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RUSH: The Daily Wire just published this. “Sixty percent of Millennials are willing to give just $10 or less to fight climate change.” Sixty percent of Millennials are willing to give just 10 bucks or less.

Now, in the case of this 60%, what we are supposed to conclude here is that this generation, the Millennial generation, will never put their money where their mouths are. This ought to frighten a whole bunch of people. But you know who ought to be frightened at the top of the list? Universities. Where would universities be without big alumni boosters and donors? Where would they be without ’em?

And if these Millennials are not going to give money back, I mean, that’s a big deal, alumni donations, boosters, all this kind of stuff that happens. They donate to the sports programs, the university endowment, the general fund. We’re in the midst of a sea change generation. And look, change is constant. There’s no sense in fighting it and there’s no sense lamenting it.

Every grandparent generation looks at what their grandkids are doing, even parents to child, generational changes, and they condemn it or laugh at it or are mesmerized by it, but nevertheless the change and the change, and it can’t be stopped. You can’t arrest it. You can hope to influence it with certain kinds of values in terms of morality and decency and consistently, never changing definitions of right and wrong, but there are still evolutionary changes.

The game of golf is one instance. Golf is steeped in tradition like you cannot believe. If you’ve never played it and if you’ve not followed it — trust me on this — and even golf is going to be subjected to change by virtue of this young crop of players and Millennials. Fewer and fewer Millennials are playing it, number one, but those who are, I think many of the pillars of golf that go back to the 1600s are going to encounter tremendous change forces. It’s hard to describe what kind, but nevertheless they’re happening.

And this Millennial generation is, we’re already being shown some early signs of how traditional generational behavior that has been consistent for two or three generations may be now up for grabs. Now, this story happens to be a focus on will Millennials donate to causes they believe in. And the poll says 60% won’t. Now, the percentage of Millennials that believe in climate change, I don’t know what percentage it is, but the people that believe it believe it like a religion. They believe it like a gospel. But they’re not gonna give any money to the church.

Now, why? Well, it could be any number of things. Could be they don’t have any, could be they don’t have enough, could be they’re not charitable. Or it could be they think the government should do it. And that’s what I think. I think this generation of Millennials, at least the ones we’re talking about in the 60% group, I think they fully believe the government should do everything. And I think whatever they think the government should do should be sustainable, meaning you don’t have to give it money every year because it grows its own.

Sustainable energy, sustainable fuel, sustainable iPhones, sustainable whatever. And if it’s sustainable, it means you don’t have to give money to it. It just keeps generating its own. It lives on by itself, i.e., sustainable. But there’s also this thing over here, the government should do it. That’s what scares me about it. That the government should do all this. The government should do more than it’s doing despite the fact the government can’t do anything very well.

You could list on one hand the number of things the government does well that you could say government should do and the private sector should not, but there aren’t very many of those. In almost every instance of a side-by-side comparison, the private sector will outrun government and it’s not even close in terms of productivity, in terms of efficiency, ’cause the government doesn’t produce anything and can’t. The government doesn’t create wealth. It only destroys it and redistributes it, but it doesn’t create it. But these kids think that it does. They think the government can create wealth and the government can and should do all of these things.

It was a survey of 1,250 Millennials from all over the country, and they were asked just how much money they’d be willing to personally give this year to fight what they have been told is the greatest threat facing mankind, climate change. And, by the way, don’t doubt that. The ones who believe it believe exactly that, that it is the single greatest threat facing mankind. They have not arrived at this as a result of their own thinking. Because nobody honestly, really thinking about this could ever believe that, but they believe it because they’ve been told it.

They’ve been told it by icons they believe are infallible, like Bill Nye the Science Guy. To them Bill Nye is God, and he isn’t even a scientist. He’s a fake scientist who wears little lab coat and has a TV show called Bill Nye the Science Guy, but he is not a scientist. He’s a hoax. But they think this guy is the answer. And they really believe that the planet is under attack and is being destroyed and may not be able to sustain life by the time these kids hit 65, which is roughly 30 years from now, 35 to 30 years from now.

And yet they’re not willing to give a dime to the cause. That’s different. I mean, it’s a political issue, there’s no question it is. And a lot of people, when it’s something they really believe, they try to find as much money as they can to support it or the people who are supporting it. The survey asks Millennials, “How much would you be willing to personally give to the government this year to fight climate change?”

A total of 60% of the respondents, which included more liberals and centrists than conservative Millennials, either offered no money at all or were only willing to hand over $10. A total of 82% were unwilling to give more than a hundred dollars to combat man’s greatest threat. Well, if they’re not gonna give money to that cause, which can save the planet from its greatest ever threat, how much money do you think they’re gonna give to Planned Parenthood?

How much money do you think they’re gonna give to their university? How much money do you think they’re gonna give to anybody if their number one cause will not separate them from their money. You look at all these nonprofits and all these left-wing — and we got our own number of them, too, these people that rely on donations for everything they’ve got. When the news of this gets out, it is going to send chills up the spines of those who live off others. Because if the people you live off of are not willing to give you anything, then what are you gonna do? Could be all-out panic.

You know, folks, I’m so thrilled, I’m so happy, I’m so grateful that somehow I was instilled with the notion and belief of self-reliance. (interruption) No. We’re talking about the ones who do. Snerdley, “Could it be they don’t think it’s an imminent threat?” No. This is a survey of those who do think that it is the greatest threat to mankind. Well, I allowed for the fact that it might be they don’t have the money because they’re living with mom and dad.

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