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RUSH: So much happened while I was away that I really do want to react to and comment on. So what we’re gonna do is periodically during the program we’re gonna hopscotch back in time, and we’re gonna start here with Algore. Now, this is classic. Two sound bites from Algore. Did you see him on Fox News Sunday? I did not see him. I’ve got a still shot here. You know what? The guy’s starting to look more and more look Rodney Dangerfield. It’s uncanny!

I have it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. The guy is looking like Rodney — and of course you might even be able to say they’re both in the same business, getting no respect. Comedians. Except Rodney Dangerfield was naturally funnier. So the first bite we have is Algore on TMZ. This is last Friday morning. And a correspondent said, “What about Trump? What about Trump? What about Trump backing out of the climate accord?”

ALGORE: So this is a reckless and indefensible move, but make no mistake about it, if President Trump will not lead this struggle, the American people will. CEOs, civic leaders, mayors, governors, average citizens, we’re in the middle of a clean energy revolution now that is unstoppable. We are going to solve the climate crisis no matter what President Trump does.

RUSH: There isn’t one. This is what it all comes down to. There is not a climate crisis. Even if there were, we are incapable of doing anything about it because we are not powerful enough to cause it. Now, as I mentioned recently, the thing about this, as a political issue, not science, that irritates me more than anything is listen to what these people all believe is responsible for not just climate change, now we are talking about the destruction of the planet.

Now by pulling out of a meaningless — well, it wasn’t meaningless. By pulling out of a near communist doctrine in Paris, the planet will not survive. And there are people who actually run around claiming this as though they really believe it. It’s asinine. It is embarrassingly infantile. It’s dumb. It is stupid. It is ignorant. And yet in their heart of hearts they believe it to the point that they’re scared to death.

I saw a story while I was gone about why Christians and conservatives don’t believe in climate change. It was a piece that mocked Christians and conservatives. And the answer was because they believe in God. And if you believe in God, then you believe in creation. And if you believe in God and you believe in a being so powerful as to create not just the earth, but the entire universe, then you must very quickly realize we are but mere specks of sand incapable of the power the climate change crowd assigns to us. And of course they mock that and make fun of it.

Thing that bothers me about it, folks, is that, as I say, we have gone beyond climate change, gone beyond global warming, and it’s now we’re destroying the planet. And what do they say is destroying the planet? Progress. If you’ll note, the target is advanced lifestyles, advanced standards of living, increased accrual of wealth. They blame the United States as the number one cause and the greatest contributor to the destruction of the planet. And to sit around and blame what human beings are naturally, and I dare say created to do, improve their lives, the quest of humanity since the beginning of time has been a better life.

The quest of humanity has been liberty and freedom. The quest of humanity has been to increase standards of living, to live longer, to live healthier. In the United States we probably have done more to clean the planet and clean the air than any other nation on earth, because we have the freedom and the innovation, the capital and the wealth to do so. This is what is so ironic. We have probably, without any agreement whatsoever, without any acknowledgment of a disaster looming whatsoever, we, because we desire a better life, have cleaned up our messes better than anybody else in the world.

We’ve cleaned polluted rivers. We’ve cleaned polluted air. We have done far more than any other nation on earth. And yet we are the target for all of this. It’s purely political. It’s asinine here. To even think that not signing a piece of paper or by removing a signature from a piece of paper is the death knell of the planet. And yet they really believe it. I’m convinced now this is not just rhetoric. These people really believe it. And they live their lives and vote and do who knows whatever else accordingly. And it’s insane. There’s nothing sane about what they believe.

Here’s the next Gore sound bite. This from Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace actually called him on the carpet for his past climate predictions which have not come true. We should have been dead ten years ago, longer than ten because Algore’s 10-year prediction of the end of the earth, the end of the country came and went. There hasn’t been any warming in 15 years and Wallace calls him on all this. And he says his final question, “We’re 11 years later from when you said we were in a true planetary emergency. Weren’t you wrong about that, Mr. Algore?”

ALGORE: Some of the responses of the last 10 years have helped, but unfortunately and regrettably, a lot of serious damage has been done. Greenland, for example, is losing one cubic kilometer of ice every single day. I went down to Miami and —

RUSH: Listen to this.

