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RUSH: Shortly after Congressman Steve Scalise and four others were shot at a baseball practice, Speaker Ryan addressed House members. He said that despite political divisions, Republicans and Democrats are one family: an attack on one is an attack on all.

His remarks were widely praised as the right words, at the right moment.

Speaker Ryan referenced a touching photo of the Democrat softball team, practicing at another field that morning, in prayer for their fallen colleagues. These Democrats were left unharmed because the shooter did not see Republicans and Democrats as one family. He saw Republicans as enemies who deserved to die.

James Hodgkinson, the shooter, was steeped in standard liberal talking points, painting Republicans as evil. Over the years, Congressional Democrats, their masters in the Drive-By Media, and their buddies in the entertainment industry, have all painted Republicans with that same brush.

They have told Americans that Republicans are coming for our children, they’re coming for the poor, they’re coming for the sick, the elderly, and the disabled. They’ve said Republicans want to cut health programs and push Grandma — in her wheelchair — over the cliff. That Republicans want to starve school kids. That Republicans are anti-woman, anti-minority, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-clean-air-and-water, anti-planet-Earth.

Republican policy ideas are always portrayed in the media as illegitimate, and maybe even criminal. This shooting is the direct result of hate, and that hate comes from the left.

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