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RUSH: Over the weekend, CNN ran an article asking: “Why Does America Have So Many Hungry Kids?” They report over 13 million American households where kids go without food on a regular basis. “Food-insecure households” is the term.

Using poor people they interviewed as a platform CNN offered two reasons why kids go hungry in America. The first is the government; the second is greed. The government is to blame because cumbersome regulations force restaurants and other establishments to throw away food that could be donated to the hungry. The second: greed. We don’t help our neighbors. We Americans are a greedy, selfish, rotten people who want children to starve.

CNN says America exports more food than any other nation. In other words: we’re not taking care of our own children.

A word to CNN: Some of us have been talking about the terrible consequences of government regulations for decades. So welcome to reality, late though you may be.

But America a “greedy” nation? That’s not even close, CNN. Tens of thousands of churches and private charities run food banks and local outreach programs for anyone needing any kind of assistance. Taxpayers support 49 million people on food stamps. Not to mention the millions of kids getting subsidies for school breakfast and lunch.

We are the most giving nation on earth in human history. Bar none. That is not “greed.” And what kind of blind do you have to be to see it?

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