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RUSH: You know, we talked about this, too, not long ago, the discovery that whenever there were fines issued by the DOJ and the Obama administration, the fine money went to left-wing special interest groups, and Eric Holder administered it. It was almost like an Obama slush fund. Well, Jeff Sessions has just ended this. The DOJ will no longer make payments to left-wing special interest groups with money collected by fining various criminal activity. This is a huge, huge deal. People didn’t even know it was going on.


RUSH: If you’re just hearing about this for the first time, thanks to work by our friends at Judicial Watch, we only find out about this a couple of years ago. For the entirety of the Obama administration, whenever the DOJ levied fines against convicted criminals or even people that were plea dealed, maybe not convicted criminals, not jury trial, but just somebody takes a plea and there was an accompanying fine, all of that fine money, have you ever wondered where it goes normally?

What Obama and Holder did was direct the vast majority of it to left-wing special interest groups, such as Planned Parenthood or any other number of left-wing special interests. We’re talking millions and millions of dollars. This also served as an impetus to levy more fines and raise those fines in order to redistribute that money to left-wing special interest groups.

And it was only a couple years ago that we found out about this, as I say, because of the FOIA efforts of people at Judicial Watch. The Heritage Foundation, Peter Schweizer, they were all looking into this. “The Department of Justice (DOJ) will end its third-party settlement practice, a controversial prosecutorial tactic critics deride as a scheme to finance the government’s political allies, and resolve cases without judicial oversight. In a memorandum circulated internally Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” who, by the way, the left now loves again because he offered to resign from the Trump administration.

So they’re no longer making fun of his middle name. His middle name is Beauregard, and the left has always thought that meant that he had traces back to slave blood. “I mean, nobody names their kid Beauregard,” they’re running around saying. But now they love Sessions because Sessions offered to resign because of a dustup he had with Trump. And that dustup is over Sessions’ recusal from the Russian investigation. Trump is livid, apparently, still livid about it and thinks that if Sessions had not recused, that we wouldn’t be anywhere near needing a special counsel.

But, anyway, Sessions has just wrapped this up and he has ended it with a memo circulated internally on Monday. “He announced the DOJ would no longer ask corporate entities to offer a monetary award to a third party as a condition of avoiding prosecution.” The way it worked, the way Obama and Holder did it, they’d have a target, in many cases a deep pocketed target, usually a corporation of some kind, and they would offer the CEO or the accused a way to plea bargain with not much criminal attachment, if any, if they would pay a fine to, say, take your pick of a left-wing group, Planned Parenthood.

And these CEOs would jump at it. They would jump at it. “You kidding me? That’s the deal? I can avoid prosecution? I take a plea deal, accept a fine and all I’ve gotta do is send some money to some left-wing wackos?” And Obama and Holder said, “Yep, that’s the deal.” That was going on. Nobody knew about it, and nobody even knows about this now because the only place I’ve seen it reported is Fox News. The Drive-Bys are not reporting on this at all. But I remember telling you about it at least a month ago, so I wanted to give you the update.


RUSH: On this slush fund business, you know, it’s amazing how time gets away from you. It was only on March 3rd that we learned about the Obama-Holder shush fund. You know, time sometimes accrues in confusing periods, and I could have sworn we learned about this over a year ago. It was just in March that we learned that the Obama administration was making plea deals with various entities and offering them favorable treatment from the DOJ if they would accept fines that they would then pay to left-wing special interest groups.

In other words, the Obama administration was letting them off easy in exchange for money that they would send as fine penalties to groups like Planned Parenthood and any other number of left-wing groups. Anyway, that was exposed by Judicial Watch. It was just back in March that we learned about this, not last year. And Jeff Sessions has ended it.

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