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RUSH: A lot of people are asking, how did this Hodgkinson guy know where this practice was where members of Congress are getting together to practice for the baseball game? Well, it turns out the New York Times published a story that contained the location. It was a story about the Capitol Police and how they are going to accompany members of Congress when they’re out there in the wild. When Congress ventures out from the Capitol into the jungle that is the United States of America, they always go with their secret security force.

And the Times article said — in fact, you might, if you wanted to say so just have fun and toy with it, you could say that the New York Times tipped off Hodgkinson about the practice location, ’cause a bunch of people, including us, asked yesterday how the guy knew about the practice schedule. And some people online are pointing out that the New York Times published an article on April 12th. And this guy’s been in Alexandria for a couple months now. They published an article on April 12th that, if he saw it, would have caught his attention if he was thinking of shooting Trump or the Republicans or whoever.

The headline of the Times story: “A Who’s Who List of Agencies Guarding the Powerful.” And from the article comes this passage. “When members of Congress practice in the early mornings in an Alexandria, Va., public park for their Congressional Baseball Game, plainclothes United States Capitol Police are sitting there in a black S.U.V.”

Well, guess what? Guess what? Hodgkinson moved to Alexandria in April, and he lived in his van down by the river next to the ball field. That’s where his van was, he lived there. He slept in the van. Do you ever wonder about people who sleep in the van, where they do laundry? You ever wonder where they take showers? This guy was going to the YMCA. There were people in there talking to this guy each and every day.

Nobody that ran into this nutcase thought he was a nutcase. This is what’s dangerous about it. Nobody thought he was anything other than your average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill radical leftist, which means mainstream Democrat. Read the guy’s Facebook page. Read his letters to the editor. He sounds just like any one of countless panel members on discussion panels on CNN. He could sit in for Gergen one night and they wouldn’t miss a beat. He could host Rachel Maddow’s show, and the show wouldn’t miss a beat content-wise.

In fact, everything that’s in the New York Post, the New York Times, this guy regurgitates. In his Facebook coverage and in his tweets and in his letters to the editor, this guy regurgitates everything that he reads in the Drive-By Media. Kind of like I always thought it was uncanny how the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sounded just like your average Democrat talking about America and Republicans during our election years. This guy would have fit right in as a panelist or as an expert or as a strategist on CNN.

Where does he pick up some of this stuff? I mean, the things that he’s writing that he believed like the 1% — he was a member of Occupy Wall Street. He gave speeches at Occupy Wall Street. He’s got this class warfare, class envy stuff down pat. He hated the Republican candidate in the June 20th special election for the Georgia district. Called her a b-i-itch, taking her out of context when she supposedly said she didn’t believe in a livable wage.

The guy hated the 1%. Thought the rich were to blame for everything. They were not paying their fair share. It’s uncanny, folks. This guy had it all down rote. Whatever Chuck Schumer says, Dianne Feinstein, Pelosi, whatever any of them say, this guy was able to echo it verbatim word-for-word. Mostly media people.


RUSH: Anybody remember Loretta Lynch saying we need more marching, we need more blood, we need more death in the streets, Obama’s attorney general. Do you remember that? I will remind you, as we get into the Hodgkinson.


RUSH: Now we move to the Hodgkinson story and the shooting that took place in Alexandria, Virginia, yesterday. I want to start with a generic observation here. I want to ask, “How did this guy get radicalized?” And there’s no question in my mind that he’s been radicalized.

If you look at the entirety of the Democrat voting bloc, the Democrat base, the various constituencies, is it rather obvious that in these groups of people, all the different constituencies, the African-American bloc, the feminist, the female bloc, the poor, wherever you go in the Democrat Party, you find people enraged. They’re all angry. They are all victims of something. They all feel aggrieved. They all have grievances. There is no happiness as a liberal Democrat.

Even the wealthy, liberal Democrats in Hollywood, are enraged all the time. They don’t have an upbeat or uplifting, positive outlook on things. It’s uncanny to me, folks, because the Democrat Party claims to be the party that’s going to make you feel good, the party that’s gonna take care of you, the party that’s going to protect you from all the evil out there, in the case of African-Americans for five decades now, or six.

The Democrat Party has assured them that they’re going to protect them from the evils of slavery and racism and bigotry. To the homosexual community, same thing. We’re gonna protect you from the homophobia and the bigotry. And to the transgenders, they’ve welcomed those people and they’re all angry. Everybody in the Democrat Party voting base is angry, not just angry, they are enraged. And they are kept that way by the American media they swear by and by the Democrat Party they vote for.

The agenda every day is to keep them as angry and outraged as possible. It is thought that this is the way to get them to turn out and vote. And so this anger and this rage is fed every day multiple times a day by the media and followed up by the Democrat Party. When you talk about this guy Hodgkinson, how was he radicalized? Will there be an investigation to find out why he was so mad?

