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RUSH: Now, there was something gnawing at me yesterday while watching all of this that has to do with the fact that Trump was not under investigation, that Comey had told him three times, starting way back in January. And that the first meeting between Comey and Trump was requested by Comey. Did you know that? Comey tried to make everybody believe yesterday that Trump wanted to speak with him alone, and he thought, “I don’t know!” “Don’t leave me alone in the room with him,” he told Sessions. “It’s just not normal.” It was Comey who asked for the room to be cleared at Trump Tower on January 6th.

It was Comey who requested a solitary meeting with Trump. Now, Trump had invited him up there. Comey was with a bunch of other people in the intel community. It was when that endless parade of people was going in and out of Trump Tower. But it was Comey who requested a lone meeting, a private meeting and ushered everybody out of the room. Now, the point of that is, imagine you are Trump, and here comes the FBI director, and you know what he’s doing — he’s investigating this, investigating that — and he requests the room. He asks everybody be cleared out of the room so he can have a one-on-one with you.

If you’re Trump, could you be blamed for thinking that’s how the FBI director wants to meet with you? So when you ask on February 14th for another meeting with the FBI director, you ask him to come up to the White House for dinner ’cause this is how it happened last time. It’s all there in the testimony yesterday. The first time (I think it was January 6) was where Trump was told he was not under investigation, and that gnawed at me all day yesterday. That is a long time. And now if… This goes beyond just the fact that, of all the things leaked, that wasn’t.

The great point made by Marco Rubio was that everything in the kitchen sink has been leaking except that. That didn’t leak. And that’s the only thing that’s really mattered in all of this. The only factual, true thing about all these leaks is the one that didn’t leak, that Comey told Trump he was not under investigation. As I say, it was gnawing at me all day yesterday. So I got back home yesterday, I took my chill period, and then delved back into show prep — and I ran across a literally great piece by Dan McLaughlin at National Review, and it perfectly explains why I was unsettled, why something was bothering me about all this yesterday.


RUSH: What bothered me yesterday that Dan McLaughlin at National Review brought into focus is that all of these people… Comey had told everybody in closed session up on Capitol Hill — he had told them — that Trump was not under investigation. Do you realize the entire Senate and House intelligence communities have known since January — since Comey’s first appearance up there, whenever it was — that Trump was not under investigation? Every damn Democrat for the last four months has known this. So have a lot of Republicans.

But it didn’t stop Chuck Schumer from saying, “We need to stop the hearings on Neil Gorsuch until the Trump investigation is over.” Schumer said that, despite knowing Trump was not under investigation, because James Comey had told people. He just had not leaked it. Many Democrat members of the Senate knew that Donald Trump was not being investigated, and yet they continued to make those charges in the media, and it was most visible with Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren using it as a card to try to get Trump’s nomination of Gorsuch killed.

Dan McLaughlin, National Review: Just think how many times Schumer made the charge while knowing all along it wasn’t true. All these Democrats charging Trump, alluding to it, alleging. Some of them saying they haven’t seen any evidence of collusion. They were honest about that. But they did not divulge that they knew Trump was not under investigation. This is one of the biggest scams. Call it hoaxes, whatever you want to call it. It is outrageous! Trump did not know until Comey told him, and I think Trump probably fired Comey because Comey would not announce this.

Contrast this with Hillary.

He couldn’t wait to exonerate Hillary Clinton, and he couldn’t wait to read Hillary Clinton’s mind when he said, “I can’t find any intent on her part to share classified data, and therefore no prosecutor would do so.” Everybody was shouting, “Petraeus! Petraeus! It’s the same thing. Petraeus was trafficking in classified data, and you sure as hell prosecuted the hell out of him.” More on that in a minute, too, because that is a great contrast, what happened to Petraeus and what could happen to Comey. Comey and Petraeus. You are not allowed to traffic in conversations about national security you’ve had with the president.

Petraeus was prosecuted for writing his own memos recounting conversations with people higher up the food chain. They were called his “black books.” There were eight of them, and his biographer — who he ended up having an affair with. He shared them with her, and he kept them in her house, which was not a secure location. Comey has gotten close to doing the exact same thing, memorializing conversations with the president. They’re not gonna charge Comey, don’t misunderstand. But when you are reminded of the Petraeus story, your blood will boil.

