve got practically an impossible job in keeping the Democrat Party unified, to hell with the country, just keeping that party unified, ’cause it is falling apart, it’s breaking apart.

Let’s listen. You know, it’s a shame because it’s a family show, we cannot air a whole lot of what was said at the microphones at this feminazi march, but we can air some of it. Now, here’s Ashley Judd. Now, in all appearances, all outward appearances we have here a normal, healthy American woman who’s married to a race car driver. Did you know, by the way, that her husband’s a guy — I think they’re still married. I don’t even know, ’cause I don’t follow gossip stuff like that.

Dino Franchitti. He’s Scottish, not Italian. I didn’t know in Scotland they had anything that went over 80, but, anyway, he’s her husband, and apparently she had to go to therapy because she is such a controlling person. She had to go to therapy to learn how to be more tolerant with her own husband, and she openly talked about it. These people that do things like that openly discuss it and talk about their growth as human beings. They are divorced. Congratulations for Dino, as you will soon hear.

So all outward appearances, she’s an actress, she’s appeared in movies with crazy titles like the Ya-Ya Sisterhood or some such thing. But then she opens her mouth, and you wonder what happened, what in the world went wrong, why and how does something like this happen to anybody? And I think feminism’s obviously failed when you look at Undeniable Truth of Life number 24, but on the other hand women have now surpassed men in vulgarity and in disgusting behavior, and it was on display at the million — I mean, we can’t even call it what they call it. The million “poo-sai” march. Here’s two from Ashley Judd.

JUDD: I am a naaaaasty woman. I’m not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheeto dust. A man whose words are a diss track to America, Electoral College-sanctioned hate speech contaminating this national anthem.

RUSH: What?

JUDD: I didn’t know devils could be resurrected, but I feel Hitler in these streets, a mustache traded for a toupee, Nazis renamed the cabinet. I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes, but, yeah, I’m a naaaaasty woman. A loud, vulgar, proud woman.

RUSH: Proud of what? What in the world, Ashley, are you proud of? There’s not a thing that you just said that has any redeeming quality whatsoever. This is utter derangement. I mean, this isn’t even funny. What did she say? I feel Hitler in the streets? What did they call Trump?

Let’s see. Just this weekend, Trump is Hitler, Trump is the devil, Trump is Lincoln, Trump is Putin, Trump is Teddy Roosevelt, Trump is Reagan, Trump is P. T. Barnum, Trump is Andrew Jackson, Trump is like Charlie Sheen on crack, somebody said that. Trump is like Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister, Italia, loved women. Trump is Woodrow Wilson, they say. Trump is JFK. Bill Gates said that.

Don’t doubt me. Trump is populist, Trump’s sexist, Trump’s crazy, Trump’s conservative, Trump’s a Libertarian. They can’t find out what Donald Trump is. Let me help. Trump is Trump. A tiger is a tiger. An alligator is an alligator, and a feminazi is a feminazi. A deranged woman is a deranged woman. A lunatic is a lunatic. They’re not even trying, folks. They can’t figure out that we’re dealing with someone who cannot be categorized. They’re trying and failing.

I can give you the best one-description definition of Trump that will fit practically everything, and I’m sure there are even better ones. I would say uncompromising, and that the left hates because compromise, that’s the coin of the realm. Compromising with them. They never compromise. We’re supposed to compromise with them.

But I think clearly in our lifetimes Washington’s never seen anything like Trump, and they likely never will again. And I think if anybody in the establishment gets the idea that there’s another Trump that maybe might be effervescing out there, they’ll do something to stop it based on this experience. But they don’t know what they’re dealing with. And so they are reduced to childlike behavior and throwing temper tantrums. Most of this stuff went on, Trump hadn’t even done anything by the time these women were out there marching and the rioters were out there rioting.

By the way, the Trump administration has announced they’re big law and order. If there were felonies committed in these riots, they’re gonna be punished, and they’re gonna go to jail and they’re not going to look the other way. They’re gonna hand out punishment as the law allows to every one of these people out there destroying property, inflicting damage, injury, they’re going to pay the price. They’re not gonna be given any kind of a break simply because we understand emotions are running high. Nope. They violated a law. They’re going to pay the price. Meanwhile, Trump hadn’t done anything while these people were losing their minds.

Wait ’til he actually starts doing things! You know what? Here’s the thing I pointed this out, too. They’re shooting everything they’ve got right now, and Trump hasn’t done anything. And they’re gonna keep on and keep on, and if they’re not a laughingstock yet they’re going to be. When Trump actually does something that they are really, really bent out of shape about… Because all this is phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller. This is just garbage time now.

