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RUSH: Ah, this is great. The Drive-Bys won’t stop asking about it. I guess Trump last night made some reference again to all of the illegals who voted, and the Drive-Bys just keep going back to it today. And Spicer says (paraphrasing), “Look, there’s no investigation. We’re thinking of having one. There’s nothing new here, you people. The president has said that he believed a number of illegal people voted for a long time. He referenced it again last night, and you’re acting like it’s something new. It isn’t anything new.”

And they are acting like it’s something new. They will not let go of it. They are demanding evidence. They are demanding an investigation. They’re demanding that Trump back it up. They’re demanding that Spicer back it up. (laughing) You know what? There’s even a couple of Russian journalists that are in the briefing today. (laughing) Russian journalists, folks! With the Drive-Bys thinking the Russians hacked the election and Trump’s team has welcomed Russian journalists.

Everybody knows Russia doesn’t have journalists; they have hacks. (laughing) This is in their face. At least that’s what it appears to me. I haven’t had a chance to watch the whole thing here. But that’s what it seems to me to be.


RUSH: I have a couple sound bites. I’ve been talking about the press briefing with Sean Spicer and the Drive-Bys here. It turns out the woman I thought was Julie Pace AP was actually, what’s her name, Cecilia Vega, and she’s with ABC. We have two sound bites on this, and this is Cecilia Vega bringing up the subject of Trump believing that a bunch of illegals voted in the last election.

VEGA: Does the president believe that millions voted illegally in this election, and what evidence do you have of widespread voter fraud in this election, if that’s the case?

SPICER: The president does believe that. He’s stated that before. I think he stated his concerns of voter fraud and people voting illegally during the campaign. He continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence that people have presented to him.

VEGA: But exactly what evidence? Speaker Ryan today says there’s no evidence. The National Association of Secretaries of State say that they don’t agree with the president’s assessment. What evidence do you have?

SPICER: As I said, I think the president has believed that for a while based on studies and information he has.

RUSH: All right. So then they went off on other things and Mara Liasson had her turn. She asked about the VA hiring freeze. Then she got back to this claim — you can tell the Drive-Bys don’t believe it happened and they’ve got all this other evidence, the National Association of Secretaries of State, transgender and otherwise, all say it didn’t happen. Paul Ryan says it didn’t.

Look, there is voter fraud out there and it’s been documented time and time again and the reason that the Democrats are opposed to voter ID is so they can continue to engage in voter fraud. It is simple. Voter fraud occurs. And voter ID, a photo ID proving you are who you are and that you’re registered, the Democrats oppose that, ’cause it’s one of the greatest techniques of preventing voter fraud there is. Anyway, Mara Liasson got back to it later on in her questioning.

LIASSON: Just to follow up on Cecilia.


LIASSON: If three to five million people voted illegally, that is a scandal of astronomical proportions. Doesn’t he want to restore American’s faith in their ballot system? Wouldn’t he want an investigation of this?

SPICER: Well, you know, but, Mara, as I noted several times now, he’s believed this for a long time. And I think he won fairly overwhelmingly, so he’s not — (crosstalk)

LIASSON: I’m asking you why not investigate something —

SPICER: Maybe we will.

LIASSON: This is the biggest scandal in American electoral history, three to five million people voting illegally?

SPICER: And I think we’ll see where we go from here, but right now the focus that the president has is on putting Americans back to work. It’s a comment he made on a long-standing belief.

RUSH: You find it ironic that (imitating Liasson) “Well, that would be the biggest scandal in the world, three and a half million people voting illegally.” Wait a minute, I thought the Russians hacking the election was the big scandal? And all of a sudden the Drive-Bys are out there saying it’s this? That would be the biggest scandal? By the way, Trump’s never said three to five million. I think the number was two million. It’s never been three to five million.

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