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RUSH: OK, folks, let’s face it, Barack Obama will never be blamed for anything, even when he’s totally at fault for things falling apart. That’s the upshot of a New York Times article analyzing the continued Obamacare free fall.

The Times reports what many of us understood from the beginning. Obama was playing fast and loose with the law. His Regime knew they had no legal right to provide billions of dollars in health insurance subsidies. But they did it anyway.

It’s a case study in arrogance. First, Obama figured that if timid Republicans threw any legal challenges, those would be handled by the courts — which he had stacked with liberal activist judges. Second, even if that failed, no worries. President Hillary Clinton would “fix” the problem.

But they miscalculated. The courts have now ruled that Obama had no authority to give insurance companies $130 billion in subsidies. And, as for Hillary, even though she’s floated a thousand excuses why she lost, the fact remains — she lost. She can’t “fix” anything. Including herself.

Meanwhile, the costs of these illegal Obama subsidies are still rising and threatening to implode Obamacare. So, guess who the Democrats and their masters in the Drive-By Media are blaming? You got it: President Trump for not rushing in to solve this mess.

You see, Obama’s legacy must be protected at all costs — no matter how morally bankrupt that legacy may be.

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