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RUSH: They had better get this talk of impeachment under control. This has gotta stop. They cannot be afraid to mention the word. No need to be timid here. This needs to be knocked out of the park. There isn’t anything impeachable that has happened. It is outrageous that five months in this has become the narrative.

This was eminently predictable. And I’ll tell you what, I’m starting to see, in a lot of places all over the media, criticism of the elected Republicans in Congress and consultants and strategists sitting on their hands and not saying or doing anything. This is a criticism that many have observed for many, many moons now, but it’s gaining steam, and a lot of people are getting fatigued and — well, not fatigued. They’re getting energized by this. This has got to change.

There are a number of things that have to change. We need to start going on offense and acting like the winners that we are. Well, some of us have already been doing that. I’m saying others need to join the circus with that attitude.

More on this impeachment and investigation stuff as the program unfolds. I’ll just tell you this. I mean, the narrative out there is that Trump’s under investigation and that the independent counsel, Robert Mueller, is really going to town and he’s collecting evidence and it’s just a matter of time Trump is gonna be impeached. That is the narrative that everybody’s trying to establish. Even old Pencil Neck, Adam Schiff’s back on TV (paraphrasing), “Well, we still don’t have any evidence. We don’t have any evidence of collusion, but I think there might be obstruction.”

There isn’t any obstruction. A president cannot be tried for obstruction of justice, not in a civil-criminal situation. Maybe impeachment, but we don’t even have that here. These thresholds have not been reached. But while that’s the narrative, some sneaky little thing happened on Fox I haven’t seen too many people talking about, and it happened today.

It was this morning. It was after ten o’clock. Fox News reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has made no final decision on Trump or if Comey’s firing is even worthy of being investigated. Fox News is citing one of their legal sources, unnamed. That kind of cuts against the grain of the media narrative that’s out there, that Mueller is already uncovered a bunch of stuff, he’s lining up a bunch of anti-Never Trumpers, got a bunch of Hillary and other Democrats — which is true, by the way, he does.

And of course he’s had the way paved for him by everybody agreeing that there’s no greater, no more impeccable relationship, image in Washington than that of Robert Mueller. He is Mr. Perfect. He’s got it down pat on ethics. He is unassailable when it comes to his character, when it comes to his integrity. And so when you set it up that way, whatever he comes up with cannot be challenged.

But Fox News says that he has made no final decision on Trump. I assume that means whether Trump is a subject to be investigated or if even the Comey fire is worthy — it’s not. Everything Trump’s done has been constitutional. You know, Alan Dershowitz is about pulling his hair out on TV over this claiming that the left and everybody is trying to criticize, impeach, hound out of office a president who’s done nothing but exercise constitutional authority. He can fire Comey. There’s no impeachment that’s touched by that. There’s no crime. There’s no high crime or misdemeanor in firing the FBI — and there wouldn’t be if he fired Mueller.

Now, the political price, that’s a whole other thing, but to have potential impeachment articles written up because of firing the FBI director? All of this is patently absurd. As I say, more detail on this as the program unfolds.

The president is continuing to do his job. He met today with the president of Panama in the White House. Wouldn’t it be great if at the end of the meeting Trump announced we got the Panama Canal back? (laughing) It’s a pipe dream, obviously wouldn’t happen, but wouldn’t that be funny? If in the midst of all this Trump announced that he has retaken the Panama Canal and that president of Panama willingly gave it back because it is rightfully ours.


RUSH: By the way, not just Fox News reporting that the special counsel, Robert Mueller, has made no final decision on Trump or if the Comey firing is worthy of investigation. Pierre Thomas at ABC News, the senior justice correspondent there, says, “Now my sources are telling me that he’s begun some preliminary planning. He plans to talk to some people in the administration, but Mueller has not made that momentous decision to go for a full-scale investigation.” He said this yesterday on This Week.

So we have two instances here also in the Drive-Bys — well, Fox News, arguably, depending on when you hear it could be considered Drive-By Media. I mean, I hate to say it, but in certain places Fox News does have people that would qualify. Anyway, two different places, Fox News and ABC saying that Mueller hasn’t decided anything, that Trump is not officially under investigation yet and may not be. Mueller has made no final decision. He’s still gathering information.

Now, folks, I understand. As I myself so adroitly pointed out, people like this do not convene for a few days or months and then announce, “Sorry, you know what? We didn’t find anything here. There really is nothing to investigate.” They just don’t do that. When you get prosecutors involved, prosecutors have one objective, and that’s to get guilty pleas or verdicts.

One way or the other, the prosecutor’s job is to send somebody to jail or to have some other kind of major penalty incurred. I can’t recall a special counsel, independent prosecutor, ever announcing, “Sorry. We’ve unturned every stone. We’ve done everything. We can’t find a crime. We can’t find any guilty party. So nothing to see here.” Never happens. Never seen it.

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