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RUSH: To the phones! We start with Joe in Calabasas, California. Great to have you on the EIB Network. How are you doing?

CALLER: Hey, very well. Mega unemployment dittos out here in California. Hey, you know, Rush, you brought something up before, and Chairman Burr today asked Comey a very important question about whether they had access to the hardware that was hacked. Comey said, “No, we got relevant forensic information from a third-party class act.” So how could there possibly have been any investigation of Trump without the computer? The FBI has buildings, offices full of computer forensic experts, and yet the DNC said, “Sorry, you can’t look at our computers.” “Oh, no problem. We’ll just take the word of your geek squad employees,” right?

RUSH: Yeah. Let me give… You are very, very sharp to pick up on that out there, Joe. Here is what actually happened. No. This is what we’re told happened. I don’t know who to believe in all of this anymore. I think it’s very sad that there’s not a single… (sigh) I doubt everything that comes out of this town, particularly if the media is the filter. But here’s what we have been told, that the Russians were hacking anything and everything they could get their hands on. The Russians were hacking here, hacking there. That’s all they did. They hacked, they hacked.

Comey just gave a very, very touching speech. (sobbing) Folks, it made me cry. Comey said (impression), “You know what? (sobs) We’re all — we’re all Americans. I hope we all love America equally.” You idiot! Half this country hates it! The side you’re helping hates this country, Mr. Comey, as founded. (sobbing) “I hope we all come together because we gotta realize (sobbing): The Russians aren’t gonna stop! (crying) The Russians are gonna keep coming and it doesn’t matter whether we’re Republicans or Democrats. The Russians are gonna keep coming for us and I hope we can…” Gee whiz, what are we doing here today? (sigh) “The Russians are gonna keep coming.”

Some senator asks Comey, “Do you think Putin’s a Republican or Democrat?” (chuckles) And before Comey could answer, the senator said, “I don’t think he’s either one.” Really? How brilliant! I think it was one of ours, too. (laughing) One of our senators asked that. Anyway, here’s… I keep sidetracking myself because my mind’s on fire today, folks. I mean, this stuff… (sigh) Anyway, what we’re told is that the Russians tried to hack the DNC network and the RNC network. They were unable, we are told, to penetrate the Republican National Committee computer network. But they were able to penetrate the DNC.

When it was learned that somebody had hacked the DNC computers, Comey’s boys from the FBI showed up and asked to see and investigate and inspect the servers. And Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz told ’em to go pound sand. (paraphrased) “We’re not letting you look at our servers! We’ve been breaking the law left and right. We got a scheme going here to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination. We’ve rigged this for Hillary Clinton. I’ll be damned if we’re gonna let you and the FBI in here to find it.” Comey said, “Oh, okay,” and the FBI slinks away.

I mean, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz does scare me too. Can you imagine being married to that? Anyway… (sigh) So the DNC turned… They turned to a third-party forensic unit, an outfit called CrowdSource. Now, CrowdSource is a domestic computer forensics firm, private sector. Snerdley, you’ve heard me say this before. You may have missed it because you’re screening calls. The founder of the CrowdSource… Not CrowdSource. Crowd… Crowd… CrowdSpeak? Crowd… It’s “Crowd” something.

Anyway, the founder of this outfit is Ukrainian. Hates Putin. I’m pretty sure it’s… Maybe it’s StrikeForce? No, it’s not StrikeForce. Crowd something or other. At any rate, the founder of this outfit despises Vladimir… It’s CrowdStrike. CrowdStrike was the one that the Democrats hired, ’cause they knew that CrowdStrike would not reveal that they had rigged the game against Crazy Bernie. CrowdStrike then reported to Comey and his boys what they found. And what Joe here is saying is that, well, that’s great.

The FBI’s got all these forensics investigators, they’ve got these massive hackers themselves, and they’ve got massive tools, and the DNC and Debbie “Blabbermouth” told ’em to pound stand. CrowdStrike comes in there, and the FBI just accepted what CrowdStrike said. They just accepted it — and, of course, nothing to see here. What they were looking for is evidence that the Trump team had hacked in, but Trump didn’t have anybody who knew how to do this. The founder’s actually Russian, but he’s worked with the Ukrainians.

