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RUSH: Trump is getting standing ovations down in Miami. He has announced he’s reversing much of the Obama legacy vis-a-vis Cuba.

He is going to double down on the Cuban embargo. He’s going to reinstitute the travel ban. He just said that any change in American policy is gonna be dependent on the Cuban government, not the United States. So another aspect of the Obama legacy is being unraveled here today to wild applause down in Miami.

I don’t know what this means for Cuban cigars, which have become legal in a way.


RUSH: So Trump has made it official. “I am canceling Obama’s deal with Cuba.” Now, what I meant about cigars, part of Obama’s new deal was that when you travel internationally, you can bring back Cuban cigars. I don’t care what anybody tells you, there really isn’t a limit. Now, some Customs office arbitrarily limit it to 100 cigars; others have none. You cannot sell them in America. You can’t buy them, import them to sell them here, but if you buy them in Canada, Cuba, U.K., wherever, you can buy as many as you want and bring them back legally. I don’t think that’s gonna survive.

I’m not able to listen to everything here, and I know Trump doesn’t smoke or drink, so the cigar angle isn’t gonna matter to him. Actually it might. You know, the domestic cigar industry is kind of like the protection of not having Cubans being allowed legally in the country. This is a major event down there. We’ve lost satellite here because of the weather. There’s a major boomer going on here, but because I have DirecTV Now, I’m able to stream Fox News or the U.S. Open on one of my monitors here via Apple TV. I’m watching this and everybody is decked out in suits and ties, huge audience behind Trump, and obviously in a very crowded hall down in Miami. Looks like it’s now wrapping up.


RUSH: Okay, according to Mark Knoller at CBS News, Trump’s changes on getting rid of Obama’s Cuba policy will not change the fact that you can now bring in Cuban cigars and rum. That will remain. You travel outside the U.S., buy some Cuban cigars, say in London, Canada, wherever you get ’em, Beirut, you can bring ’em back.

Now, call your local Customs, ’cause I’ve found that every place has a different limit. Some have unlimited, some are limited to a hundred cigars. I don’t think there’s any limit at all, but you better find out what the local Customs office does at your airport when you come back. Same thing with rum. That will remain unchanged.

So Trump has knocked it out of park as far as I’m concerned. He’s put the Cubans back where they belong, but left intact the ability to buy Cuban cigars legally and bring them back into the country. Cannot bring them back in to sell. This is not making Cuban cigars available at retail.

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