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RUSH: Whatever happened, folks, to “Love Trumps Hate”? Remember all these protest signs, on love trumping hate? Shortly after Trump was inaugurated these massive protests (bought and paid for by George Soros) the Democrats had all over the country, and they had their signs, “Love Trumps Hate” or “Love Trumping Hate,” and, I tell you what: All I’m seeing is hate. Period. I don’t see any love from these people on the left. I don’t see anything even close to it. I don’t see like. I don’t see happiness. I don’t see contentment. I don’t see cheerfulness.

I see nothing but raw, undiluted hatred, and that’s all we’ve been seeing since January. But now the gloves are really coming off. You want to know how mad they are? They renamed the annual Gay Pride March in Los Angeles “The Resist March.” Do you know what it takes to take “gay” out of the title of something? When you’re having the gay pride march and they take “gay” out of it and replace it with the “resistance,” they are really ticked off.

They are near the end of their ability to absorb all of this. What did Trump ever do to them? What has Trump ever done to homosexuals? He hasn’t done a diddly-squat thing to them. He barely even… He never rips them in any way, shape, manner, or form. But there’s something to keep in mind here, folks. You have to bear in mind when you see all of this nonstop, mindless, raw hatred that is aimed and directed at Trump, it’s not just Trump that they hate.

It’s us too. In fact, if Trump were a liberal, the left would fawn over his personal quirks. If he were a liberal Democrat, the… Well, you know what? Maybe. I don’t know. Ivanka went out to Fox & Friends today, and, you know, she said something that to me is… I don’t know. I gotta be very careful approaching the line here, but I was shocked by it, and I shouldn’t have been. But she said they were shocked, she and the family — they were shocked — at the level of viciousness. I think what they…

Now, Ivanka and her husband are Manhattan cultural elites. They would lean left if they lean any way, in any direction. You’d have to say that they’re liberal than they are centrists, and they’re certainly not conservatives, certainly not listeners to this program. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been surprised at the level of anger and viciousness and hate. And I really think… The president told me that, too, folks. I met with the president way, way back in February over at Mar-a-Lago when he was down here one weekend, and it was just for 45 minutes.

It was him and Reince Priebus. Steve Bannon was there. He didn’t say much, but he was there. I asked, “Are you surprised by all this?” ’cause he was talking about the protests. The protesters were lining the street from Mar-a-Lago all the way to the airport. When he arrived at the airport driving to Mar-a-Lago and the same way leaving, protests were lining the streets; he was commenting on it. He said, “The media won’t tell you that there are far more supporters out there than there are protesters.”

I said, “Are you surprised?” “Oh, yeah, I — I — I expected there to be much more unity after the election. I wasn’t surprised by much during the campaign. I expected that. But after we won, I — I — I thought that we would all come together and there’d be much more unity.” I kind of… I think my mouth fell open a little and I said, “Really?” Ivanka has said the same thing here on Fox & Friends this morning. And, look, I’m gonna be gonna say it one more time and I’m gonna drop it.

This is what happens when there’s nobody within the close circle that can give ideological advice, ’cause I don’t think they even understand where this level of viciousness is coming from. It’s not just they oppose that Trump won; it’s not just they oppose the fact he’s president. It’s not just the fact that they oppose him being in the Oval Office. It goes far, far deeper than that and it’s much more personal than that, and it matters to understand it in dealing with it.

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