When the militant Islamists hit us, when we’re attacked by terrorists, we always take the time to find out why do they hate us. What did we do to make them mad? What did we do? It must be our fault. What have we done to so enrage them. And there are answers. Well, we have supported the Israelis or we have enforced poverty on them. They’ve got no choice but than to turn to terrorism. It always ends up being our fault. When Americans are attacked by our enemies, we must have done it. We must have been responsible.

So are we going to endeavor to find out why Hodgkinson was so mad? Are we going to delve into that? We’re not, because this guy is gonna sound just like any other Democrat if they investigate it and do a profile of the guy. But we looked into it because we know the Drive-By Media won’t.

It wasn’t ISIS, by the way, that radicalized Hodgkinson. It wasn’t militant Islam. It wasn’t real enemies of America that made this guy so enraged. It was the hate and the fearmongering from the Democrat political media complex who have become the domestic version of ISIS. And they are just as devoted to their cult and their religion as ISIS is to theirs.

The biggest of the big lies that Hodgkinson believed is the lie that the Russians stole the election with Trump. In all this guy’s said, written about, that one, that and class warfare and the 1%, but it was the Russians tampering with the elections that set this guy off. That is why he wanted Trump destroyed, quote, unquote. “Trump should be destroyed.”

There was another media Democrat, some obscure publication, who has written that Trump should be executed once he has been convicted of treason. That Trump should be executed for what he’s done. Where are these people getting this? Where are they coming up with this degree of enraged, bordering on insane, hatred? And it’s my contention they’re being fed this every day, on Facebook, on Twitter, in the Drive-By Media, and everywhere else, and by like-minded people they sit around and talk to.

As I said yesterday, this hoax, this entire hoax of Trump colluded with the Russians is now getting people shot. And it is a nothing burger. They have dropped it. They have concluded now there was no collusion. The media’s announcing this because they’ve got something else to go to: obstruction.

Comey has said three times Trump was not a suspect. Trump did not do anything. He was not being investigated. You don’t think that made this guy mad? What do you think Hodgkinson’s reaction was when he found out that they weren’t even trying to convict Trump of this? You think that didn’t set him off? For the last six months this guy’s been told every day he soaked it up, man, he soaked it up, he chewed it up, he swallowed it, he digested it, that Trump was guilty, that Trump had stolen the election. And out of the blue one day it’s discovered that Comey has told Trump since three months ago that he was not a suspect. What do you think that did to this guy’s precariously balanced mind, particularly when it was this collusion which has so ticked him off.

The anger was especially whipped up during the 2016 elections, since Hillary knew for sure she didn’t stand a chance unless she could get high turnout, especially from minorities and single women. It was a writer for the Huffing and Puffington Post who thought that Trump should be executed.

Our distinguished attorney general, Loretta Lynch, Fox News video March 5th of this year. “The Obama administration’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets — a video that was later posted on the Facebook page of Senate Democrats as ‘words of inspiration.'”

Here is the transcript. This is what Loretta Lynch said in this video posted on the Senate Democrats’ Facebook page. Quote, “I know it’s a time of concern for people, who see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back. I know that this is difficult, but I remind you that this has never been easy. We have always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our Founding Fathers. It has been people, individuals who have banded together, ordinary people who simply saw what needed to be done and came together and supported those ideals who have made the difference. They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.”

Mr. Hodgkinson’s social media account, Twitter, Facebook, et cetera, as noted by the New York Times, show him “as deeply committed to liberal politics and distrustful of Republican-controlled Washington. In posts, he rails against Republicans, lavishes praise upon [Mr.] Sanders … and shows a deep engagement with the churn of news coming out of Washington.” New York Times.

Hodgkinson watched all of the politically correct cable TV shows. He watched Bill Maher. He watched Colbert. He watched Comedy Central. He watched The Daily Show. He watched MSNBC and Rachel Maddow. He ate ’em up. He swallowed ’em. He loved ’em. He absorbed everything that he heard. A friend in his hometown said, “He did not come off as a radical. He did not come off as an unstable individual. He wasn’t belligerent, he was just a kind of normal guy.”

Yeah, exactly. Normal Democrat base voter of today. That’s the problem. That’s exactly who this guy was. Hodgkinson checked all the right boxes. He was angry. He was in step with the resistance. Absent the shooting, he was a liberal in good standing. He was the ideal. He was the exact person the media and the Democrat Party wanted as supporters and voters. And this should scare everybody desirous of living in a civil society.

I’m not saying that he was normal. I’m saying his friends think he was. Fellow Democrats, people close to him never saw this, he was totally a normal guy! So just where are the boundaries for civil behavior if you are a liberal in good standing? All you have to do is not shoot someone. Everything else is okay. But don’t shoot anybody. If you shoot someone, we’re gonna have a problem defending him. Whatever else you do, have at it.

