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RUSH: I’ll tell you who’s done some great, great work. John Hinderaker at Power Line has put together just a fabulous… It’s much too detailed and lengthy for me to read from here. It’s called, “Proof That James Comey Misled the Senate Intelligence Committee.”

This is the blog piece that mentions the book written by Barton Gellman. Barton Gellman hates Dick Cheney, just despises Dick Cheney, and the title of his book is Angler. Comey was a source for much of the book that is a hate fest on Dick Cheney, and it was from this book that we learn that James Comey admitted to having written memos after his meetings with George W. Bush about the expansion of the warrantless wiretap program back in Bush’s first term. Might have been second term.

Whichever, it’s between 2001 and 2008, obviously. Now, the point of this is that Comey lied. Comey said that he had only seen fit to write memos after meeting with Trump, because Trump would lie and Trump was dangerous and Trump was this or that. He just felt the need to have documents like J. Edgar Hoover did to create dirt on presidents. He said, “I only did that with Trump,” but it’s not true. He memorialized meetings with George W. Bush, and he tried to pull rank with Bush over the warrantless wiretap program. Bush had to remind him, “Look, man, I am the guy who decides, not you.”

At the time, Comey was the acting attorney general because John Ashcroft was in the hospital. Comey had gone to the White House for a private meeting. He writes about it same as he wrote about the grandfather clock and his private meeting with Trump in the Oval Office, and he told President Bush, “I’m sorry, I can’t sign onto this. You’re not gonna have my support. I will resign! I will resign instead.” Bush said he was very sorry to hear that. Comey said, “Then Robert Mueller is gonna resign too! We do not want any part of this.”

Bush said, “Well, I’m glad you told me that,” and Bush was forced to remind Comey that he ran the executive branch, not Comey, not the FBI, not the attorney general, to which Comey agreed but said, “It doesn’t mean I have to like it,” and as he writes this memo that anybody reading it would say, “Wow! What a hero James Comey is. What a moral, virtuous icon James Comey is! James Comey is gutsy. He’s stand up.” The point of all this is that he lied — well, let’s say “misled” — in his testimony last week because he made it clear that he only wrote about Trump.

It was very, very obvious that he was trying to say Trump was this out of control, lying guy that you gotta keep honest. So writing the memos… (interruption) No, he wasn’t uncomfortable giving Bush push-back, and he didn’t feel cowardly when Bush was giving him the what-for over the warrantless wiretap thing. No, no, no. None of the things about Bush that he wrote about Trump. Anyway, the Hinderaker piece at Power Line details all that and more and quotes extensively from the book by Barton Gellman.

Again, the only reason is Comey was a big source for that book, and it’s a book… It’s a hate fest on Dick Cheney. The bottom line is, this Comey fellow comes off to me as a snake a lot of times, and it seems to me — looking at this from my purely fair and objective vantage point — that he sides with Democrats practically all the time, even though he’s been in Republican administrations. He sided with Hillary. He didn’t want to do anything with Loretta Lynch, even though she made him nervous.

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