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RUSH: TheHill.com is reporting that Democrat leaders are “ramping up the pressure.” They’re trying to get the unhinged members of their party to shut up and stop trying to force a vote on impeaching President Trump.

Brad Sherman (D-CA) — a really odd guy — released a draft article of impeachment against Trump. He says Trump “obstructed justice” by allegedly asking James Comey to let the Mike Flynn investigation go. Sherman has been circulating his impeachment draft, trying to build support from other unhinged Democrats.

Now, at a Tuesday meeting, Democrat leaders pushed back. They warned Sherman that his impeachment push could hurt them in 2018. Sherman was told that he wasn’t showing courtesy to party members; that a discussion should be held within the “family” before any such actions were taken.

That did not stop other unhinged partisans from siding with Sherman. “Auntie” Maxine Waters and a few other kooks encouraged him. Truth is, Democrats are between a rock and a hard place. They know their unhinged base will turn on them if they don’t appear to fight Trump hard enough.

Their party is in shambles and on track to lose even more elections. We’ve already seen what one member of the Democrat base living on a steady diet of political hate was willing to do. If Democrats keep on doing what they’re doing — stoking flames of anger like this — they’ll produce more shooters like him.

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