ALGORE: — saw fish from the ocean swimming in the streets on a sunny day.

RUSH: Stop the tape. He went down to Miami and there are fish swimming in the streets. He went down to Miami, just a single day last week and found fish from the ocean swimming in the streets on a sunny day. Listen to the whole asinine thing again.

ALGORE: Some of the responses of the last 10 years have helped, but unfortunately and regrettably, a lot of serious damage has been done. Greenland, for example, is losing one cubic kilometer of ice every single day.

RUSH: That is a crock.

ALGORE: I went down to Miami and saw fish from the ocean swimming in the streets on a sunny day. The same thing was true in Honolulu just two days ago, just from high tides because of the sea level rise now. We are going to suffer some of these consequences, but we can limit and avoid the most catastrophic consequences if we accelerate the pace of change that’s now beginning.

RUSH: Now you see how this works. Greenland is being eroded by a cubic foot, cubic kilometer every day, but we can deal with that. And then there are fish on a sunny day swimming in the streets of Miami. (laughing) Folks, if that were happening, much of Miami that’s there wouldn’t be there. This is just asinine. And the same thing in Hawaii, Honolulu, two days ago from high tides because of the sea level rise now. What, the sea level has already risen and gobbled up some of the coastline on Hawaii, Oahu, Maui? Where? He said Honolulu, so it would be Oahu. Really? You think if this has happened we would have heard about it? Honolulu’s made up of a bunch of nutcases like this who believe this stuff. We’d have heard about it by now.

If there were fish swimming in the streets, folks, there wouldn’t be a beach anywhere. This is just simply asinine. And yet even this. Algore says we’re gonna suffer some of these consequences, but we can limit and avoid the most catastrophic — tell me, how are we gonna lower the sea level in Miami and Honolulu? If what Algore says is true and the fishies are already swimming in the streets every day, what are we gonna do? What can we do? No, no, no. Seawalls don’t count. What are we gonna do to restore the coastline? What are we gonna do to make the oceans recede? What are we gonna do to stop the rising sea level? There’s nothing we can do. So what is he promising people? There’s not a single damn thing we could do if it were happening. Just like if it were happening nothing we can do to stop it, and if it weren’t happening, which it isn’t, there’s nothing we can do to cause it.

Let’s say Trump gets ticked off at Florida because somebody down there makes him mad and he orders his EPA to raise the sea level enough in Miami to flood the town. What would they do? If you wanted to flood Miami with seawater — let’s just leave it at South Beach. You want to destroy South Beach, you’re Donald Trump, you call your EPA guy, “I’m mad, they said something mean about me keep tweeting, you come up with a plan. I want you to raise the sea level enough that South Beach is underwater and I want it to happen within a year.” What’s our EPA guy gonna do? What would we do? Somebody tell me. Somebody tell me what we would do. There’s nothing we could do.

Now, the sea level rise, that wasn’t supposed to happen until all of us are dead. See, the key to the predictions of all this crap is that none of us are gonna be alive to know whether it’s true or not. That’s why 50 years, 30 years, hundred years down the road. But now all of a sudden we got fish swimming in the streets in Miami and Honolulu. Algore said it on Fox News Sunday on Sunday. Well, that means things are really way ahead of schedule. That means the sea levels have already started to rise and there ought to be houses and backyards underwater in Honolulu. And how we gonna stop this?

I have friends in Honolulu. Nobody’s said a word to me about the sea levels rising. “You know, we go out there, we watch it every day. It’s up to like two centimeters, we’re measuring. I can see it happening. We’re gonna be underwater by the end of next week.” I’ve not heard this. Folks, this is dangerous ’cause these people like Algore know this is BS, is the bottom line. He knows it. The college professors, whoever, the comedians, they know this is all crap. But yet they are out there radicalizing people and misinforming people, and they’re doing it for their own personal reasons, largely the acquisition of wealth.