This is just for show. This is just a bunch of people venting. When Trump actually does something, they’re going to have shot all their ammunition. They’re not gonna have anything left. They’re not gonna have any credibility. It’s gonna be, “Oh, here come the women again. Ha-ha, ho-ho, hee-hee.” Sorry, I didn’t mean “ho” in that way. I was signifying laughter. Here’s the next Ashley Judd before we hit our next obscene profit break…

JUDD: I’m nasty, like my bloodstains on my bed sheets. Why are tampons and pads still taxed when Viagra and Rogaine are not?

RUSH: Are you kidding?

JUDD: Is the bloodstain on my jeans more embarrassing than the thinning of your hair? Half my life I have been zipping up my smile hoping you don’t think I want to unzip your jeans. Our pussies are for our pleasure. They are for birthing new generations of filthy, vulgar, nasty, proud Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, you name it, for new generations of nasty women.

RUSH: All right, ladies, how many of you want your daughters to grow up to be that. You know, Madonna was one time a harmless, cuddly little princess, just somebody’s little girl. Same thing with Ashley Judd. How many of you…? Rachel, do you want your daughters to grow up being guided by this? (interruption) “Disgusting!” Absolutely disgusting. And this is what the media portrayed as normal over the weekend. This is what the media was applauding. This is what the media was celebrating.

This kind of revulsive garbage is what the media was attempting to portray as perfectly understandable and an expression of freedom and demanding rights and all this other stuff. What is this business about “bloodstains on sheets,” “my tampons and pad are taxed when Viagra and Rogaine are not”? What in the world is on this woman’s mind? Whatever it is, it isn’t brilliance, and it’s not insightful. It’s disgusting. It’s embarrassing. That’s what the media portrays as normal, and I’m telling you, folks, it isn’t gonna sell. They can’t sell that as normal. Let ’em keep trying.


RUSH: Kay in Southern Illinois. Great to have you, Kay. How are you doing?

CALLER: Hi, Rush! It’s so exciting to get to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, you know, I was thinking about this women’s march, how it’s being portrayed as a protest. I don’t think it’s a protest. I think it’s a fundraiser. Now, the reason I say that is a lot of these charities, you know, they make millions and millions of dollars, and it kind of reminded me of my son. He’s a performer at the Ringling Brothers, and, you know, PETA follows them around like crazy. And PETA makes a lot of money. And all they have to do is just put up a picture of some elephant — who knows where that elephant came from — and it just gets people all worked up, and they just donate a bunch of money.

RUSH: Well, I know. I know that that’s what PETA does, but this women’s thing is… I mean it may ultimately help ’em raise money; I don’t know. But this is the result of fundraising. It was fundraising that made this possible. This is George Soros and Hillary Clinton donors — their money over the years — being used. This has a specific purpose, and it’s part of a much larger scheme of events, and it’s all oriented (with the assistance of the media) to create a narrative, an impression that Trump is not legitimate.

That he was not legitimately elected. That he’s not a legitimate president. All of this is step one or two toward the eventual impeachment of Donald Trump, which David Brock is currently fundraising for at the moment and, I’m told, has already raised $40 million. Why you would need that, who knows? But that’s all these people know. So I’m sure there’s a fundraising component here. But don’t doubt the substantive intent of this. I don’t know how many normal people send these clowns money anyway, but I get your drift. But there is a purpose to this beyond just raising money.


RUSH: I’ll tell what else: There was a very prominent role in this women’s march played by a powerful Islamic woman, Muslim woman who was involved in a lot of the fundraising to pull this event off. I mean, none of this adds up to what they claim they’re really upset about.


RUSH: Madonna has since recanted her expressed desire to blow up the White House because some people got to her and so forth. And, by the way, I don’t think that constitutes a serious, real threat ’cause it’s a mindless twit of a woman who’s lost her mind.

All of these people have lost their minds. My tendency is to be enraged and angry at them. Some people think you should feel sorry for ’em. They don’t feel sorry for us, and this is political warfare. Madonna hasn’t been right for I don’t know how long. Madonna hasn’t been… The needle is not pointing north there either. The elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. Madonna’s always been an order of fries short of a Happy Meal if you ask me. They’ve been entertaining and all that.


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites. We played Ashley Judd from the feminazi march on Washington, but Madonna, you know, she’s been — like I say, the elevator not hitting the top floors there for quite a while. It’s clearly worsening, you know, her mental state and acuity. She’s wearing one of those stupid hats. And we got two sound bites here. She has since recanted the second bite, what she’s saying here, because the Secret Service was looking into it, but here’s the first one. Here’s the first one by itself.

MADONNA: It took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the (bleep) up. It seems as though we had all slipped into a false sense of comfort that justice would prevail and that good would win in the end. Well, good did not win this election. And to our detractors that insist that this march will never add up to anything, (bleep) you. (Bleep) you. It is the beginning of much needed change.

