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RUSH: “John McCain Says American Leadership Was Better Under Obama.” You know, we’ve got… Again, I have to be very careful in discussing this. I’m approaching the line here. John McCain was a central figure… Let’s be honest. He was duped. John McCain played a central role in getting the FBI involved in that golden showers dossier — that totally fake, fraudulent, made-up thing that John Brennan and James Comey used as the basis to investigate Trump collusion with the Russians on the election.

McCain, when he heard about that dossier, actually sent somebody to get it. He sent an emissary to London to pick up a copy and bring it back. He was so desirous to have it in hand so they could use it when he heard about it. Now, look, we have to understand. McCain probably still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Trump said during the campaign that he didn’t respect military people that get captured; he admires military people that don’t get captured. McCain is probably still smarting over that, and I think McCain has a… (sigh)

He’s gonna make Trump pay for it, if he can. He’s not gonna let it go, and this is just part of that. He’s now saying that American leadership was better under Obama. Think about that. Think about letting Iran nuke up. Think Libya, think Iraq, think Syria, think Russia, think China, think Obamacare — think apologizing for America in many parts of the world — and John McCain… It was disaster after disaster after disaster with Obama. Think the Paris Accord and signing onto this global warming malarkey!

Now McCain says that American leadership was better under Obama.

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