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RUSH: Folks, this is a major anniversary here, and we have got to recognize this. This is D-Day. June 6th, on this day, a bunch of Americans and Brits stormed the northern beaches of France and saved the world, and they were a bunch of young men and kids. And I haven’t seen one — there may have been — but I haven’t seen one notification of it in the Drive-By Media today.

Granted, it’s a long time ago, it’s in the 1940s, and, granted, it’s warfare that we hopefully will not conduct in a similar fashion ever again, but it is crucially important. And that act, the storming of the Normandy beaches, coupled with the Battle of the Bulge, ending the spread of Nazism throughout Europe, saved the world and it saved the world for freedom.

And it was the United States that did it. And it was a bunch of 19- and 20- and 21-year-old people who did it. There are cemeteries all over France, all over Italy, all over Europe that hold the bodies of American and international heroes who died in that effort. And it’s such a different time. I don’t even know in American educational history classes how much of D-Day, World War II, all of that is taught versus how much of it is just ignored or looked back on with mockery or insincerity or what have you.

But it was one of the most crucially important events in all of human history in terms of the preservation of freedom and liberty and the notion of democracy and things associated with it. And I would be remiss if I did not make mention of this today.


RUSH: It was June 6th, 1944, 73 years ago, Allied forces, mainly Americans and Brits and mostly young kids landed in Omaha Beach, Pointe du Hoc, and the entire Normandy sector of France to save the free world. And I wonder, if something like that was necessary today, could we do it. We had a caller last week who said that the problem with Millennials is they don’t see evil in the world. I objected.

They clearly do see evil. They just don’t see the evil you and I see. The evil they see is us. The evil that many Millennials see is Republicans, white people.


RUSH: Huntington, Long Island. This is Ron. Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: You started the program about D-Day and the kids today compared to the kids of that era. It just reminded me of a story. I went to Washington for a Tea Party rally, and I stopped off at a shoe store to get a pair of sneakers, and the kid that was helping me was about 19 years old, and he couldn’t really comprehend the fact that he had to bring two different size pairs of sneakers out for me. So he had trouble with that. He had his hat on sideways —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it a minute, now. Are you seriously telling me that a 19-year-old clerk at the tennis shoe store didn’t know that he might have bring more than one size out to see which one fit you?

CALLER: I’m telling you, I told him two sizes, and he brought one out, and when I said it didn’t fit, he looked disgusted he had to go back in and get the next size. So finally he comes out with the right size. I get my sneakers, we go down to Washington — I don’t know if I mentioned for a Tea Party rally. After the rally’s over a good friend of mine, Bobby Pearl and I go do some sightseeing.

We go to Iwo Jima memorial. I look these guys they’re 10,000 miles away, they’re flame throwers, bombs, just what they went through to put the flag up. And I’m reading the plaques and I read the names and the ages of these guys and it immediately reminded me of this kid in the shoe store that couldn’t bring out two pairs of sneakers. This kid is the same age as the guys putting that flag up. And I thought to myself that this kid could never do that today. And most of the kids today can’t do it. And it shocked me that there’s such a difference between those guys and the kids of today.

RUSH: Yeah. We have to be somewhat cautious here because not every Millennial is of the stripe you’re discussing here. We have plenty of them that have joined the military. We have plenty of young men and women who are warriors who have joined the military, ostensibly, you know, not for social reasons, but have joined the military to be part of it for what it really is.

My fear is not so much did we have people with the physical capability or the toughness or the ability to be made tough. My fear is do we have enough people who think the country’s worth defending? And if you look at — I mean, whenever there is an act of terror — even 9/11, 9/11 there’s a sizable percentage of people in this country that want to blame America for it, and many of them were in the Bush State Department. Many of them were in the United States government.

Many of them, when there’s an act of terror in America today that has definite traces, roots, to Islamic Sharia fundamentalism, we have a bunch of people that want to stand up and deny it and blame America for it, American foreign policy, American policies created poverty, what have you.

You know, I think anybody can be toughened up. I mean, that’s the purpose of basic training. Not everybody, but the thing that’s different today from, say, World War II, you know, when the nation rallied and unified — we think it did, but even then there were people in America who were not supportive of America. We’ve always had that. They were ostracized. They were silenced. They were not dominant. What was dominant was look at the factory production that went into gear to manufacture the airplanes, the tanks, the ammunition, everything needed industrially in order to fight this war, after Pearl Harbor, to fight this war in Europe and in the Pacific.

It took an around-the-clock effort on the part of a great percentage of all adults and many children in this country to pull this off. And the thing that unified them was a patriotic devotion to their country and a belief in the goodness of their country, and that patriotism linkage is what was partially responsible for their commitment. That’s what’s missing today.

Now, you gotta be careful, too, because the media presents an incorrect picture of everything that it reports on today. ‘Cause it’s actually not reporting. I have to guard myself on this every time I mention this because it’s easy, based on what we see reported about snowflakes on campus and protests here and protests there, it’s easy to assume that a majority or sizable chunk of young people are gone, are lost to the liberal, communist-left-leaning belief system.

