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RUSH: Georgia 20 is tomorrow, the special election runoff. The Pajama Boy, Ossoff, against Karen Handel, the Republican candidate. Now, up until today, the narrative in the Drive-By Media has been that Ossoff is gonna win and he’s gonna win big, and they’ve had polling data that even suggests it. The latest WSB-TV poll that I saw had Ossoff getting every single Democrat vote and 15% of the Republican vote. Now, that was Friday.

There have been other polls that show that Ossoff, the Pajama Boy, doesn’t even live in the district, is gonna win, win big. And in the Drive-By Media they have been talking about it that way. And, naturally, they have been describing this election as the bellwether. This is going to be the election that illustrates the country has turned on Trump and doesn’t want any more Trump, and that’ll mean that this guy wins. And this guy winning means people are sending a message. They’ve gone out and they voted Democrat because it’s the only way people in America have right now to show their disgust with Trump.

That has been the narrative, until today. Do you know that more money has been spent on this race than any congressional race in history? Something to the tune of $25 million for a district election. Now, the Jesse Helms race in the Senate, North Carolina, that got a lot of money, but that was a Senate seat. This is a district seat. This is Georgia 20, 25 mill, most of it Democrat money. It’s come in from the usual places, Hollywood and George Soros shell corporations all over the world.

Early voting has set a record. What’s the number here? Over 140,000 people have already voted in this district race, 140,000 early voters. This includes 36,000 who did not vote in the first round. Now, nobody knows how these votes have been counted yet, so all they can do is guess what it means. And here you got the political consultants and the strategists on both sides, each saying the heavy turnout benefits their candidate, because each is saying the heavy turnout shows the enthusiasm. Anti-Trump enthusiasm is sweeping America, the Drive-Bys say.

The sad fact is, for them, it isn’t. Anti-Trump enthusiasm is not sweeping America. It is where it is, and it’s where it’s always been since the election, but it isn’t growing. But the Drive-Bys want you to think something else. So 140,000 early voters, impossible to predict why and what that means. I just saw on Fox, Chris Stirewalt, who is one of their political directors or strategists, was saying that the Democrats have a lot to lose here.

And I said to myself, “What? The Democrats have a lot to lose? That’s not what the narrative is.” The narrative has been Trump’s future is on the line. The Trump presidency is on the line. If anybody has anything to lose, it’s Trump. But now today all of a sudden it’s the Democrats who stand to lose big if Pajama Boy loses.

And it’s not just Fox News. Grab audio sound bite number nine. Yesterday morning on Meet the Press, F. Chuck Todd was speaking with the national editor of the Cook Political Report. Her name is Amy Walter. And they’re talking about the special election. And F. Chuck says, “Okay, what’s the importance of this, Amy? Why does it matter, and what is so overhyped about this?”

WALTER: This is the kind of district that Democrats need to win. And there are other suburban, well-educated districts that Democrats are competing in in 2018, already have candidates there. But if they don’t win in this special election, it’s going to be a big sort of depressing moment for them.

TODD: (sad trombone sound) Waht wah.

WALTER: “Waht, wah,” right. But, you’re right. I think we overhype a lot of this.

RUSH: Why are they overhyping? Why are they talking about Democrats losing all of a sudden? ‘Cause I’m telling you, the narrative, the polling data, everything has been that Handel is gonna get wiped out and the Pajama Boy, Ossoff, is gonna win, and that means it’s over for Trump. I mean, there’s some outliers showing that this isn’t true, WSB-TV Eyeball News in Atlanta, latest poll shows close race. Newsweek says that Ossoff has maintained the lead over Handel since the primary with a late-May poll putting him seven points up. More recent polls have shown a tighter race.

Isn’t it amazing that we have the same profile happening here that happened in the general election. Leading up to the general election it was Hillary by five, it was Hillary by six, it was Hillary by seven, it was Hillary in a landslide. And then it wasn’t. And now it’s got Ossoff as winning big, he’s winning big. He’s getting every Democrat vote and 15% of the Republican vote last week. Now it’s close. Maybe it’s too close to call.

If the Democrats don’t win this after spending 23 to 25 million — and, by the way, the Democrats are not winning elections. What if they do? Will that mean that they have turned the corner? Will it mean what they’re gonna tell you it means, that the country is saying axe Trump, impeach Trump, get rid of Trump? Now, it won’t mean that. It means they’ve won once. What if they lose it? What if they lose? If they lose after spending 25 million on this, if they lose after hyping this, now they’re talking about both. “Well, I don’t know, Chuck Todd, what if they lose this thing? Is it gonna be cry baby time, wah wah wah.” And she starts talking about, yeah, lot of overhyping here. Overhyping what? What she means, they’ve been overhyping the importance.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say they’re starting to have doubts in the Drive-Bys about the race. And they don’t know how it’s gonna go so they’re setting up narratives either way. If Pajama Boy loses, they’re gonna say, “It wasn’t that big a deal. It was overhyped, the importance of this race. It’s just one district in Georgia.” If they win, it’s gonna mean it’s the end of Trump. Now, there is an ad by a pro-Handel PAC. We have the audio of ad. It uses the Scalise shooting against Ossoff. Most of what’s chyroned here is what is spoken, so you should get an idea about the ad. Here it is.

ANNOUNCER: Now the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting Republicans. When will it stop? It won’t if Jon Ossoff wins on Tuesday because the same unhinged leftists cheering last week’s shooting are all backing Jon Ossoff. And if he wins, they win. Stop them. Stop them now. Stop Jon Ossoff. Stop Nancy Pelosi. Vote Karen Handel for Congress. Vote. Principled Leadership Project PAC paid for this AD and is solely responsible for its content.

RUSH: Wow, they went out, they got aggressive, didn’t they? I mean, that pulls no punches whatever.


RUSH: Do you remember when Ossoff lost the runoff for the first primary election, he lost, I forget what percentage points, two or three, remember the Democrats were calling it a win for the ages? Do you remember? He lost and they were celebrating a big, big win because it was Newt’s district and all that? Yeah. Now they’re starting to hedge their bets on this special election tomorrow.

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