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RUSH: You know, I saw something yesterday afternoon, and it immediately fled my mind. I was just now reminded of it. This is a great example of the deception that passes for news today. So yesterday afternoon, I’m going in all different directions, and I’m trying to stay focused, stay occupied dealing with a number of things, such as what I mentioned the first hour of the program. I saw a story that it was so hot in Phoenix that airplanes were not being allowed to take off. Did you know…? (interruption) You saw that story, too? I’m gonna tell you how bogus this is.

When it’s too hot, with certain aircraft designs, they can’t get enough aerodynamic pressure differentiation between the top and the bottom of the wing to create lift, if it’s too hot. And so certain kinds of aircraft are not allowed to take off. So this story runs and says, “Record-Setting Temperatures for the Date in Phoenix.” Subheadline: “So hot, airplanes can’t take off.” This happens one week after Trump pulls out of the Paris climate deal, so I wanted to find out: Is it any hotter than it usually is in Phoenix, or is this typical?

Because, folks, I don’t believe anything anymore. I don’t believe specifically when it is tied to a left-wing agenda like climate change, I don’t believe a word of it. I dig into it. So the average temperatures in Arizona in June, July, and August respectively are 104, 106, 104. There are days within those months when it will get up to 118, 112. It happens every year. That’s how you get an average of 104, 106, 104 for June, July and August. Do you recall any flights being canceled? Did you see the story last June, “Flights Canceled in Phoenix”? Have you ever heard about flights being canceled in Phoenix? (interruption)

I hadn’t, either. I’ve heard of flights being canceled in St. Louis. I remember I was on my way to St. Louis way, way back. It was the late eighties, and I was going back to New York, it was July when it’s very, very hot. I mean, the Midwest becomes a swamp with the humidity and the heat. The Midwest gets the extremes of all four seasons, and there was an advisory out that they might have to cancel departures for a while until the temperature dropped. It turned out, it never happened. But I remember one day where it was mentioned as maybe becoming necessary. Last year… Now, this is important. Phoenix had 19 days with record-high temperatures in 2016.

The hottest day of the year last year was June the 19th when the temperature reached 118 degrees. There were 16 days with record warm, overnight low temperatures last year. All this according to Arizona Republic. So look what makes this news story. “American Airlines Cancels Phoenix Flights Because of High Temperatures — American Airlines announced Tuesday that it will cancel nearly 40 flights arriving in or departing from Phoenix due to forecasts calling for extreme heat, Fox 10 reported.

“According to a statement from American Airlines, regional flights under the American Eagle brand use the Bombardier CRJ aircraft, which has a maximum operating temperature of 118 degrees. Tuesday’s forecast for Phoenix, Arizona, calls for a high of 120 degrees. … The canceled flights come weeks after President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord.” Do you know what the Bombardier CRJ is? It’s a corporate jet that holds… It’s an elongated plane.

You know, it’s a lengthened version of a corporate jet. It is like a Challenger, a little snub-nosed, wide-body corporate jet that they’ve lengthened. Because of its design and passenger load and so forth, it has a maximum operating temperature. But none of the heavy commercial flights were canceled. None of the American, Delta, United flights. It’s just this particular brand, American Eagle, because of this particular airplane.

Yet they want you to believe the airport was shutting down because of record heat, which is not record heat. It’s a classic example here of how the left moves its agenda, and I’m sure that people who have no way of identifying the agenda in the news read this, and they walk away thinking: “Oh, my God! Global warming’s really happening! It really is, Mabel! Look, they had to cancel flights — and just a week after Trump pulls out of the Paris climate accord!” The deception is constant.


RUSH: Further research on this story out of Phoenix. It turns out… Get this. The same story! On the same day last year, they had to cancel some flights last year in Phoenix for the same reason. The temperatures got two degrees higher than that particular airplane is permitted to fly. Conde Nast Traveler, June 20th, 2016: “A heat wave in Arizona and California has grounded some planes. … Forty-three American Airlines flights alone were canceled on Monday because temperatures were too high, and more cancellations are expected for Tuesday. And with temperatures forecast to climb even higher, we’re likely to see continued disruption to air travel throughout the week.”

The temperature on the day in question last year was 120 degrees, the same temperature it was this year. Planes in Arizona were grounded last year on the same date. Last year’s article does not mention global warming. Last year’s article does not mention climate change. Because last year, Obama was in office — and, of course, we were still part of the Paris accords, or we were gonna be. But since we’ve pulled out of Paris and Trump did it, well, now, something that seemingly happens every year in Phoenix to a relatively few number of airplanes… Mostly these are regional jets, small jets that are not rated to operate in temperatures above 118 to 20 degrees, but jumbos are. It’s classic.

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