So you have all these Democrats out there continuing to obstruct and oppose Trump on the basis of this investigation. All the while, they knew Trump was not being investigated. All the while, they knew it was Comey who made the original request for a private meeting with Trump, and he did so at the suggestion of that hack from the Obama administration, James Clapper. And he based that first conversation with Trump on that silly, totally fake dossier featuring the golden shower story. You understand Trump’s frustration? He in the White House every day. He’s been told three different times by the FBI director he’s not a target.

He watches a lot of news — which I think he should stop doing. He watches a lot of news, and he sees Schumer and all these other guys running around talking about how, “We need to suspend the Gorsuch nomination for a while. We can’t move forward on the Trump agenda until he’s cleared in the investigation,” and they knew he wasn’t even being targeted. And I’m gonna tell you this: If Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren and Dianne Feinstein and all these others knew, so did the media. So did the media. I don’t believe for a moment that that wasn’t leaked.

I think that was leaked, and it wasn’t published by the Drive-By Media. That didn’t serve anybody’s purpose. “Trump’s not a target? That blows the whole story up! That blows every contingency to shreds, that Trump is not being investigated.” So that’s why they’ve dropped the “collusion” aspect and now they’re on to “obstruction. ” Newt Gingrich has treated that the Republicans had better get their act in gear and get rid of this independent counsel as quickly as they can because he thinks this is a total screw job. Comey and Mueller being best buds.

Mueller being a classic Washington, D.C., insider. All those times that Schumer and Elizabeth Warren were running around savaging and attacking Trump and advocating delay? The media was used to push the lie that Trump was under investigation, and they had to be totally willing in this. They knew it. I don’t believe for a moment people in the media did not know Trump had been cleared, and all of that falls apart yesterday, and not one place in the Drive-By Media are you hearing this interpretation of events.

Not a single place. This illustrates to a degree that I don’t think a lot of people even quite believe possible just what a bunch of reprobates — real, genuine reprobates — the Democrat Party has become, as well as the Drive-By Media. James Comey refused to end all of this. He could have stopped this madness. He says he cares about America. He wants us to all come together. He thinks we need to work together to stop the Russians from trying to tamper with our precious system.

For crying out loud, it was Comey and the Democrats and the media that were trying to tamper with our precious system and blow it to smithereens — and Comey allowed it to continue by refusing to end it by announcing that Trump wasn’t even being investigated. How does that square with everything you’ve thought you’ve known since last November? Trump was never under investigation! The next question to ask: Then why the hell is this investigation still going on, seemingly interminably?


RUSH: We start on the phones in Sonora, California. This Irene. I’m glad you waited. I appreciate that. How are you?

CALLER: Wonderful. I love you, Rush. Anyway, my point is this: In the beginning with Comey, everybody was saying what a principled man he was.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Well, not!

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Yesterday was a fiasco. This investigation should stop. Trump has no connection with Russia. This is my point. Why in the world did they select Mueller as this counsel, this investigator, when they knew he’s a friend of Comey? Is this man out to make a name for himself?

RUSH: Who, Mueller?


RUSH: Well, he’s already got one.

CALLER: Could you imagine? He would be the man who brought Trump down. And my question to you, Rush, is this.

RUSH: Yes?

CALLER: Is there a possibility there is a collusion going on between Comey, Mueller, and the establishment? They hate Trump so bad. They’re gonna go to any length to destroy this ma, who is trying to make this county prosperous and to bring America to where it should be: Prosperity and no poverty — as much as we can have no poverty. My thought is, “Why Mueller? Can he be unbiased, especially when his friend is concerned? Can he use his judgment and not be clouded by this friendship?” Something stinks.

RUSH: Yeah. I understand why you have the suspicions that you do. You know, all you have to do, the only… Look, the fact that Trump was never being investigated, and that we’ve got an independent counsel? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, folks. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? What the heck is going on? Why is there a…? Because they’ve moved the special prosecutor now. They’re hoping to move it to investigation of obstruction, now that there isn’t any collusion. Look, with Comey not leaking the only thing that matters, I can understand why you think there might be some grand alignment here. I can’t blame you for thinking that.


