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RUSH: Here’s another interesting set of polling numbers from Rasmussen Reports: “66% of Republicans say that Comey should be prosecuted for leaking to the media.” Do you think that anybody in the Democrat Party or in the Drive-By Media ever even thinks that Comey is on the wrong side of anything? There is no way! There was a story yesterday: “Comey Has Become a Beltway Sex Symbol.” (interruption) You looked at me like you didn’t believe that when I mentioned it yesterday. (interruption) Well, let me take a break; I will come back. (interruption) I know. I saved this thing ’cause I knew that people were not gonna believe me. It’s the Daily Beast, here.

Daily Beast Fawns Over Comey as Left-Wing Sex Symbol — How quickly things change. Now nine months ago Comey was the object of disdain by the left, because of his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Now, he is the left’s sex symbol. In a piece that takes itself entirely too seriously, Daily Beast writer Lizzie Crocker tried to make the case that Comey was the ‘sex symbol America needs right now.'” Now, wait a minute. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the LA Times all said that Comey is the epitome of a sexually abused woman!

Remember those stories? All these feminists writing for these papers (sobbing), “I saw Comey, and I saw woman. I saw the typical woman being sexually abused by a predator boss. I felt so sorry for Comey. He looked like a…” Now, to Lizzie Crocker he has become a left-wing sex symbol. “While watching Comey’s testimony last week before the Senate,” she said, “‘Many Americans confessed to unexpected feelings of lust. There was a collective stirring-of-loins across America: Comey was…hot? … By the end of his public testimony, James Comey was not just hot; he was eminently f[bomb]able…'” She wrote that.

I guess, as far as the left is concerned, James Comey is the guy you want hiding behind your bedroom curtains when you get home late at night.


RUSH: Charlie in Atlanta, we head back to you, sir. How you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great, Rush. Rush, listen, when Loretta Lynch ordered Comey to call Hillary’s investigation a “matter,” he did it and was guilty of obstruction, right along with Lynch. So if Comey really thought Trump was serious about dropping the Flynn matter, he would have complied just like he did with Lynch. But since he didn’t, how much pressure could he have possibly felt?

RUSH: Well, that’s the point. He didn’t feel any pressure, because Trump was not ordering him to. Loretta Lynch… I mean, she’s the AG, and she comes to Comey, “I don’t think we want to call this an ‘investigation,’ this Hillary investigation. Just call it a ‘matter,'” and he’s admitted that made him very concerned. People ask, “Why did he even mention that?” I said, “Folks, he’s a politician.” He’s the FBI director. He wanted to have that day end being able to say he had given red meat to both sides. He dumped on Loretta Lynch in order to add credibility to that which he dumped on Trump.

That’s why. He knows these committees aren’t gonna go after Loretta Lynch, and he knows that if they do, nothing’s gonna happen. He wants it focused on Trump. But your overall point is correct: Trump did not order Comey to drop it. He deferred to Comey’s judgment. Six weeks after this conversation happened, nobody, including Comey, ever thought Trump had tried to obstruct. That’s only come up because their collusion investigation has bombed out on ’em.


RUSH: Rasmussen: “66% of Republican voters say that Comey should be prosecuted for leaking to the media,” and I guarantee you the Washington political class, that would never even occur. That’s how deep the divide is.

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