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RUSH: Mark in Las Vegas. Welcome, sir. I’m glad that you held on.

CALLER: (muffled call) Thank you, Rush. Thanks for having me.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Hey, if Comey admitted under oath that he’s never seen the DNC servers, we know that they were not able to get into the RNC. The voting booths are not connected to the internet, what did the Russians hack and how did they interfere in the election?

RUSH: Okay, let me… I’m having trouble hearing. Are you asking a question or you making an observation?

CALLER: I make an observation then I asked a question at the end.

RUSH: If Comey —

CALLER: Comey admitted under oath that he didn’t see the servers, the DNC servers.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: They were not able to get into the RNC, and the voting booths aren’t connected to the internet. So my question is: What did they hack, and how did they interfere in the election?

RUSH: Well, Hillary lost. I mean, that’s the only evidence you need: Hillary lost. She was gonna win in a landslide. The Russians had to do something!

CALLER: (chuckles) I have another question, if I may.

RUSH: Well, there is one… Don’t forget the Podesta emails that ended up on WikiLeaks. They are claiming that the Russians made that happen. But that has nothing to do with the DNC hack. You’re right. Comey, the FBI… The Democrats did not let Comey see their server. The FBI never forensic analyzed the DNC servers. They hired this outfit called CrowdStrike, and CrowdStrike did the forensics and reported to Comey — and Comey said, “Cool, thanks.” The FBI never saw it. They don’t know who got in there. The reason for that is the Democrats did not want anybody to find out how they had gamed it against Crazy Bernie. If anybody rigged an election, folks, it’s the Democrats. What is your next question that you had there, Mark?

CALLER: (garbled) which I guess you’re going off the malware, the spam. But my next question was: How would 17 intelligence agencies all agree on something that they’d never seen, the DNC server?

RUSH: Well, yes. It’s a good question. It’s not the DNC server that is providing the evidence for 17 intelligence agencies to have consensus on. It is the fake Trump dossier. (interruption) Don’t laugh. We all thought that nobody bought this. That dossier, the golden showers dossier. That thing was circulating around Washington for practically all of 2016, and nobody in the media would touch it, because it was made up. Except here’s the thing: I actually think they did believe it, and I think they believed that it was a Russian trick, and that’s why they believed it, and it formed the basis for some of their investigation.

In the process, if Comey… Follow me on this: If Comey and Brennan believed that dossier, then they got hoodwinked. If Comey and Brennan believed that that was real, then what we have is the Russians successfully fooling the FBI and the CIA. Not hacking the election, but tricking Comey and Brennan, if they really believed it. And Brennan said he used it as the basis to investigate the Trump campaign. It was totally fake and made up. If anybody got hoodwinked and bamboozled here, it’s Comey, and no wonder these guys are trying to CYA their way out of this.


RUSH: Maybe I ought to try to make the point again. I really think that golden showers dossier… We know Brennan believed it. He said so. If Comey believed it, if they used it, it is they who got duped by the Russians and maybe this British agent that wrote the thing. But that’s aimed at destroying Trump, not Hillary.


RUSH: Holman Jenkins’ piece, to get back to it here in the Wall Street Journal on Saturday: “So here’s a question for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a former FBI chief himself. Will he accept the current framing that his Russia investigation is about everything except whether [the FBI] was semi-wittingly duped into some of its interventions by Kremlin danglings…? Or will he have the courage to ask the requisite questions the FBI, CIA and NSA don’t want asked about their own, perhaps, gullibility and overeagerness to play in domestic politics because of their dislike of Mr. Trump?”

Let me explain this in a minute. Final paragraph: “Washington’s desire to get to the bottom of Russian meddling is probably less than you imagine. If not, the places to start are the Trump dossier and the role of Russian disinformation in promoting Mr. Comey’s intervention in the Hillary Clinton email matter.” Now, there are two things here. One of them is the Russian dossier. Comey and Brennan both are on record as thinking it had value, that there might have been something to the golden showers dossier that was filled with that and just lie after lie after lie. It was totally made up by a British agent.

It has been learned the Russians were behind it. So what’s happened here is that Brennan of the CIA (and maybe Comey) were tricked by a phony document into beginning an investigation of Trump colluding with Russia. ‘Cause this supposedly would be blackmailable and so forth. And what Holman Jenkins is writing here is: Will Mueller want to get to the bottom of it? In other words, will Robert Mueller want an investigation that reveals that the FBI and the CIA got fooled by the Russians with a phony document?

The other document that he’s referring to, the Russian disinformation of promoting Comey’s intervention in the Hillary Clinton email “matter.” We discussed it last week. There’s an email that was fake that Comey fell for that made him look into the Hillary allegation that she trafficked in classified information and so forth. The argument was whether Comey knew it was a fake document or not. But the bottom line point that Holman Jenkins is making here is that here’s the intel community in America, and the FBI, CIA, the American media, Democrat Party out there making the case that the Russians colluded with Donald Trump to tamper with the American election.

