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RUSH: This is David in Arvada, California. Great to have you with us. How are you doing, sir?

CALLER: Hello there, Rush! House Bank dittos, and Dan’s Bake Sale and Colorado State Rams dittos from the range of Colorado.

RUSH: Wow, you go all the way back to Dan’s Bake Sale! What an event that was.

CALLER: Yes. I was not here. I was actually living in “the swamp” at that time. But I went to Colorado State where Fort Collins and where Dan’s Bake Sale was.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: So I was keenly watching it. It was an exciting time to see what was happening.

RUSH: They called it “a conservative Woodstock” on NBC.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, it was so great. So many people were coming from all over, the Pacific Rim and across the country. That was really cool.

RUSH: It was. There were about 75,000 people there. It was a huge thing. Shocked everybody how huge it was.


RUSH: Anyway, what’s on your mind today, Dave?

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I just wanted to say that what’s happening right now in the news media and in the political establishment in Washington, this is actually playing into the hands of Donald Trump. It’s playing into the hands of the Donald Trump voter, who has been building and building and building for a couple of election cycles, who’ve gotten so sick of Washington building this power structure for themselves in the guise of they’re gonna do it for the American people. But they get elected and just solidify themselves and don’t do anything for us. So the more they do this, the more they are just solidifying for people why they voted for Donald Trump.

RUSH: Look, I don’t have any doubt about that. I think it’s probably true that Trump voters are enraged and angry about what they see and are not now thinking of abandoning Trump. It’s not the thing. However, there remains the very real thing. I mean, you expect Trump to do things. I mean, you didn’t elect him to go there just to have the media and establishment illustrate who they are. You elected Trump because you thought what Trump was gonna do needed to be done, and you can’t deny that no matter how much the establishment is showing themselves to be who they really are. There is a simultaneous effort to stop Trump from succeeding.

And the entire establishment has circled their wagons to see to it that they can do as much of that as they can. Don’t misunderstand. I don’t think there’s anybody but Trump who could endure this kind of intense, never-ending, personal destruction. I don’t think there are very many people that would want to put up with one-fourth of this before the sued for peace or sought to end it somehow. I think also the Democrats don’t know it, but they are royally screwing themselves the next election. They think that they’ve got the 2018 elections wrapped up. I’m telling you. In the world they live in, they think that they have railroad exposed Trump as a fraud.

They think they have exposed him as a cheater and a thief, that he colluded with the Russians and stole the election. They think they have succeeded in proving that Trump is illegitimate. They think they are in the midst of a big success story. Don’t doubt me on this. They do. Several Never Trumpers on our side think the same thing. They think Trump has been totally stopped in his tracks. They think Trump has been rendered ineffective and bordering on irrelevant. They think they have succeeded in creating a national joke out of Donald Trump, and they believe that they are cruising to massive victories in the midterms in 2018. There are a couple of exceptions.

Thomas B. Edsall at the New York Times had a piece earlier this week about the dire straits the Democrat Party is in, and he is right. They just are not winning elections. They think they’re in the process of changing this, though, but I don’t think a correct assessment. I think they are making total fools of themselves. The one thing that we know, among many, about the modern-day Democrat Party and the American media is that they have no idea what people who live in the middle of the country think. And they don’t care.

Even after the election of 2016, they don’t really care. All they want to do is find a way to make you irrelevant on election days, because that’s how they view you anyway. So they are not aware that you are still as you go to Trump, and when it’s made aware to them, they have trouble believing it. But they are as out of touch with what millions of Americans think of them as they could be in their minds. Look, they run Washington. The Republicans do not. They run Washington every which way you can imagine.

They run K Street. They run Capitol Hill. Even though the Republicans are the majority, the Democrats and the media run it, and that creates the impression that they run everything. “If you control Washington, you may as well control the country.” That’s how they think. They’re not even aware of any of this, what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, the impact they’re making on average, ordinary Americans, ’cause average, ordinary Americans to them are really way, way down low on the totem pole. So that’s how they can convince themselves they’re cruising to a major victory because they live in a different world, and it’s a world of delusion.

Some Democrats, however, get it. There’s another story somewhere in the Stack here of yet another Democrat who’s just loaded for bear about what a poor campaign Hillary ran. It’s in The Daily Caller. A Democrat strategist who doesn’t want his name mentioned, called Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign… I can’t repeat the words. It’s got the F-bomb and another word for excrement in it. I mean, it’s just like Joe Biden: “It’s a big F—ing deal.” Well, this guy said her campaign was a “f—ing piece of s—.”

“The unnamed ‘long time time [sic] Democratic strategist’ blasted Clinton’s campaign in a Monday Rolling Stone article detailing Democrats’ shortfalls in last year’s presidential race. ‘At a really fundamental level we gotta get people to acknowledge what a f—ing piece of [excrement] her campaign was, because Donald Trump should not have won this election,’ the strategist said. … The strategist claimed that Clinton failed to present a compelling vision to counter President Donald Trump’s messaging…”

She didn’t think she had to! Hillary Clinton believed everything the media was saying. Hillary Clinton thought she was a queen. Hillary Clinton thought she was universally loved except for the deplorables. In her mind the deplorables are people that don’t count. The people that are not gonna vote for you, they don’t count. They’re a minority, they’re idiots, they’re brain-dead, they’re hicks or whatever they are. I’ve said it I don’t know how many times: The disconnect between mainstream Washington think and the rest of the country is as big a disconnect as I have ever seen.

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