Character assassination — the New York Times likes to pretend this all started with Sarah Palin. I’ll tell you where it started. It started with Teddy Kennedy. It started with Teddy Kennedy and what he did to Robert Bork. If you want to pick a starting point for this stuff, you may have a different idea. You might think there are other episodes prior to Kennedy Borking Bork. But was that admirable? That was! I mean, that gave Ted Kennedy glowing, rave reviews. Well, done, Teddy.

So how about working on or appearing in or sponsoring a play that acts out the assassination of the president every day? That’s right, and we need more of it. We are the resonance, and we will be heard. Right. Okay, fine. That’s perfectly normal. In Democrat civil society, perfectly normal, perfectly understandable, no problem supporting a production in Central Park featuring the assassination of Donald Trump every night.

How about illegal leaking? How big being in the deep state, finding state secrets, or making them up and then leaking them to the media? Oh, that’s even better. We’re all for that. These are courageous deep state members of the resistance. What does civility mean to a leftist? They’re always talk about it. They’re always demanding it. They’re always chastising people for not being civil. They’re constantly telling us we must be civil. We must change and moderate our tone. We must stop the anger. And yet they are nothing but angry and enraged.

And I think it’s important to point out every group of people voting for the Democrats is angry. They’re not happy. They’re not satisfied. Because when you get right down to it, the Democrat Party’s not delivering. The Democrat Party is not making things more affordable. The Democrat Party does not create more jobs. The Democrat Party doesn’t even believe in increasing standards of living. The Democrat Party criticizes that and blames that for global warming and climate change, among other things.

The Democrat Party finds a way to be critical of most everything in life that increases the enjoyment of life, that expands life expectancy. Whatever it is, the Democrat Party and the American media tell people you should not participate, because you’re committing some kind of foul act or crime against the movement.

So what does civility mean? In Baltimore, giving them space to destroy things rather than making them stop, spying on political enemies, weaponizing the IRS against political enemies. Is that how progress is achieved on the left? How many people you can irritate? How many civil rights you can deny? How many people you can ruin? How people you can destroy? How many ideas you can lie and distort and kill? Is this what progress is on the left? Is this what civility is?

Does civility mean open borders? How about riots? How about riots with the leaders of the riots shouting, “We do what we want! Dead cops! When do we want it? Right now!” Is that civility? That’s what they do, and they claim they’re justified. Look at what they’re angry at. They’re angry at the economy. They’re angry at cops. They’re angry and filled with hate at practically everything.

Even when they win elections they’re not happy. It’s almost as though they’re not permitted to be. But yet they’re voting for people who are promising them they’re gonna make it all better. And when it doesn’t get all better because Democrat policies cannot make anything all better, when it doesn’t get all better, they point fingers of blame at Republicans or at conservatives as the real culprits, the people responsible for their misery.


RUSH: Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. Have any of you seen any Democrat leaders asking people to calm down? Has the Reverend Jackson been out there? Has Reverend Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Obama, Bill and Hillary, Biden, Rahm Emanuel, Schumer, Pelosi? Anybody tweeting, anybody emailing, anybody Facebooking, anybody Instagramming that we need to all step it down? I mean, Trump tried, but the Democrats are not. The Democrats understandably don’t want to publicly take ownership of the guy.

Let me ask it this way. Are you hearing serious condemnations of the guy? No, I’m asking, ’cause I’m not watching TV. I’m literally asking. I don’t know. (interruption) There is condemnation of what happened but not the guy? (interruption) They don’t want to focus — of course they don’t. They should, see.

They’re the party of nonviolence. They’re the party of unity. They’re the party of coming together. They’re the party of kumbaya. Supposedly, I mean, it’s all smoke and mirrors, the letters, the suspect’s letters, the Alexandria shooter, this Hodgkinson guy, from the Washington Post: “He’s been angry at the Republicans for a long time. He had repeatedly blasted Republican lawmakers for favoring the super rich in letters to his hometown paper.”

“There’s a new version of what GOP stands for. It’s not the Grand Old Party anymore. It’s the Greedy One Percenters,” he wrote in a Dec. 28, 2011. Remember that class warfare is the central tenet of socialism. Class warfare is to Marxism what race warfare was to Nazism. And somehow the modern-day Democrat Party has somehow managed to adopt both class warfare and race warfare.

They play the race card constantly. They exploit class warfare. They act as though there’s no chance of you moving up. If you’re born poor, you’re gonna say poor ’cause of the Republicans. You don’t have a chance. So vote for us so you can at least get by and we’ll get even with him for you. And people do, and they stay enraged their whole lives.

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