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RUSH: The New York Times published an article the other day that must have made every liberal reader orgasmic. Silicon Valley billionaires are “remaking” American schools.

Some of them are offering grants to “encourage innovation.” Others like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, are taking a more profitable approach. He’s got software in a hundred schools which supposedly puts kids “in charge of their own learning,” and turns teachers into “facilitators and mentors.” Obviously, if his software takes off, that’s a huge market. And paid for by taxpayers, not Zuckerberg.

While these rich and influential titans of technology are focused on education millions of students are serving as “de facto beta testers for their ideas,” as The Times puts it. Which is sure to bring a smile to every liberal. This has all the elements rich, successful, progressive tech gurus, on federal subsidies, giving back to the community.

Beta testing their kids, for the kids.

But in reality, this is a damning indictment of the state of public education. With all the billions American taxpayers have poured into it for decades we oughta have the best education system in the world. Now. Not years into the future. And we shouldn’t need these tech giants to do it.

Instead, what we have is massive institutional failure. An education system that has been run into the ground by liberals and their unions in the first place! And unless that is acknowledged, new technology no matter how great won’t turn it around! Because we have to get rid of the people who destroyed it. Not give them more money

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