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RUSH: There’s somebody else out there saying they’ve seen no evidence that Russia altered vote counts and that’s the former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, a guy that worked for the Obama Regime. J-E-H is how he spells it. (interruption) He pronounces it “Jay” Johnson, right. He said Tuesday he knows of no evidence that Russia altered vote counts in the 2016 presidential election. This is after this so-called leak of this so-called document, the so-called NSA by the so-called Freedom Winner babe, whatever her name is, Serenity, Reality, whatever.

You know what, I need to start thinking horse. That sounds like a name of a horse like at Churchill Downs or at the Belmont. Reality Winner. If I just think horse, I might be able to remember this woman’s name. One of my favorite all time horse names is Charismatic. Remember that horse? Charismatic. Not Charismatic. Charismatic. And then there was Secretariat. Secretariat Winner, Secretariat Reality. Anyway, see, I’m already distracting myself.

Jeh Johnson said on Tuesday that he knows of no evidence that Russia altered vote counts in the 2016 election even after this babe’s document was leaked and released. “We saw efforts by Russian intelligence at scanning and probing voter registration databases, but I know of no such evidence that actual counts were altered by any type of cyber tech.”

Now, Obama said the same thing on two different occasions. I must reiterate. He said in March of 2016 that the Russians were not — he told Vlad to cut it out, remember? And in December after the election he said the same thing. He said it would be virtually impossible.

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