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RUSH: We got some emails asking my thoughts on the championship games in the NFL yesterday. I was surprised by the Packer-Atlanta game. I didn’t think it would be the blowout that it was. I was not surprised at all at the Steelers outcome. Look, there’s a bunch of things going on with the Steelers. You can’t score two touchdowns in a game and a half with a supposedly vaunted offense and go into New England and — you just can’t play that way. I mean, they scored no touchdowns in the second half against Miami and no touchdowns against the Chiefs in the game that they won. That’s a game and a half without a touchdown.

I don’t care what anybody says, and I understand the Steelers saying that the Antonio Brown Facebook video in the locker room after the Chiefs won, nah, that stuff didn’t matter, the Patriots, they were just — Look, it did matter. I think it mattered attitudinally. I mean, these are young Millennial guys on Facebook, and the video, me, me, me, notice me, notice me, and the guy gets shot down. He was humiliated, embarrassed, coach calls him out, calls him selfish and all this stuff, I guarantee you it had an impact. Fined $10,000. Not what direct impact it had, but on the overall mental attitude.

The thing is, the Steelers have never beaten the Patriots in a championship game, period, I don’t think, especially in New England, but you don’t beat the Patriots, they beat themselves. You have to play the best you can and they have to screw up. And they didn’t. It’s just amazing. The Patriots have people open by 10 or 15 yards, the Steelers don’t have anybody open. No pass — but I called it, you can talk to any of my buddies or friends and they’ll say I called it. I wasn’t surprised by it. I was disappointed, but I was not surprised. Anyway, Atlanta and New England, thoughts upcoming as we get closer to the game.

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