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RUSH: Larry in Charlotte, North Carolina. Great to have you here. How are you doing, sir?

CALLER: Good, Rush. How are you doing?

RUSH: Very well. Glad you called.

CALLER: First I want to thank you for that little fact check on Algore. That was on my list of things to do. I knew there had to be something behind that one.

RUSH: You mean his appearance on TV or his stuff about the fish swimming in the streets of Honolulu and Miami.

CALLER: The fish swimming in the streets.

RUSH: It’s a crock, it’s an absolute crock. But, see, people believe it. I will read about it on my tech blogs, I will read it. I have read it. And they’re genuinely scared and they say, “See.” And they don’t understand why deniers like me don’t see the truth, when the fish are swimming in the streets in Miami.

CALLER: Yep. It’s insane what they do. Second of all, Rush, I’m disappointed that you think that what we’re seeing in the mainstream media about the snowflakes and the generational problem is widespread. You’re the one that’s always saying, “Don’t believe what they’re showing you. They’re showing you what they want you to see.” I have to remind my wife of that all the time when we’re watching that stuff.

RUSH: I have issued caveats all day long ’cause I realized I might have misspoken when I first made this point in the first hour. What I said was that if all you do is watch the media you’ll probably be convinced that we don’t have a significant portion of young people who would answer the call to defend the country ’cause they don’t believe the country needs to be defended. But I amended that.

CALLER: That’s exactly what I was referring to, because before that you said, “Boy, I hope that this isn’t what it’s like out there and that this is a typical media thing,” and you were doubting yourself.

RUSH: I was doubting myself? I never doubt myself. What do you mean I was doubting myself?

CALLER: Well, you were doubting that it was just the mainstream media.

RUSH: Well, that’s doubting them. That’s not doubting me. What I have since said, to wrap this up, is that my concern is that we don’t have the toughness, ’cause we could make that. My concern is that we do not have and would not have a singular case of rallying around America if we were similarly attacked today because we have too many people, young people, and CEOs, for the hell of it, who have been convinced that we’re the problem in the world, that we deserve a comeuppance here and there. I don’t know how widespread, it concerns me.

CALLER: And I think it’s just a lot of them trying to brainwash all of us, the media trying to brainwash. I’m from western PA and I now reside in Charlotte, but people I know in western PA, they think the way I do, which is conservative.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: The people in the area that I’m in in Charlotte, think conservative. I’ve lived in New Jersey for a while. My wife is from there —

RUSH: Look, there is actual empirical evidence to back up what you say and that is we still don’t need a draft because there are still plenty of people volunteering. We have an all-volunteer force and we don’t have a shortage. So I don’t doubt that we have a hard-core greatness among the young of America today, including the Millennial generation. But it’s not like it was in World War II, not back in the forties. Nothing ever is; I understand that.

I guess, you know, it’s just what’s different today, to a degree anyway, from when I was growing up is there now seems to be a coordinated, from academia to the media to pop culture, a coordinated effort to corrupt as many minds as possible on the concept of the greatness and decency of America. It is an actual concerted effort. It’s taking place in movies and books and television shows and on college campus.

I know some of you, “Always has, Rush. When I went –” I know it has. Maybe the percentages are no different than they’ve always been. Maybe it’s just with the advent of the internet you can access more people who think this than you were able to in the past. But do not doubt one thing out there, Larry, and that is this: I have not lost faith in the country. This last election demonstrates it would be folly to lose faith in the country. Don’t count me among those who have. I would never say so even if I thought so.

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