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RUSH: Here back to the phones. This is Tim in Sacramento, my adopted hometown. Great to have you on the program, Tim. How are you?

CALLER: Good. So in this political culture that we’re living in where the leftists are constantly telling us that terrorism is the new normal, we need to just deal with it, this is the way it is, what do you think —

RUSH: By the way, stop just a second. Folks, the mayor of London essentially is saying just that, by the way. Tim here is not off the reservation. That’s exactly what the mayor of London has suggested. And not recently. It’s been a year, couple of months. It’s been significantly in the past that he said terrorism is just ordinary behavior, crime, we have to learn to accommodate it and get used to it. So what’s your question?

CALLER: So my question is, what do you think would happen if a major A-list celebrity was killed by a terrorist?

RUSH: Hmm. You’re talking about a movie star-type or an athlete?

CALLER: Something that would be more like a worldwide, you know, star, some A-lister movie star or just somebody that is worldwide.

RUSH: Well, let’s pick one.

CALLER: I was told not to name names, but somebody that would be an A-list celebrity.

RUSH: Why can’t you name names?

CALLER: I don’t know. Ask Bo.

RUSH: We don’t want to speculate on those people dying? Is that what the thinking is? Ah. Well, give me the initials. I can figure it out. Who are you thinking about here?

CALLER: GC. He just had a couple of babies recently.


CALLER: Movie star, liberal.

RUSH: GC. It’s debatable whether or not people would care, in that case.

CALLER: See, I just wonder what the liberal left would do, if their mind-set would change, if one of their celebrity heroes was murdered by a terrorist.

RUSH: I don’t know. I think they would be terribly conflicted. They would be deeply conflicted. That’s all we can do is imagine that. We hope we never confront that reality. But I think they’d be conflicted all to hell. I don’t think they’d know what to do.


RUSH: Let’s say terrorists steal a Tesla and they load the Tesla up with explosives, as in bombs, and then they program the thing to drive into a Tesla factory and blow up. At what point does the left condemn the terrorists? I’m telling you, they’d be conflicted as all get out.

You think it’d be an automatic. That would turn them against Islamic terror. No, not necessarily. It’s an article of faith that militant Islam is not terror. You can’t fall prey to that. In their world, that’s a no-no. You never, ever go there. That’s right-wing dogma to believe that.

Anyway, this is kind of a theme of mine today, and, you know, I go in cycles. Some days none of this stuff bothers me. But I’ve been away from this microphone since last Wednesday and I have been unable to assuage and deal with my anger. And I didn’t spend a lot of time, I didn’t watch any cable news, but I did stay up to speed on the news and the terror attack. And I followed the reaction to Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord. And I saw Hillary. And some days the stupidity on the left really bothers me. Some days I laugh at it and am able to ignore it and not be concerned by it. But some days it affects me, and today is one of those days. Anyway, I’ve dwelt on that enough.

Mr. Snerdley is asking the following question: How do you think generals like George Patton would deal with soldiers who want to cross-dress and have sex-change operations? I think Patton, in this day and age, would not be a general. He wouldn’t be able to rise that high. He would have said or done something in a lower rank to get himself thrown out of the military. He would not have even gotten to be four-stars where he could do something about this. That’s the difference. Funny, interesting question, though.

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