But we don’t know that it’s that widespread. It’s a fear I have. I do take solace in the fact that the media doesn’t get these kinds of things right. They present pictures that they want you to believe is true. But have we lost the majority of young people? Are there fewer American patriots today than there have been in the past? I don’t know. But the media makes it look that way. So that’s my concern, is whether — and here’s another thing too. If we ever found ourselves another war, military conflict, it wouldn’t be fought like World War II was.

You wouldn’t have Army Rangers rappelling up cliffs like at Pointe du Hoc. The German batteries would be targeted with laser-guided bombs and guns and they would be fired on from far away. We wouldn’t have to climb up cliffs in order to engage them. So warfare would be much different. And you have to take that into account too. But just like we have warrior generals and we have political generals who want to climb the ranks based on political correctness and be politically appealing to commanders-in-chief of the day versus those who want to get their stars on the battlefield or equivalent. I just don’t know. That’s my concern.

Nobody had any such doubt back in the forties or fifties. Nobody had any such doubt that if we had to do this, we could do it, but today there is that doubt, and it’s because there’s undoubtedly been a sizable increase in the number of young people who’ve been taught and therefore believe that their country, America, is the problem in the world.

I mean, this 25-year-old kid, young woman that leaked this document, she actually believes, she’s out there saying that being white is terrorism. She’s working for the National Security Agency. She’s not an outlier. She’s not some on-the-street, bought-and-paid-for protester. She’s actually working for a company consulting to the NSA. She had to get some kind of a clearance. How does somebody who thinks this way get that kind of a clearance? It’s scary.


RUSH: I don’t want there to be any doubt about this. Folks, I don’t think the country’s gone. Do not misunderstand me, and I don’t think we’ve lost it. I think that we are still treated every day to a diet of news in the media to make us think this. I think the truth of the matter is that we have plenty of great young people who would rise to the occasion who still believe in American exceptionalism, who still think America’s great, still worth defending, and don’t buy into this globalism.

But I’ll tell you, I think that they would face greater mockery and opposition than ever before in America today. Look, American patriotism is now jingoism. American Greatness is made fun of. The concept of “Make America Great Again” or American exceptionalism is lampooned. It is impugned. It is attacked. The effort to globalize our society and make us feel, as many of us as possible, that there’s nothing special about being an American, that we ought to think of ourselves as citizens of the world, and in that context America is a problem because we have too much, we’ve done too much, we owe too much, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

There’s a rise, every — I don’t know about every, but this is what college graduates, the last generation, have been taught. That’s what their professors and the pop culture have attempted to teach them. I still think they are a minority made to look like a majority, which is one of the media’s great tricks.

We’ve always had anti-Americans. We’ve always had left-wing protesters and so forth, but they were always off to the left kooks. They were always oddball nutcases. Now they’re not. They come across as ordinary, everyday mainstream people. And it disgusts me is the point. It just disgusts me. It’s so unfortunate, so unnecessary.


RUSH: William in Houston. Great to have you on my first day back in a couple, three days. Great to have you. What’s up, William?

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. Mega dittos since 1990. I’d like to say that I have a saying that I’ve been saying for quite some time to people. Every time these people do these things like change the bathroom laws and stuff, I always look at them and say, “Well, you know what, Hitler would have a field day.” And concerning your 1944 D-Day, I honestly believe what you said earlier. I don’t think we’d be able to repel an invasion right now with these people. I feel like your point is right on. What do you think about that?

RUSH: Well, it’s tough again because the point needs to be made that the kind of warfare we fought in World War II is, thankfully, not the kind of warfare that would be dominant in the future. Not to overdo the example, but an invasion of 500,000 on the shores of another country such as we did in the Normandy operation, D-Day and so forth, not so much necessary with the kind of armaments that we have today. You’re still gonna need an army. You’re still gonna need boots on the ground to conquer and liberate actual territory.

Also, I’m not comfortable with a Hitler of today. It’s risky to start taking historical aspects and planting them into contemporary times and try to mix apples and oranges. But the point still survives, as I said earlier, my concern, fear, whatever it is, is I don’t know that we have anywhere near a sense of unity in our country about the goodness of our country.

Krystal Ball: We need to be a single narrative. We need to all come together and learn to love people in one state whether they’re in that state or not. And you want to assign specific meaning to what she’s saying, do we have the ability to come together under one narrative, and that narrative is, America is worth defending.

I read a lot, folks. I’m not getting this from what I’m seeing on cable TV. That’s just rotgut. But I read voluminously. And the amount of anti-American drivel — and I don’t mean communist anti-American. Just young people that think this country is fraudulent, that the country is flawed, that it has been since its founding, that it needs to be perfected and can’t be, readily accept the idea that America’s destroying the planet with our lifestyle. I don’t know about unity in that case.

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