RUSH: I want you to put yourself in their shoes again. Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Pencil Neck Schiff, the Drive-By Media. They have known… Folks, this is crucially important. These people, in the real world, owe Donald Trump such an apology. You can’t believe how big they owe him an apology. The Democrat Party, the American media have known since probably January that Donald Trump has never been under investigation in whatever investigation is actually happening. And, you know what? If we learn somewhere down the road that there isn’t even an investigation ongoing, I won’t be surprised. I haven’t seen one shred of evidence.

We don’t have any crimes.

We haven’t been told what crimes are being pursued.

All we have been is lied to!

We have been led to believe that the investigation involves Trump or his people “colluding” with the Russians to effect the outcome of the election. Don’t forget, Comey yesterday admitted for about the umpteenth time that there is no evidence that votes were tampered with. So where is the “there” here? If Trump has never been part of this investigation, then what is? All we have is this nebulous “the Russians tried to hack, the Russians did this, the Russians did that.” When everybody under the sun says, “Oh, yes, it’s very bad what the Russians did,” what did they try to do? What did they succeed at doing? What do we need to investigate?

The only thing that’s happened here is the Democrat Party lost an election. They rigged their primary election. The Russians (or somebody) got into their computers and sent the news up to WikiLeaks. That’s what’s happened here. And all of that’s been turned into “Donald Trump colluded with the Russians”? And there’s never been any evidence, and now we know he’s never even been targeted as the investigation’s primary actor. The only thing that’s happened here is that the Democrats lost an election that they and everybody in the world thought they were gonna win big.

They have been humiliated. They had a rotten candidate who still can’t get over it, who’s going insane before everybody’s eyes every time she shows up anywhere. So is every other Democrat slowly but surely losing his or her mind — and over here we’ve got this nebulous investigation that the FBI and the courageous and patriotic James Comey are conducting. What investigation? Of who? Of what! I could make the case that there is a never-ending investigation of Russian hackery and it’s probably taking place at the CIA and the NSA, and it’s not really an investigation.

What it is, is ongoing efforts to make sure they can’t penetrate networks. I’m sure there’s a never-ending effort to secure our data and networks from Russia and the ChiComs and the Norks. What investigation? Do you realize what a Hoover term that is it, vacuum cleaner? “There’s an investigation going on!” Well, an investigation in the House? What? Investigation in the Senate? Investigation at the FBI? Investigation the CIA? Of what now? But remember this. Since January, every one of these people — every important Democrat (that means in the leadership) and undoubtedly, in my mind, many central figures of the Drive-By Media — have known.

This is June. We’re in month six of this calendar year. I submit to you that the last four or five months, central figures in the Democrat Party and the media have known that Trump is not a target. And yet they have continued to obstruct the Trump agenda, to destroy Trump, carry out their agenda, in full knowledge that he was not a target, and yet basing their obstruction on the very fact that he was. They owe him an apology like nobody has been owed an apology. But beyond that, I want you to put yourself in their shoes. Only then can you understand the sheer insanity that they are experiencing.

They cover up the fact that Trump is not a target, and they get away with five months of making it look like he is. “He’s a bad actor! He doesn’t deserve the presidency! He’s an illegitimate, immoral pig.” They’ve had a clear field. They’ve had collusion. They’ve had conspiratorial help with the media and any other agents they wanted to bring into this — the CIA, the embeds in the deep state. They’ve had an army, and they’ve had hearing after hearing where “bombshells” were supposed to drop that would destroy Trump — Sally Yates, Comey a couple times — and Trump’s still standing.

They’ve given it the best they’ve got.

They have lied. They have knowingly woven an intricate web of deceit that has now fallen totally apart on ’em. The best and the brightest in the media have done their level best to destroy Trump and everybody who works with him, and it’s utter failure from that standpoint. I know you think that they’re winning because they continue to create the daily narrative that Trump’s in trouble, but the bottom line is, folks: There’s no “there” there. Everything they’re doing is a lie, and it’s rooted and based in sheer, raw hatred. And they’re losing their minds. Put yourself in their shoes.

They think they had a lock. They think that they were gonna get rid of Trump. Maybe in February, they thought they were getting rid of Trump. They were gonna cause the American to rise up in righteous anger and demand that Trump quit. And they venture out into Trumpville and Trump Land and they find that Trump supporters are more supportive than ever — they’re glued tighter to him than ever — and they’re insane.

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