He’s got a bug up an orifice about Putin. So Burr was on to something here. We don’t know if Burr knew what he was on to something, but what Burr had said was (impression), “Uh, Mr. Comey? Uhhhh, FBI… You, uhhh, never had access to DNC, uh, servers, uh, third party investigation?” “That’s right, Senator, and…” The third-party was ever mentioned, I just pass on this CrowdStrike. This is not something that’s unknown; it’s been out there. What’s newsworthy about it is that Comey and his boys called them a high-class operation, even though the gang at CrowdStrike recently was caught lying about a Russian hack of (chuckles) the Ukraine military.

CrowdStrike had… (laughing) They hate Putin at this outfit, at least the founder does. So he been doing his own forensic hacking. Anyway, it all turned out to be a lie. There was no hacking by the Russians or the DNC. That’s the bottom line. There was no hacking by the Russians. Now, the DNC to this day wants you to think it’s the Russians that got ’em. But there was no proven hacking. There hasn’t been any proven Russian hacking of anything, folks! That’s the whole thing! There’s no evidence for any underlying information that is providing the fuel for this ridiculous, silly soap opera.


RUSH: I need to get something off my chest here that I should have made a point of a long time ago. I just don’t know why I didn’t. It just never… The time to make the point never happened because I was distracted by other things.

I’m watching Mark Meadows be interviewed here by Wolf Blitzer. I’m reminding myself why I’ve turned off cable news, by the way. I’m sitting here getting frustrated. I just watched three minutes of this stuff and I’m ready to blow up. I’m literally ready to blow up. Wolf Blitzer, “Well, Mr. Meadows…” You know, Meadows is a conservative member of Congress. “Well, you have to you have admit that Comey said that Trump and his affiliates lied five times and (stammering), you know, Mr. Meadows, the one thing that Comey said that really struck home with me is he said that the president never once even seemed concerned about this Russian collusion!”

Meadows said, “There wasn’t any collusion, Wolf. We haven’t proven it.”

“Well, that’s still an open case. The special counsel’s got his work cut out for him. But the president is… The point is, Congressman Meadows, the president doesn’t even seem to care about this collusion.” I haven’t seen a shred of evidence! We’ve heard now… Since Hillary lost this election, there’s been all this talk about Russians “tampering” with the election, the Russians “hacking” the election, the Russians possibly “colluding” with Trump and others.

Has anybody, and I just missed it? Has anybody presented evidence that you can see, that you can touch, that the Russians have successfully interfered with American elections? (interruption) I haven’t, either. And this has… It has quickly become an accepted fact of life now that our elections are soured, that our elections are forevermore untrustworthy, because the Russians involved themselves. What the people behind this are doing is systematically destroying the very integrity and fabric of our country.

I haven’t seen… I have yet to see how the Russians did it. I have yet to see a shred of Russian hacking. I have not had anybody show me. All we’ve had so far is supposedly a Russian agent or two hacking the DNC and this outfit CrowdStrike does the forensics exam and tells us. But I guess what I’m getting at is, it’s just accepted now by people in the media (and who knows who else) that the Russians are hacking everything. The Russians found their way in to our electoral process. We need to investigate to find out where — and, furthermore, we need to investigate to find out with who.

And then, furthermore, we need to investigate to find out who they’re trying to help. I suddenly realized: Nobody has presented to me a scintilla of evidence of any of this. We’re just accepting the fact that we have computers, the Russians are our enemy, and therefore the Russians are trying to hack into our computers, which… There’s no question of that. We do the same. The ChiComs do the same, and vice-versa. But this is more specific. It just hit me listening to Wolf Blitzer.

It’s obvious that Wolf Blitzer believes that this election was tainted and it’s false and it’s phony ’cause the Russians determined the outcome, and it’s obvious who knows how many other millions of Americans believe this who watch the media. You couldn’t blame them if that’s your source. How easily this has been spread. How easily this has been accepted. I know for a fact that if Hillary Clinton had won the election, we wouldn’t be talking about this. It would have never been brought up.

There wouldn’t be a syllable of discussion about Russia tampering with or hacking our election. Nobody has even had to produce any evidence of it, and let me tell you what I mean by evidence. Show me the computer system that has been hacked. Show me the Russian fingerprints and show me what that computer does and show me what the Russians made it do and show me how that is different from what would have happened if the Russians hadn’t been into that computer. Nobody has shown me that.