RUSH: Genuine class, right? Genuinely classy. Madonna Louise Chakony, Surcony, Zirconium, Ciccone, whatever it is, “It seems as though we had all slipped into a false sense of comfort. It took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us up.” What happened? At the time they were out there making fools of themselves, not a thing had happened other than Hillary had lost.

Hillary’s out there probably thinking, “Where the hell were you babes when I was out campaigning? Where were you babes on Election Day?” What false sense of comfort were you — you believed your own fake polls. Do these women not realize how out of touch they’re making their own selves sound thinking that they had this all wrapped up? And this talk about right, what rights are being denied? What rights of theirs are being trampled and denied? This is absurd. And then this is the threat to blow up the White House.

MADONNA: Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.

RUSH: Unhappy, violent, let Americans see ’em and hear ’em, as far as I’m concerned. She’s since recanted that because the Secret Service said they were gonna look into it. I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. She’s just out there blowing off steam. Better than the other things she usually blows off. But blowing up the White House, I mean, for crying out loud.

But this is who they are. These are the people that are largely responsible for Trump winning, and I don’t care what you think is happened to the American culture, this is not the kind of stuff that grows a movement of happy, contented, productive, cooperative people. This is the antithesis of that. Here is a chief feminazi, one of the leading organizers, Gloria Steinem on Saturday at the feminazi march on Washington.

STEINEM: Sometimes we must put our bodies where our beliefs are.

RUSH: That’s interesting.

STEINEM: We remember the death of the future with Martin Luther King, with Jack Kennedy, with Bobby Kennedy, with Malcolm X. Without those deaths, for instance, Nixon would not have been elected and there would not have been many of the wars we have had.

RUSH: Oh, really?

STEINEM: Now our great leaders like Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are still with us. And remember how much we feared they might not be and how much threat there was.

RUSH: These are the people that threaten and use violence, and here’s Gloria Steinem out there actually admitting they were worried that the Obamas would be killed. It’s fascinating, this is what passes for mainstream liberal thought today. And it always has, by the way. This isn’t anything new. This is who these people have always been. This is why I have been just mind boggled for so many years. How in the world can thinking like this attract a majority? And it hasn’t. That’s what we have finally learned.

Now, Frank Luntz. Frank Luntz, as you know, is a pollster, he’s a media consultant. He helps candidates use words that work, and he was out of amongst ’em on Saturday in Washington. He was on Fox & Friends on Sunday with the cohost Pete Hegseth and they were talking about the women’s march, and Hegseth said to Frank Luntz, “Would you say the protests were ineffective as a response?”

LUNTZ: The woman who walked up to me in the Marriott Marquis, she shouted, “You fascist!” and then two other words that would get me fired from your network, and she threw this red confetti glitter right in my eyes, and she picked up another handful. She was no more than six inches away and I was covered with this stuff. And since when do you have the right or just the ability to attack people in a private setting? These protests are out of control, the language is out of control. There are eight, nine, 10 years old watching this. They read these horrible words from these signs, and to have to face this personally, you can see I get choked up. I never thought this would be America. I never thought this would happen in this country.

RUSH: So I guess Frank’s of the opinion these are not words that work, that the feminazis are using. But I have to say, with all due respect, Frank, I can’t believe that you’re surprised by this. I mean, you’re out doing focus groups of people. That’s who these people are. Frank said, “I never thought this would be America. I never thought this would happen in this country.” This has been happening.

This is… You want to know what community organizing is? This is it! This is what Obama does. This is what he used do in Chicago. This is exactly what community organizers do, and the left has been doing this kind of stuff. They’ve been protesting at every event they can find if it has anything “global” attached to it, World Trade Organization or what have you. But vulgarity and violence and personal disrespect and in-your-face insults are exactly how they behave. And I’m stunned to hear Frank said that he never thought this would happen in this country when it is happening routinely.

This is why so many of us have been so frustrated that there’s no push-back against it. So many of us have been… Really. I mean, I know I’m speaking for you on this. So frustrated. The media gets way with normalizing this stuff. This kind of stuff went on in Indiana after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The bullying is commonplace on the left! I mean, you go in to a baker as a gay couple and ask ’em to bake a cake for your reception and say, “No”? Look at what happens to you.

The militant gay community comes down on you and the whole Democrat Party joins ’em in coming down on you, and they sue you out of existence. Same thing if you are a photography shop and a couple gay comes and say, ‘We want you to be the photographer for our reception, our wedding,” and you say, “No, I don’t believe…” They’re targeting these people. There are plenty of other photographers to hire.

But they’re purposeful trying to hire people who say no, after researching and creating the issue. And they bully these people out of business! It’s been going on for a long time. These kind of people, you could get ’em on focus groups, I would think. They’re out there, and they do respond to being paid, and if you’re in a focus group, I mean, you get paid for your time. But these people are bought and paid for by George Soros money, Hillary Clinton money.

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