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RUSH: So I’m watching CNN here, and they’ve got a banner at the bottom of the screen. They’re covering Trump over at the Department of Transportation. I mean, he was rocking it over there with his speech on infrastructure and modernizing things. At the bottom there’s a banner, and it’s just… The person sitting there creating that has to just be a little troll filled with hate. “Trump Addresses Transportation Department After Calling Comey a Liar.” That was the banner! “After Calling Comey a Liar.”

That happened yesterday! They’re still seething about it. These people… I try to get a mental image of them sitting there. They’re watching Comey, and they’re watching the testimony, and they’re waiting, and they don’t get what they want but they get close enough to it, and they just… The hatred is just multiplying. Their skin is almost incapable of containing their hatred. Their skulls are expanding at geometric proportions. “Trump is still president, damn it!” After everything they’ve done, he’s still there — and he’s over at the transportation department, and he’s rocking it!

“Doesn’t Trump know he’s supposed to be sulking in the White House and thinking about quitting? Doesn’t Trump know that it’s over? Doesn’t Trump know? Doesn’t Trump realize we are destroying him? When is he gonna start acting like we are succeeding?” They’re going nuts — and that doesn’t even get halfway there. This is clinical insanity. Maybe I need… Today at the Huffing and Puffington Post there is a… What is this babe a professor of? She’s a law professor. Her name’s Marjorie or Marietta or something Cohn. C-O-H-N.

Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris climate accord is “an impeachable offense.” It is a high crime and misdemeanor because he is mass murdering humanity. They even created a new word, “terracide,” for destroying and killing the dirt, killing the planet. “Terra” as in terrain. Terracide. I was talking to Mr. Snerdley. Do you realize we cannot even connect with my people to then have a conversation? These people have escaped all rationality and reason, and they are being governed — and I’m talking about the vast majority of people on the left.

They are now being defined and governed by a raw, sheer hatred — and this is important: That hatred is combined with daily affirmation that the best they’ve got to get rid of Donald Trump is not working. And that just infuriates them even more. Trump was over at the Department of Transportation and he did a Reagan trick. One year during the State of the Union show, Ronaldus Magnus wanted to illustrate the folly and the ridiculousness of the federal budget. So he had a Stack of paper like 20-feet tall illustrating.

It might not have been 20 feet, but it took a couple of people to get it up there. Trump did the same thing. There was a guy in the audience that he met, and wanted to build like a 10-mile road, and he had three gigantic binders filled with paper, all of the regulations and restrictions and commandments that he had to go through, and he’s been trying to do it for 10 years. So Trump asked, “Can I bring this up on stage and show it?” And the guy said, “Sure.” So Trump did and gave a dynamite visual aid display of the folly of trying to build anything.

And he reminded them, “You know, we built the Golden Gate Bridge…” This is gonna shock you. Now, I have mentioned this to you before. The Golden Gate Bridge, how many years do you think it took us to build it? It was four. The Hoover Dam: Four years. The Bay Bridge in San Francisco: Four years. We built all three of those things during the Great Depression. How long do you think it took to build the Empire State Building? One year. Trump made the point that it would take 10 years today, if you got all the approvals.

Then after the environmental impact nutcases got involved in it, and every union got involved in it, every minority got their little piece of the pie, you might not even be able to build it at all. (interruption) Well, I didn’t want to bring that up, but since you did: Ground Zero. I mean, that took 10 years, and look at the hassle. Look at all the concessions. We even had to have a mosque. There was a controversy. We had to build a mosque nearby (Remember that?) to show “unity” and so forth. Anyway, Trump is rocking it in the speech.

I just know that these little sniveling brats all throughout the media and throughout the American left are watching this, and it just infuriates them. How else do you write a graphic the bottom of the screen, “Trump Addresses Transportation Department After Calling Comey a Liar.” I know what they’re going through. They think… I can tell you exactly what’s in these people’s minds. Pick your name. Pick a Drive-By journalist. Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, doesn’t matter. Pick any of them. Just visualize one person. They think every day they’ve destroyed Trump. They think the job’s done every day, and they expect to see results.

They expect to see a Trump quivering in fear. They expect to see Trump withdrawing from public appearances. They expect to get reports of Trump cowering in the corner. They expect to hear reports of Trump losing his mind and drooling and unable to eat or drink or sleep in the White House. This is what they hope to be causing. They’re hoping to drive Trump mad. What they want to do is have this pressure — this unrelenting pressure — affect Trump and his sanity. And every day Trump shows up and he tweets and he jams it right back down their throats.

And he goes back to the labor department, transportation department, delivers a kick-butt speech, and they sit there and they seethe and they fume because anybody else was supposed to have been destroyed by now. Anybody else would have said, “No mas! No mas! I quit! I quit! Please stop!” They would have gotten themselves and their families out of town, hoping to salvage what would be left of the rest of their horribly destroyed lives. But Donald Trump is hanging in there and making it look like none of this affects him — and, in fact, he’s taunting them back by calling Comey the leaker, by calling Comey the liar.