It’s irresponsible to the max. There is nothing we could do to cause this if it were happening and therefore nothing we can do to stop it. And yet the debate continues on the premise the left sets up, which is that it’s happening. So we end up saying, “No, it’s not happening.” I find myself doing it even here today. The whole thing is insane. I mean, the earth hasn’t even warmed in 15 or 20 years. Everything they have said about this has been disproved.


RUSH: Rachel in Bluemont, Virginia. Welcome, great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m so glad to finally get through to you. I’ve tried to call so many times.

RUSH: Glad you made it through. Thank you.

CALLER: Well, I have a couple points. First of all, all the cities that want to stick with the Paris Accord, you know, I think it’s great if they want to be responsible because they’re the big polluters anyway, but are they gonna pony up all the money that we’re supposed to be sending overseas? Are they gonna get together with all those CEOs and ship that money right overseas? I’m just wondering.

RUSH: You mean the private effort to continue to fund whatever was in the climate change agreement in Paris?

CALLER: Right. If they’re gonna stick to certain parts of the accord, are they gonna stick to the money part? Are they gonna provide the money that our federal government was gonna provide?

RUSH: Well, Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, said he’s gonna put in the first, what, $15 million bucks?

CALLER: Oh, wow, I’m not sure where he’s getting that from. Good for him. Maybe he’ll stop funding the public schools?

RUSH: Well, he’s only got like five or 10 billion, so, I mean, $15 million is not even 10%, 1% of what the guy’s got. It’s chump change compared to what he’s got.

CALLER: Well, he’s got a lot, but he has a lot of work to do in his own city to take care of his own people.

RUSH: Well, he doesn’t run the city anymore. Another idiot is in charge of New York.


RUSH: But, look, see, that’s another point. The CEO of Apple, all these other people are signing up to join the Paris agreement even though we pulled out, even though, even though — I forgot to mention to you, Algore on Sunday on Fox News Sunday admitted that the Paris Accord wouldn’t mean anything toward reversing climate change. So why are these people, why are these CEOs, somebody said to me, “Rush, isn’t it great that the private sector is finally getting involved in this rather than the government.”

This isn’t the private sector. CEOs are the Democrat Party. CEOs have become a branch office of the federal government, for the most part. It’s a big myth that CEOs are private sector capitalists oriented toward policies of limiting government. No, no, no, no, no. They are in bed with government. That’s what they don’t like about Trump. They don’t want to get in bed with Trump, but they want to get in bed with government. And so since they can’t get in bed with Trump, they’re gonna do the next best thing and pretend what would be happening if Hillary had won in order for whatever psychological need these people have.

With a CEO, you never know how much of it is simple marketing because he knows that his idiot customers believe this crap and so he’s gotta make it look like his company cares about it in order to get these idiots to keep buying products. Or you don’t know how many of these CEOs are actual idiots and actually literally have been propagandized to believe this crap. And crap is what it is. And I can’t answer it. I think it’s individual from CEO to CEO. But it’s clear to me that the CEO community is pro-Big Government, pro-cronyism, and the evidence is their eagerness to do whatever they can to prolong this Paris thing, which, I don’t know.

Folks, honest, here’s the trouble I’m having with so much of this: This stuff is literally insane. It’s not just that it is wrong. It’s not just people of good faith who happen to believe something erroneous. This is far, far worse than that. I have learned my lesson. These people have been around forever. I remember the first 10 years of this program we used to laugh and crack jokes and make parodies of these people on the theory that nobody would ever believe it. And yet we grew to discover that they all believed it and they got radicalized, and they think Obama and Michelle are the end of the world and we wonder how it happened overnight.

I’ve talked to so many people — you know, George Bush is president eight years, then Obama, and it seems like within a week after Obama we have got the most radical left culture that any of us can ever remember. People said, “When did this happen?” It’s been happening. You just didn’t think anybody was that dumb. You just didn’t think anybody, a majority or close to it, was ever actually going to be believe this stuff, such as global warming, climate, the spotted owl, whatever the causes were. How wrong we were. And now people at the pinnacle of power in corporate America also subscribe to genuine lunacy. It’s unnerving.


RUSH: You people are too easy. You people on the left are just too easy. I laid a gigantic trap, and they all fell for it. A whole bunch of people just fell right into it, just delectable.