And what looks like happened is that the Russians tampered with the FBI and the CIA and succeeded in making a phony document the basis for an investigation of one thing candidates for president of the United States. The question is: Will Mueller want to get to at the bottom of that or will he want to ignore that? So we’ll link to the Holman Jenkins piece. It’s behind a pay wall at the Wall Street Journal, but… Let’s see. I’m gonna tell you. I’m gonna answer the question. I don’t think Mueller has any interest in investigating the intelligence community.

I don’t think Robert Mueller — good friend of James Comey and former FBI director — has any desire to expose embarrassing behavior by the CIA or the NSA or the FBI. Now, as to this golden showers dossier that Brennan said, “I took it seriously enough that it formed a basis for my thinking that there should be an investigation into Trump and Russian collusion,” I don’t know that Brennan actually believes this. This is my own question: Are these people really this stupid and dumb, or are they this malevolent and deceitful?

I always decide on the latter. I think these guys are all in the Obama administration, Brennan is, and I think the way they looked at the Russian dossier? I don’t think they believed it for a minute. I think they looked at it as an opportunity. They saw it, they looked at it, and said, “You know, this thing looks real enough that we could use it to screw with Trump! This golden shower stuff? Trump hiring prostitutes to urinate on a bed Obama slept in? Yeah, we can make case out of that! People would think Trump did that, or would do that.”

So re saying, “Yeah, I considered it very seriously, and I thought it formed a basis for an investigation.” BS. I think also, folks, that the inclusion of the dossier… Remember how this all got started. This dossier was put together ostensibly for Trump to see. If you recall, during the transition, Trump was openly and publicly saying that he didn’t need to get an intel briefing every day, that he was a smart guy and that he had a good memory.

So he didn’t need to meet with these guys every day. Well, the intel community heard that and thought that Trump was acing them out. So the story goes that the intel community wanted to present Trump with some intelligence that would influence him to see them every day, because they care about what they do and they’re trying to find all the trouble spots, and they want to be close to power like everybody else does in Washington.

So this dossier was created. It was manufactured out of whole cloth. There’s nothing in it that’s true, and everybody involved in it knows this, even the media that’s lying about whether or not it’s accurate. It was created to show to Trump, and it was presented to him as, “By the way, Mr. President, none of this is true. But this is an example of the kind of stuff that we dig up. This is an example of the kind of stuff you could expect to see, and this is what we would like to prepare you for as often as it happens. This is why we need to meet with you every day.”

So that was the pretext for briefing Trump on January 6th, but I think the use of this dossier to brief Trump… I think they were lying. I don’t think that the purpose for showing it to Trump was to show him what’s possible out there. I think it’s much more devious than that. I think the dossier is manufactured — it’s pure, unadulterated lies — but they’re salacious enough that American gospel people would love it, like TMZ and the Drive-By Media. All that matters then, is if the intelligence community shows it to Trump, that makes it news.

Whether it’s accurate or not is irrelevant. All the IC (intelligence communities) have to do is tell the media, “We showed this to the president.” Bam! It becomes news. Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant. It’s news. “President Trump today was shown a dossier, intelligence sources tell the New York Times, and in the dossier, he is accused of hiring prostitutes…” And that got the ball rolling. And my theory is, that’s why it was done, that everybody involved here knew this thing was bogus, that nobody was fooled by anything.

That they used this as a pretext, in essence, to begin media coverage of this so that the media coverage would understandably be critical of Trump and raise questions about his morality and his behavior and so forth. I think it’s BS that they wanted to explain to Trump the difference between fake intelligence and real intelligence. I don’t believe they wanted to give him a heads-up at all. I think all of that is total BS. I think all they wanted to do was show it to him, and that makes the dossier come to life, because that then makes a news story.

“Intelligence community officials today shared with President Trump the details of a recently discovered document which purports to have the president hiring prostitutes to urinate on beds in Moscow.” Blah blah blah blah. The story is born, and it goes and goes. But it’s so bad and so fake, the Drive-Bys don’t report it. So the intel community makes a deal with BuzzFeed, and they run it uncorroborated, and, bammo! It’s now in the public domain.

The fact that the intelligence community showed it to Trump gave the media the cover they needed to report it. Nobody could say the media was making it up, nobody could say the media wrote it. “Hey, we’re just standing by here watching what happens, and we learned that the IC showed this to Trump.” Bammno! It makes it a new stories. And then after that, Comey and Brennan can come along and say, “Well, we take it very seriously.

“We suspected that it was about to appear in the media. We heard that media had been told about it. We needed get out in front of it, and we needed to brief Trump on it,” and bammo! You have the total, phony, fake birth of a news story that was planned from the get-go. From the writing of the memo to the planned usage of it, to how they were gonna get it in the public domain, the whole thing has been a hoax in which Brennan and Comey willingly participated, with the media and with intelligence community.

All of it rotates around the center nucleus that is the coup, the silent coup to get rid of Trump.

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