This is not how it’s supposed to happen. When the girlie boys of Washington come after you, you are supposed to cower in the corner and have a spine made of linguini like they do. You’re not supposed to act like King Kong. I saw somewhere, ladies and gentlemen… I don’t remember where. It doesn’t matter who it was. It inspired a thought. Somebody was trying to wax eloquent by saying, “The grand experiment that the American people voted on last November… The grand experiment, the long-awaited test to see if a successful American businessman with no political experience whatsoever could actually win the presidency and then go to Washington and make a positive difference…”

And the person writing this has concluded that the experiment has failed, that we have proven and demonstrated that a nonpolitician cannot hope to succeed in Washington, that a nonpolitician cannot possibly navigate the waters. It simply is a demonstrable failure. And I would submit to you that not only is that wishful thinking, but the experiment hasn’t even seriously begun. The experiment of an outsider — of an American businessman, highly successful — getting fed up with the inefficiency and the waste and the hubris and the arrogance of Washington establishment types decides to run for office and gets elected and goes to Washington, turns the place upside down?

That experiment has not yet begun, because the Washington establishment is thwarting it. The Washington establishment is not playing. They’re not participating in the experiment. The Washington establishment has been singularly focused on trying to destroy this experiment since the election. They don’t dare take the chance and roll the dice. They don’t dare give this outsider successful American businessman anywhere near a fair shot at fixing what’s wrong. As I have mentioned countless times, they can’t afford to. They have the system monopolized. They have it totally controlled — until this last election.

Washington and things that happen there happen on their time frame, in their agenda. They happen based on whether they in Washington want things to happen or not. The will of the American people is of little importance except in election time — and they will be damned if they’re going to stand aside while some outsider, know-nothing pig of a businessman comes in and illustrates what folly they are. They’re just not gonna take the risk. So they are never gonna join the experiment. They are never going to participate in this… I’m not even sure I like the description of all this as an “experiment,” but that’s what the writer used.

The point is they’re never going to relax and let Trump have a go at it. It’s gonna be a battle like this for as long as Trump is there. Now, I do think there are ways Trump could overcome ’em. I think Trump could turn the tables and wear them out. I think Trump could cause many of them to need padded cells. I think Trump, if he persists and if he remains filled with the Trump charm and the humor — if he continues with this and appears unfazed — he can wear ’em down. Because I’m telling you… Do not doubt me.

Whoever wrote that graphic at CNN, whoever is writing scripts for people on TV to say — the assignment editors, the production agents, the talent, whoever they are — by now, they expected Trump to be either gone or rendered incompetent or impotent or destroyed or ineffective. They by now expected to have succeeded in destroying Trump. And they haven’t. And it’s driving them crazy. They have given it everything they’ve got. I’m not saying Trump isn’t damaged. Don’t misunderstand. I’m talking about them. I’m talking about their psychology. They are the combined powers of the Washington establishment and the Washington media and the Democrat Party.

And they have been totally unified in their singular effort to destroy one man, and they have not done it. And it is driving them crazy. And it has now become the daily competition to see who can finally do it, who can drive Trump over the edge, who can force Trump to have the breakdown that everybody knows is coming. Who will get the medal? Who will get the gold star for getting the credit for finally driving Donald Trump off Washington, D.C.? This is the competition now. It’s a unified competition, a unified effort.

It has been in full swing since election night. It actually got started much before that, but its intensity began on election night and has continued unabated. I am coming around to believe that James Comey has been part of an ongoing effort to entrap President Trump for the express purposes of having him legally charged with whatever offenses they could drum up. I believe that Comey is just one of the many agents in the Washington establishment who have devoted themselves to trickinology, deceit, and all-out warfare in an effort to entrap or ensnare Trump or in other ways to just flat-out destroy Trump.

And the fact is that it isn’t working, because one thing’s for sure: After yesterday, nothing changes. The people that hate Trump are still there and the people that love Trump are still there, and the people that love Trump are becoming more and more hated. I have an audio sound bite here, somebody… I forget the network. Gary Tuchman? No, it’s not Tuchman. Yes, it was. Gary Tuchman of CNN. He decided to risk his life. Do you know what he did? Gary Tuchman decided to leave the confines of the New York-Washington axis, and he ventured out to states where people who voted for Donald Trump live

It’s admittedly a great risk. People may not come back alive from such a trip.

But Gary Tuchman — courageous and brave girlie man from CNN — went out there and immersed himself in Trump culture and came back. He lived to tell about it — and he was destroyed, and he was despondent and he was beside himself, because you know what he found? The people who voted for Donald Trump called James Comey’s the liar. The people that voted for Donald Trump love Trump more than ever. The people that supported Donald Trump still support Donald Trump, and they’re more glued to him than ever — and this is driving them crazier! They’re muttering late at night in the dark to themselves, “Gosh, it was easier to take out Nixon than this guy, and Nixon knew what he was doing!”

They’re going nuts.

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