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RUSH: So I checked the email during the break, and there’s a couple emails: “Why aren’t you spending more time talking about Trump and what Trump’s doing?” Hey, I am! And here’s the thing. One of the emails said, “Why don’t you talk about how they’re mistreating Trump’s cabinet nominations?” Let me tell you what’s going on there. Trump’s gonna get his nominees. They’re going to be confirmed. The daily soap opera, the narrative of the day so far is Trump’s nominees are weird, oddball, and kooks, and the Democrats need to spend a lot of time with these people ’cause they’re really dangerous!

I’m sorry, folks, but I’m not gonna give my precious broadcast time to that narrative. These nominees are gonna be confirmed, and they’re gonna do a fabulous job. They’re gonna be fine. You know, if I wake up every day and every cable news network is focused on… Like right now they’re talking about Tom Price and he’s undergoing his questioning and he’s being asked… We’ve got some sound bites. Some of the stupidest questions in the world are being asked that have nothing to do with his job at Health and Human Services.

It’s about the left and the media trying to identify these people and tag them as extreme right wingers. And I’m sorry, I’m not gonna help. I’m not gonna focus on this. If everybody else in the media is focused on it, why should I anyway? Of far more interest to me is the collapse of the Democrat Party. ‘Cause this Trump’s stuff’s gonna be fine. It’s gonna be… We talk about that, too. I spent half of the first hour detailing Trump and his success stories from yesterday, and we have more of that coming up. The Democrat Party is imploding right in front of us, right before our very eyes — and I, for one, absolutely love it.

I don’t want to sit here and become a… Well, just because they’re talking about confirmation hearings today on all the cable networks, that tells me, “Don’t do it.” Because there’s a narrative every day of the news and what gets covered. The highlights, the things that are important, the way they try to destroy these guys? Be patient and you will hear me explain it when the time is right, and in due course. Now, some of the… Let’s see. Transgender stuff. Is there something else in this Stack that I have here that I wanted to…? Cisgender. I explained that. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

One of the organizers of the big feminazi march has fought for Muslim holidays in New York City schools. Her name is Linda Sarsour or Sarsour. I’m not sure pronunciation. S-A-R-S-O-U-R. But she is a massive Islamic sympathizer. In fact, in some of her Twitter posts she has proclaimed that Saudi Arabia’s treatment of women puts the United States to shame! Now, this is just lunacy — sheer, abject lunacy. They behead women in Saudi Arabia. If a woman in Saudi Arabia is raped, she gets punished for it. Women in Saudi Arabia can’t drive! They have to run around covered head to toe.

I mean, it’s absurd here. But they really believe this stuff. See, I think, folks — I really believe — we have a unique opportunity, maybe the best opportunity in my life to expose liberalism to more people than ever before with the help of the left. They’re actually doing the exposing. Here we’re sitting here with a Trump victory, and this Trump victory has driven them insane because the media is in sync with the left. They’re giving them all kinds of TV airtime, and they are treating what these people say and do as normal. Well, bring it on. Because it’s abnormal.

It is, in many cases, deranged; in other cases, it’s sick.

The more exposure this gets, the greater the opportunity for low-information people and casually-interested-in-politics people to learn who and what liberals and liberalism are. It’s been one of my primary tasks since beginning this program in 1988 to expose the left for who they really are and to increase awareness of liberalism and expand people’s understanding, education, and knowledge of it, which means helping people or turning people into more ideological observers. And it’s a great, great opportunity.

I mean, this is like a great opportunity for so many things, and you don’t know when it’s gonna happen again. Let’s look at tax policy. We have the best opportunity since Reagan of serious, meaningful, productive tax policy that is going to stimulate growth. It’s going to expand and increase wealth. It’s gonna bring wealth to far many more people. It is going to actually increase revenue to the Treasury at the same time. We have an opportunity to shrink the role of government in people’s lives.

It isn’t gonna be easy because the bureaucracy is entrenched with career leftists. But you talk to people in the Republican Party, the Ways and Means Committee, and they get it. They realize what a once-in-a-career opportunity this is, and the opportunity is the fact that the Democrats don’t have the votes to stop anything. That’s the opportunity. The challenge is for the Republicans to realize they won, to keep realizing they won, to act like they won, and to not have any guilt about it. Those things are going to require a major attitudinal shift on the part of the Republicans.

They’ve been winning, but they’ve never been able to feel totally free with it. There’s been some guilt. There’s been some shame. There’s been some fear of the media, fear of the left, the need to feel like they have to share power and to not gloat or any of this. All that stuff has to be shelved, and winners need to start acting like winners and implement the things that we all believe and they claim they believe, too, and have claimed so in campaign after campaign all of our lives. It is a unique opportunity to accomplish one hell of a lot here.

Now, the left doesn’t want that to happen, and the media doesn’t want that to happen. So their focus is on delegitimizing Trump’s win, delegitimizing Trump personally, delegitimizing Trump’s presidency, delegitimizing his agenda, delegitimizing everybody who works for him. While at the same time trying to establish as normal and common the losers here. So that is the grand vision that I have as I approach the program each and every day, ’cause it is a — and it’s multifaceted.

But one of the things that I think, in addition to the positive opportunity to grow and expand and implement meaningful political and cultural and social change at the same time, is to defeat and diminish the left. It’s a rare opportunity. I just… I would like to see that maximized. So, on just the second day of his presidency, Trump is dismantling the Obama legacy. Bloomberg reported today that Trump (this is before it actually happened) “intended to sign two executive actions that would advance construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.”

Trump did sign both executive orders in a ceremony at 11 o’clock. You know what’s brilliant about this? You know, Trump is a media master. He’s second only to me in media mastery. You know what he’s doing here with these executive orders? It’s very simple. Trump realizes that for many people — and it’s not new, but it’s talent to be able to use it, to execute it properly. He realizes the importance of pictures. I am unique in the media world not needing pictures to succeed or make my point, but many people do. Trump…

Let’s just look at this: The actual signing ceremony for an executive order. He’s got all these people around him. That shows massive support and agreement, friendship. Positive. He’s got document. It’s open. He is seen reading it. Then he reads it to the camera. And then in front of the camera, he signs it. And all of that equals one word: Progress. Action. It’s an agenda item checked off. It’s Trump accomplishing whatever. All in just the televising of one signing ceremony. The pictures are out there and low-information people and others are watching it.

And you don’t need to listen to the Drive-Bys tell you what Trump did. You don’t need to listen to them tell you what he’s gonna do before it happens; just see it actually happen, and you’re watching, in effect, change and progress take place, within the confines of the Trump campaign. He’s doing the exact things he said he was gonna do. In fact, one of the primary slogans of the Trump presidency is, “Now you know I meant it.”

Everything he said he was gonna do, he’s off and running on it. And the pictures are there to support it, and it just spells it out. It visualizes it. It equals progress and action on so many things that Obama and Obama and the Democrats have been stonewalling. And Trump explains why they’ve been stonewalling and explains why it’s gonna be good for the country and good for people when he does these things.

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