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RUSH: The Democrats quest to explain to themselves why they lost continued recently at something called The People’s Summit, in Chicago.

Van Jones, Obama’s “Green Czar” decide to blame Hillary Clinton. He blasted Hillary and her campaign for tricking Democrats into fighting among themselves over the wrong issues.

Van Jones said the Clinton team based their campaign on a false narrative they acted as if they had to choose between racial justice for people of color and the white working class. He called it “the stupidest false choice I have ever heard of.”

He also laid into the campaign for spending all that money on themselves, pollsters and consultants instead of campaigning. “They took a billion dollars and set it on fire and called it a campaign,” Jones said. He argued the money should have been given “back” to the people and Democrats should stop “getting rich off people’s struggles”

Now he’s mostly right. Hillary did squander a billion dollars. Which came primarily from super-rich donors not “the people.” He’s also right that the political establishment class got rich, very rich. Even if they lose election after election. Happens in both parties.

But his complaint that Hillary campaigned on “identity politics”? C;mon, Van! That’s what the entire Democrat party has run on for 50 years! Hillary was just following the party script Except this time it didn’t work because she was such a lousy candidate, nothing would have helped.

Get over it.

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