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On Inauguration day we saw violence and mayhem in the streets. Liberal “protesters” also blocked military members, the elderly, and families with children from entrances to the event.

The Washington Post, surprisingly, reveals that the “protesters who destroyed property on Inauguration Day were part of a well-organized group.” They interviewed one, who justified their actions as an “attack on capitalism and corporate greed.”

The Drive-By Media reported that one of Trump’s first acts was to remove Martin Luther King’s bust from the Oval Office. Wrong. King’s bust is still there. But Winston Churchill’s bust – the one Obama ordered removed when he took office, has been returned.

“Saturday Night Live” writer Katy Rich, entered the gutter with a tweet targeting President Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron. She predicted he would become the “country’s first homeschool shooter.” Barron isn’t homeschooled.

Then there was “the march.” I could spend multiple updates recounting the crude, angry, hateful vulgarity on display. Like Ashley Judd who read a “poem” claiming Donald Trump has wet dreams about his daughter, Ivanka.

But what better face for the vapid, poisonous event than the self-proclaimed Material Girl. Not only did she admit she harbors thoughts about blowing up the White House (which she since recanted) Madonna dropped F-bombs on live television, directed at those who disagree with her.

Whenever you think liberals have sunk to the bottom they sink lower. They go low and keep going and they are not the majority in mainstream. Never doubt me in that.



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