Greetings, welcome back. Great to have you. Executing assigned host duties flawlessly here on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, coming to you from the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Leftist Studies, at 800-282-2882.

So Algore is out there on Fox News Sunday saying the fish are swimming in the streets of Honolulu, and that means we’re losing the sea levels, and the sea levels are rising, and fish are swimming. And I said this is crazy, it’s asinine, said the same thing about Miami, said it isn’t happening. If it were happening we’d hear about it all the time, the coastline would be gone. So some people, “Mr. Limbaugh, you don’t know what you’re talking about. This is an example of how you lie to your audience. The fish were swimming and I got this news story.”

I do too. And let me tell you about this. I suck ’em in, folks. You should see the hateful emails from people who think that I was lying when I said that Algore was wrong. The flooding — and that’s what it was. It was not rising sea levels. It was flooding! In Hawaii it happens every year in the spring. It has gone on for years. Whenever there are King Tides, which are the high tides that happen in the spring, this year there was a problem with some of the valves that caused some minor flooding and fish in one street.

Honolulu has been dealing with this for years. It is an almost regular occurrence every spring due to flooding, and they have spillways and valves and so forth to accommodate it, but in this case, there was a problem with some of the valves and some of the flooding was not accommodated and it bled out into the streets. There were some fish in there.

From ABC KITV News in Honolulu. “Surprise! King Tides Bring Fish to Town Streets,” posted May 25th. “If you’ve ever driven in Mapunapuna, you know flooding is a chronic problem at Ahua Steet. But if take a closer look, you’ll see fish! … ‘When this street fills up it’s like a pool and the big rigs drive through the middle and sends big waves into my driveway and all the fish gets trapped. Fish and crabs? Yep, fish and crab!’ said Joshua Sazer of Medallion Carpets.”

King Tide is a colloquial term for an especially high spring tide such as the one that happened. King Tide is not a scientific term. It’s used in a scientific context. The use of the term King Tide originated in Australia, New Zealand, and other Pacific nations to refer to an especially high tide that occurs a few times a year, but it’s common. There is nothing about it that is related to climate change. There is nothing about it that is related to sea levels rising. There’s nothing about it having to do with diminished coastlines.

And this is what Algore did throughout his movie, Earth in the Lurch. Phony, fraudulent picture of polar bears standing on three square feet of ice and the lying statement that their glaciers have melted and they’re about to go extinct because there’s nowhere for them to stay out of the water where they will drown. He doesn’t tell you polar bears can swim 60 miles. He doesn’t tell you it was an ice floe, it was not a glacier melting. He doesn’t tell you that polar bears routinely hang around on small areas of ice to cool off.

The whole thing was fraudulent. So is this, something that happens every year. What went wrong this year is they didn’t accommodate the flooding that they routinely expect and some of the flooding overflowed into streets. There were fish in there and so forth. But it’s a common occurrence. It has nothing to do with climate change. Algore knows it. As sure as I can find out, he knows it, and yet he and the proponents use stuff like this as scare tactics because he knows that 99% of the people who hear about this are not gonna ever know the truth.

And it’s this kind of willful lying and distortion in order to advance a political cause, which is what climate change is, is just — I don’t know. I know you’re probably tired of me talking about this, folks, but I’m telling you, everything I oppose about liberalism and leftism, it’s contained in this issue. And that’s why it is so important to them.

Virtually everything they need to destroy this country is contained in the climate change issue. And if they succeed — they’re already succeeding. Look at the number of young people who literally believe now the United States is the focus of evil in the modern world. We’re the home of bigotry, the home of racism. We’re fast becoming the home of terrorism. We are the home of religious bigotry.

All these young people growing up in the greatest place that has ever been on earth are being taught to hate it and despise it. And climate change is a political issue to further advance the cause that America is the problem in the world. And that’s why I so reject it. I have to tell you, it bothers me that so many people unwittingly get sucked in. Largely college graduates get sucked into this, which ought to tell you what’s happening to them on campus. They’re not being taught to think at all. They’re just simply being indoctrinated.

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