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RUSH: “The Proportion of Men on College Campuses is Dropping.” I have talked about this for a decade, and I’ve talked about it because it’s important, something that people don’t think about. It happens underneath the radar, but it has distinct and profound impact on the business community, our culture. Women today are 65% of college graduates.

Now, you’ve gotta look at this not in a political way. To look at this in a political way, the feminazis would say, “Great! This is wonderful! Women have been getting the short end of the shaft for who knows how long. It’s about time that things started bouncing in our favor.”

Because the feminazis, everything is a competition. Men are the opponent. Men are the enemy. Men have been the undeserved victors since the beginning of time and it’s about time women reversed the roles here and so if 65% of college graduates are women, then that’s fine and dandy and maybe not even enough. Because it’s all about getting even within this field of competition.

But it’s not just that these 65% of graduates are women. It is what happens to them while they are at these pillars of learning. They’re turned into Hillary Clintons.


RUSH: Anyway, 65% of college students now are women, and then there’s this. Exclusively test data — this is from the Wall Street Journal — many colleges fail to improve critical thinking skills. As you know, this has been a bugaboo of mine in recent weeks.

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