Have you seen anything like that anywhere? Have you seen…? There’s not a single news story anywhere that details what the Russians did and where they did it. What computer they hacked, what behavior they altered, what outcome they succeeded in changing. Nobody’s been able to tell us what would have happened if the Russians had not gotten into said computer or network or campaign or anything. The Russians are now presented as this Soren-like, all-powerful citadel that can simply penetrate anything and anybody they want at any time, and we have no way to stop them.

Everybody talking about this, be they Republican or Democrat, never says, “Yeah, the Russians are trying, but they haven’t gotten in yet. We are better than they are. We’re able to block them. We have firewalls and security systems that they can’t penetrate. Yeah, they kept trying, but we keep rejecting them.” Nobody’s saying that. Everybody’s acting like Russians can get in any system they want, and once there, can start altering and changing anything they want any time — and, furthermore, that they do! And I just don’t believe it, folks.

I just don’t believe it. I think we are being lied to on a scale that dwarfs anything previously that we’ve been exposed to. This is one of the biggest… This is close to climate change, in terms of the level and coordination of hype and hoax. It has all the ingredients, and the primary one is fear and helplessness. “The Russians are hacking, the Russians are hacking, and there’s nothing we can do! Why, not even vaunted Clinton machine could stop them.

“Furthermore, not only is it that bad, it might well be that the Trump people helped them.” And yet there isn’t a shred, there’s not a morsel! There is no evidence. And yet everybody in every story — our side, their side — whenever somebody does a story about this, there’s always a caveat, and the caveat is, “We all acknowledge the Russians are hacking. We all acknowledge it. We all understand the Russians are attempting…” Why do we all understand this?

Why do we all automatically acknowledge that the Russians are doing this, when nobody has any evidence of it? There have been so many allegations now, complete with no denials, that it would be easy for everybody to assume the Russians are everywhere. And yet nobody has shown us where they are. Nobody has shown us how they got in. I mean, if the Russians are hacking, we clearly know how. If the Russians have infiltrated our systems, we have to know that in order to know that, don’t we?

So how do we know it? How do we know the Russians are there? Somebody tell me. I want to know! I want to know where. I want to know whose computer. I want to know whose network. I want to know the agencies. I want to know how they did it. I want to know how you found out about it. I want to know how you know about what they did. Are the Russians still in this network or whatever many networks? Are they still there? Everybody, be it a cable TV news host, when the subject comes up, they always have to say…

They always have to acknowledge, “Yes, the Russians are engaging in hackery! They’re trying to forge their way into our system.” Even people that are defending Trump and the Trump administration and the Trump campaign from all these charges of collusion. There’s no evidence of that. There’s no evidence of Trump collusion. Trump was not a target of the investigation. Comey said it three times, and yet everybody talking about this or everybody writing about this nevertheless has to feel compelled to say, “Yes, the Russians are hacking.

“Yes, the Russians are deeply ingrained in system invasion.” Yet it’s almost like the old conspiracy of fluoride in the drinking water. The Russians are in our networks. “Yeah, and the Russians are putting fluoride in the water. You know what that does, don’t you?” I don’t even remember what the fluoride conspiracy was. All I know is when I went to Sacramento in ’84 a regular caller believed in it and I got sick and tired of hearing about it. I know people believed it. But this just… It’s gotten out of hand here.

What’s the hack? Don’t tell me the Podesta email stuff. “Rush, WikiLeaks has got something. I mean, how do you think WikiLeaks…?” That’s a damn good question, and I frankly don’t believe the Russians did that. I happen to believe that was an inside job. I happen to believe somebody at the DNC wasn’t crazy about the way they were rigging the game for Crazy Bernie. But that’s just me. But you don’t have any evidence that the Russians gave the evidence to WikiLeaks; you don’t have any evidence the Russians got it. We’re just assuming it!

To the point now that everybody acknowledges: “Oh, yes, the Russians are clearly. And we all must condemn it. It’s terrible.” Comey today (paraphrased), “I hope we all realize we’re all Americans! (sobbing) We may be Republicans and Democrats, but we love America! (hysterical) I hope all of us love America! Oh, God bless America! I love America, and the FBI loves America! And we have to understand the Russians are gonna keep hacking no matter what party’s in power, Republican or Democrat. I don’t care who lies to me and who doesn’t.

“The Russians are gonna keep hacking! (out of control screaming) The hackers are out there, and they’re Russian, and we can’t stop them, and we love America!” I’m saying, “This is out of control.” I purposely wanted to sound like I’m out of control there be with ’cause none of this… It’s creeping up on us like climate change crept up on us.

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